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explosion movement resistance not directional

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In the "Destroy the Cask of Djer" mission from Ephraim Sha, when you destroy the display case with the Cask inside, you are pushed/knocked back (I assume it's a knockback effect; the characters I've run the mission with have all had knockback resistance, so it's a repel effect) along with a debuff to movement if you try to run back to where the case was.


The problem is that the movement debuff is non-directional -- you are pushed away from where the display case blew up, but if you try to move away from the splinter pile as you're being pushed, your movement is still debuffed, even though you're trying to move in the direction that the explosion is pushing you. This seems counter-intuitive; if you are trying to move with the blast of an explosion pushing you, you should move quicker, not slower.

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l don't think there is even such thing as directional speed debuff. Honestly l can remember a MMO game where there is such mechanic.

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