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Some questions about Bots/FF

Chromium Edge

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Hello all,


I have been enjoying my bots/FF mastermind, i love how survivable it is. I am level 29 and the bots have defenses at 47% and my personal defense is 30%, just with common IOs. I have some questions though:


1.  What APP/PPP would you choose? I am leaning towards Mace or Mu for the aoe immob. I know that the Mu immob. is better because it protects against knockback, but Mace has a defense armor that would stack with the bubbles.


2. Mace also has power boost, what does that effect on a bots/FF MM? If is affects the bubbles do you have to "re-cast" them after activating power boost?


3. I have never used sets before, alt-itis affects me before I get past level 30. But what budget sets should I be saving towards? My plan is to keep using common IOs and buying cheap sets where I can, then once I have achieved 50th level start earning towards a purple sets.


4. Is bots/FF a good combination at higher levels, I am mainly soloing and the MM archetype seems to be the most survivable and faster killing err arresting character.


5. Are there any power pools I should look at? Currently I have maneuvers, assault and tactics from the leadership pool, as well as fly (my preferred travel power).


Thanks in advance.

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Power Boost - Cast Power Boost then cast or recast your bubbles.  Those bubbles will be boosted until they fade.  If you recast over the boosted bubbles without Power Boost you will replace the boosted bubbles with normal ones.  Also Buttercup and Blossom.  Bubbles.


On IOs - getting the +def and +res unique pet IOs is important

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I find it difficult on a force fielder to not have access to power boost and clarion radial. You can pop both and then toss out the shields, and your boys will likely be at or into incarnate level softcap defense. Not hard mode cap, but that's still pretty damn good.


Clarion radial will also help your protector bots by boosting their shield value as well, which they can use on you too.

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How important are the Pet/Henchmen Defense uniques (Call to Arms, Edict of the Master, Command of the Mastermind) for a FF secondary? Normally, "every little bit helps" but since FF is already bringing the Bubbles... and is otherwise somewhat hurting on offense/debuffing... and Robotic Hanchmen are pretty much exclusively ranged attackers... I'm wondering if it might not offer more value to avoid slotting those uniques, and experiment with some more accuracy/damage (or %damage) in the T1 and/or T2 henchmen.


EDIT: On my (Traps) robotic henchmen, they often are not close enough to benefit from all the defense uniques... but they will have pretty good defenses anyway.

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Let's add it up (everything slotted to ED except prot bots).


Dispersion - 11.74

Ally Shield - 17.61

Prot Bots - 7.5


We're at 36.85 before doing anything clever.


Let's PB up the ally shield to make them 25 resulting in a total 44.24.


So, afaic, it's a question of how you prioritize PB, other buffs like Maneuvers and prot bot slotting to determine if you want the +def uniques%.



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Just remember that Dispersion a bubble has a radius of 25 feet, the pet io auras have a radius of 40 feet, and maneuvers has a radius of 60 feet.


So having the defense uniques despite might be overkill for non-incarnate content gives you a larger leash for your pets.


You definitely want the resistance based ones though.

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Level Shifts seem to always be forgotten when folks discuss "Defensive Softcaps". For Incarnate content, level shifts are mitigated by Supremacy.


TLDR: Offense > Defense, especially don't worry about keeping them "alive". Low level MM play values keeping them alive, high-level play recognizes them as fodder.


As a practical matter; once the Robotic Henchmen are Equipped and Upgraded, they need very little extra defense, especially if the Maintenance Drone is kept in the picture. My Robots Traps runs with just the FFG, Maneuvers and the Defensive Uniques; it has no trouble with Giant Monsters. Higher level AVs can be a problem, if accompanied by large higher-level spawns... but mostly if I am not ready for them or don't resummon any defeated henchmen.

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Traps has a Debuff in Seeker Drones and powers Like Poison Trap and Caltrops that contribute to overall defense/not getting attacked.  FF has Dampening Field now which has a good -tohit debuff, but may not be as effective at keeping minions alive and attacking.


Personally on my Bots/FF I think I'd want the extra damage but I'd have to test it out

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14 hours ago, Ringo said:

FF has Dampening Field now which has a good -tohit debuff, but may not be as effective at keeping minions alive and attacking.


Wanted to extrapolate on this because the wording is a bit ambiguous and the power itself is a bit confusing.


Damping Bubble does more of a reverse Power Boost (not the same effects but similar idea) to enemies. It doesn't directly do -tohit among those other debuffs, it reduces the strength of the enemies debuff powers. So any outgoing powers/toggles an enemy is running now have a reduction of -DDR, accuracy, tohit, regen, perception, and speed. This means you're not only boosting defenses via shields, DDR via Damping, but any incoming -DDR is further reduced, giving extra defensive buffer.


Actually I really need to spread this info, I think I've only seen it mentioned once.

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