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  1. /sgmusic Boat1_loop you can replace "Boat1" with Boat2-Boat4 for different sounds.
  2. You have 6 x LoTG+7.5 slotted, not good (Only 5 will work). I'd drop hover and take Hasten, one slot it with level 50 IO for perma-hasten and put the 2 extra slots into something else. Just my recommendation.
  3. If you want perma-hasten you can drop [Soul Storm] and pick up either [Hover] (for the extra defense) now that you can have both travel powers on at the same time, [Shadow Meld] (for an O'sh!t button), or [Vengeance] (for the damage boost) and slot it with the LoTG +7.5 Recharge you are missing.
  4. New SG Base I built last week. H.E.A.V.E.N.'s - Exodus, the largest all Kheldian Super Group on Excelsior. Base Code: EXODUS-12201 Map: Craft Center: Portal Room: Bank Vault: Club 602: Icon Uniform: Hospital: Main Hall: Fountain:
  5. You try [Power Substation Foundation 3] and [ Power Substation Foundation 4] they work fine for cement walls, for smaller detail I use [Square Altar].
  6. Pretty convincing train track layout. Track: Arachnos Beam- thin edge up Ties: Cave Support Beam 6- 2/3 sunken Bed: Gravemound 1 Ground: Oracle (Inactive) upsidedown- sunken flush. (hides the gravemound's flickering edges)
  7. Learning to be a master role-player is easy. Be your character and if all else fails say "I put on my robe and wizard hat." ...and wait for the magic to start.
  8. Current work in progress within Murder City Brawler's base. Victorian era manor situated on a12x12 plot overlooking the town. Day 1: Basic layout and exterior walls for the first floor. Day2: Working on main staircase in foyer, meeting chamber and conservatory. Day 4: Carpet in main hallways, exterior walls with windows and second story exterior walls. Completed staircase in foyer. Day 6: Completed meeting chamber. Working on Conservatory, library, and study room. Day 8: Finished Living Room and Dining Hall. Foundati
  9. Found this in my old NES collection.
  10. I love writing my toons bio's, usually have them in my head before I'm done with their costume. Here is one for you to ponder. The Seer's and D.E. have a strong connection in First Ward. The name is just a place-holder since you didn't mention one. Committed to the Mother of Mercy Psychiatric Hospital "Alice" was subjected to unspeakable tests to determine which Seers Group she would be best suited for. The tests were never completed. The attack came without warning, the sonic fence had failed to keep the Devouring Earth out of First Ward. -- The foot stomp of a Greater
  11. Here is the rest of the base I've been working on for the past 2 weeks. Murder City Brawlers on Excelsior. Hope you have a pleasant stay. Main entrance is from the Submarine straight into the crafting center for convenience. The portal room is just past the crafting center with most used Hero and Villain ports, built for ease of use and aesthetics. SG name plate above. Diner next to the portal for weary travelers and those wanting to stop and get a quick bite to eat. Bank near the portal platform
  12. Currently building a base for a friend's guild ( Murder City Brawlers ) on Excelsior. Just a screenshot to wet the appetite.
  13. Just the major ones, Hero and Villain side, nothing fancy or complicated.
  14. Sure its been done already, I've seen Dacy has something similar in her arcade, but damn this bike looks good. (2 tires, 2 Mek Men Laser Arm, 1 Mek Men Leg part, 1 Mek Men Chest, 1 Mek Men Shoulder Pad 1, 1 Wall Light, and 1 Olympic Hammer Curl Bar.🔥
  15. The spaceship above our SG Base, with a hidden entrance of course. Passcode: LEGION-15030 on Excelsior. Entrance is behind waterfall in hallway.
  16. Newly built base for returning super group L.E.G.I.O.N currently on Excelsior. First time building a base, had a ton of fun. Passcode: LEGION-15030.
  17. Most of the streamer on Twitch are just going to switch to Rebirth server and continuing streaming there. "When life give you a problem, don't spend time complaining about it, fix it."
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