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Powerset Idea: Sonic Control


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Hi Everyone!


I LOOOOVE me some sonic blast (for that good good -res). WHAT IF we had the option to play with this beautiful debuff mechanic on controllers and doms??? See below!


The main qualities of this set would be:

-good ST control

-No Pet (because that would be hard to balance out with the -res)

-plenty of confuse options (by plenty i mean 2)

-Utilizes lots of KD and -res

-pbaoe focused

-Moderate damage, Soft Control options, plus debuff


This set is modeled off of Mind Control and Elec Control.




1. Burst (ST KB, -res)

Kinda like levitate, but just a KD. Main purpose is to apply -res.


2. Sonic Boom (ST HOLD, -res)

Your typical hold. (plus some -res)


3. Coerce (ST confuse, -res)

Your typical confuse. (plus some -res)


4. Sound Grenade (Targeted AOE Sleep)

Typical Sleep.


5. Oscillating Aura (pbaoe toggle, -res to each target, +res for each target, KD every X secs)

Fun aura similar to elec control's, but with a sonic flavor. Provides sustained soft control, debuff, and a little res to help survivability in melee.


6. Uproar (moderate damage, pbaoe KU)

Knock up to help mitigate damage. Short-ish cooldown similar to shockwave in Sonic Blast to keep mobs soft-controlled.


7. Reverberate (Chain stun, HIGH ST damage on first target, -res)

Works like the chain effects in electric control. The user bounces sound waves off of targets to do reasonable damage and stun the first target. Bounces around the mob to stun and apply a -res. Moves MUCH quicker than the elec chains.


8. Clangor (pbaoe Hold)

Typical Hold (like total domination)


9. Cacophony (KD + Confuse Patch OR PBAOE that summons a patch?)

The set defining power! This confuse patch reapplies a confuse and ticks every so often for KD. Great for mitigating an alpha strike.




Thoughts, questions, concerns???


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Ey man, its your idea, and sounds fun.


One thing; the sound grenade, would it shoot out of your mouth? or is it an actual grenade you throw?


Here's an ambitious idea. Lets just take Atlas City, replace Atlas with our Lord and savoir Recluse, tint the map evil and call it a day?

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I'd replace sound grenade with lullaby...


For the oscillating aura, you may want to consider how that would interact with Hurricane from Storm...


For uproar, may want to look at something like crushing field, but as a PBAoE rather than a targetted AoE.

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