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Sell me on Sentinels


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I'm enjoying mine (Beam Rifle/Willpower).  It's pretty much a blaster that trades blapping and extreme damage output for mez protection, yes.


I also went with Beam Rifle/Willpower for my Sentinel as well.


Longbow Prime - He is the one of the Leaders of the Longbow organization and due to his Natural abilities is how he got there.


Damage is okay and since he is only Level 15 right now he still needs to upgrade his enhancements but being at that level means it takes time to get the money.


But I can put down White Minion's in 3 shots with what he has now.



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Running the bio armor set...you can get a damage with one of your powers (Offensive adaptation) buff to put you back on par with blaster.

Combined with mez protection , other click powers, end and health regen it makes for a much better all around character that can much more easily solo content when needed.

I see that I die a lot less than blasters.  Its definitely worth a try to level one because.


Also if one is worried about what is THE highest damage ranged character a leveled kin corrupter running fulcrum shift beats them all.

However, when though the corrupter can heal it is still fare less survivable IMO than sentinel.


I recommend that everybody levels a blaster sentinel and corrupter and then decide.

I have and I prefer the much more relaxed and steady game play of sentinel.



It's about finding what play style is most fun for you


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