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Academic badge issue


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Howdy all,

I was out badge hunting today and released that I was one shy of completing the Academic badge. I found the ones in Rikti War Zone and Peregrine Island, but when I went to the Abandoned Sewer Network to where other posts show it being, it's not there. 

Does anyone know if this is either broke or if the history marker has been relocated, perhaps?

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @SonofDorn and welcome to the game/forums!  


The plaque is there where it's supposed to be.  I'm staring at it right now....





Are you SURE you're in the ABANDONED Sewer Network and not the "regular" Sewer Network?  They are 2 different zones that look alike.  To get to Abandoned Sewer Network, enter the regular Sewers, Turn RIGHT, and go through the door... that will load you into the Abandoned Sewer Network.  I suggest going to Steel Canyon or Boomtown to enter the sewers for the plaque.


The plaque is where my green arrow is on the map in my pic.  It's in the room between the Boomtown entrance (red area to upper left on map) and Steel Canyon entrance (Upper right yellow area).  The plaque is on the left wall next to the pipe leading to Steel Canyon.


(If you haven't actually been in the Abandoned Sewers yet, there are more exploration badges in here as well, just like the "regular" sewer network.)


Good luck!

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Technically 18 badges cause there's 8 explore badges and one accolade for getting them all for each zone.

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Awesome, did not know about entering the sewers then turning to enter the abandoned section. I was finding exploration badges where I expected to see them, was confounded that the plaque was not on the wall where expected...

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