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Not sure what to make of this...

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I made a new character, and for something different from my normal routine, I opted to do Willy Starbuck's arc. 

But, the rascal won't give me his arc. I did all the accept/abandon 15 times, and then I just figured he's not going to give it to me until I do a mission for him. 

So the mission he gives me is "Shut down the Council Recruiting Facility". 

The HC wiki tells me the name of the boss is random, and I got Archon Manuela. 
Because this isn't the arc, and there are no reward merits for it, I figured I would just zoom past to this Archon, clobber him and then perhaps get the arc. 
I hit him once. Mission completes. I didn't touch any glowies, or defeat any other critters. And check out that dialogue...

I've got to think this is some kind of minor bug. The dialogue probably needs adjustment to. But before I mention it in the bugs forum, figured maybe I missed some part of the lore that explained it. Also, I think I have to make another level 10 and revisit Willy and see if the glitch repeats before I should report it. 

You folks come across this before? 


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