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Talos Keys Boardwalk: Now featuring a ferris wheel!


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Come enjoy a summer evening along the Talos Keys Boardwalk and check out the new ferris wheel! Ride on up with a friend and enjoy the relaxing view of the ocean!






And once you're done riding up and down, grab a bite to eat at the new Tiki Burger!



Located just along the Talos Keys boardwalk near the Talos Keys Lounge! (( Use SG passcode "Lounge-1871" ))




The Talos Keys Boardwalk is an SG base made for the RP community to use as open RP space. Please use it for your RP needs and help spread the word about it. It's open to the public! Just use SG passcode "Lounge-1871"



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Talos Keys Boardwalk - An SG base made for the public RP community to use! It features a classy restaurant and additional attractions, ICly located in Talos Island.


Check it out and use it for your RP needs at SG base passcode "Lounge-1871"

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I went and spent a lovely hour of relaxation on the boardwalk today. My devoted servant accompanied me and we found it a most impressive bit of work. We wondered if perhaps we could arrange a face to face in game and get abit of a consultation on some of the amazing tricks used. As we have grand ideas, but our talents in base building are rather rough still after all these years.

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