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Forming a D&D 5e Group That Will Meet Once Per Week


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Hello friends and fiends! I am preparing to start up a new D&D group and want to host the group in City of Heroes!


The premise is simple, I am allowing up to 5 players who will meet once per week to play Dungeons and Dragons in my SG Base. The game will be set in the 5E game-set and you will get access to my D&D Beyond account's purchases to help with your character creation.


Gameplay will be ENTIRELY in City of Heroes for dice rolls, though actual gameplay will be done through the theatre of the mind. There is a thought that I might use the base editor to make some of the maps, though I don't know how feasible that would really be (if anyone wants to co-DM and do something like that I'd be down for it)


Please email me in-game to @Endal to let me know if any of you want to join the group.

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