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Connect the Peregrine / Talos boats to Independence Port

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13 hours ago, lemming said:

A bit different from the ferry service between Talos & PI, but there is a sub that goes between Port Oakes, IP, Sharkhead, Striga, PI, Kallisti Wharf, Grandville, Moster Island, and The Abyss

It's inconvenient for the Peregrine-to-Independence run, because it's well to the south in Peregrine and in the far NW corner of IP where Lusca spawns. But it is there if you want to use it.

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One of the nice things about said Peregrine - Talos ferry line is that it has no dialogue pop-up.  Entering the ferry immediately zones you to the other zone, just like the highway tunnels through the war walls.  I'd rather miss the simplicity of simply flying into the ferry to change zones, so I'd much rather they simply added a second (nearby) ferry in PI (and a match in IP) so you could do the same on the other ferry line.

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