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  1. Zepp

    DEF goals?

    Obsevers and drones just ignore stealth. Otherwise stealth is subtracted from perception to determine minimum distance before being seen. With 200' you can stand next to any enemy in the game (that doesn't ignore stealth) without beeing seen. I don't think there are any mob - stealth powers in game and the only player one I can think of is Arctic Air, so exceeding cap is only useful v ice control Trollers or Doms in PvP.
  2. Zepp

    DEF goals?

    Sorry, you are right about the cap - although it will help against stealth debuffs (although this is only meaningful in PvP as I do not believe there are currently any mobs that have -stealth abilities). The defense does, however, stack, and it is a good place for a LotG slot.
  3. Zepp

    DEF goals?

    With Illusion as your primary, your primary lockdown will be aggro management (via PA). That means, your best defense is getting to around 200% Recharge, perma-PA. At this point your PA will draw all aggro and you will only have to worry about damage once a minute. That being said, staying in range and six slotting Coercive Persuasion and Superior Will of the Controller should get you close enough to hit 30-35% ranged Def. Deceive is also a powerful tool that will help you (especially at lower levels) to clear faster. You should also take both SI and GI as they stack and provide a massively important -200% Threat Level when combined. This will help you maintain aggro management by making you draw even less aggro. Illusion Control is not actually the illusion of control (as some Trollers on live mocked it as), but a different type of control. Illusion is about aggro management, and it has four exceptional tools that make it shine. With Superior and Group Invisibility stacking with eachother. Superior Invisibility is the premier stealth power in the game, 200ft stealth compared to Hide (150ft), Group Invisibility (60ft), Invisibility (55ft), Super Speed & Support Stealth Auras (35ft), Stealth procs (30ft), and Field Operative (15ft). Also, given that SI and GI stack, you have two of the top three stealth powers in the set on top of eachother. In addition, these powers have -Threat. There are seven powers that provide -Threat in the game: SI, GI, Super Speed, Invisibility, Phase Shift, Quantum Flight, and Nebulous Form. This means if you concentrate on healing and let your PA and Phanty do the job, you will be completely off the radar while you focus on your secondary. (I believe the maximum stealth possible solo is 325ft by stacking SI, GI, SS, and a proc...) Phantom Army and Phantasm provide some of the tankiest pets in the game, and if you manage to maneuver yourself to keep them focused on one target at a time (they only do ST damage) then you can take out targets before they start healing back damage. They also generate a huge amount of threat. The combination of these four powers make Illusion Control exceptionally good at controlling mobs, add in Deceive to lock down hard targets and you are good to go. In other words, you do not actually need any Defense (but it is nice to have some in case of emergency).
  4. @Omega-202 I ran through the full math, and if you have a lot of targets and high global accuracy it may provide reasonable recharge. That being said, 2.376s for a chance for damage from a proc is not all that appealing, unless you want to spend a really long time on each spawn.
  5. Which is why I suggested that the unlock arc should only be required for the summons...
  6. To clarify. My main in Live and Homecoming is Ill/SS. I have also played other Storm builds. I have never been in a situation after level 5 where I found Gale useful. I have done a dozen different slotting combos, including: Overwhelming Force: Damage/ KB->KD, Force Feedback: Chance for Recharge, Annihilation: Chance for -Res, Explosive Strike: Chance for Smashing Damage, Positron's Blast: Chance for Energy Damage. Positron's Blast: Damage/Range (alternatively Damage/Endurance - which actually worked better because it made it a little more cost-effective). Yes, I six-slotted it to try and make a cool-looking power actually be cool. My conclusion was that, even if I wanted it to be worthwhile, it would always be a waste of space. Before level 5, it was useful as AoE mitigation, but post-level 5, never had a situation where it was a top seven power option... @Leo_G What I was trying to get at was that realistically it was a really bad value for trying to get more recharge. Putting a FF proc in there is just not useful. Sure, you can use Gale, and it can be useful if you really try hard to try and make it useful. I have used it (single-slotted) to save a PUG from faceplanting. Sure, I had eight other options that would have been more effective, but I did it just to show that the power could be useful (and because as an Ill-Storm Troller I love controlled chaos and controlling the battlefield any way I see fit). Gale into a corner and then Freezing Rain, Tornado, Water Spout, Lightning Storm, Phantom Army, and Spectral Terror while I have Steamy Mist and Group Invisibility on my team can destroy huge spawns faster than the Scrapper can say, "don't use knockback, it isn't meta!" while keeping the entire team safe and hidden from harm... But Gale is less effective than Hurricane, which is a niche power in the best of times.
  7. That's a lot of wasted endurance for essentially no damage and a moderate amount or recharge - using Gale every time it's up will give you 16.67%, but usually you would have a shorter attack chain and use it half the time, 8.33% recharge, unless you wanted damage or to focus on your summons (1-3%ish recharge). I wouldn't waste the slot.
  8. Most Manipulation T1s are underpowered and fairly useless single target immobilizes. I almost never slot them and would 99% of the time choose the T2 over the T1 for Manipulation sets.
  9. I think you mean Gale, but to be honest, I'd take Gale over 02 Boost in my Ill/SS build... Both those powers need some love (Gale needs more damage, O2 Boost needs to be a PBAoE or TAoE).
  10. I brought this up somewhere in another thread, but I think that having the pools unlock without the mission, but the summons requiring the missions to unlock would be a good middle ground. It would keep the "exclusivity" of the summons, but the other pools, which aren't that much different form other epic pools could be taken without going red.
  11. The amazing dual purpose travel powers from the origin pool sets are amazing. And the best are yet to come, with Fly+Afterburner in Gadgetry and Super Speed + Super Jump in Utility Belt. I understand with the C-Poc that updates are not going to happen soon, but I was wondering which was next on the table, and which one posters here are most looking forward to. But, always at a double purpose, I was also wondering what people thought about ways to make the focused travel powers competitive with the origin travel powers?
  12. There seem to be two possible paths for this one (and Entangling Arrow). The first is to go the AoE path, maybe buff the -Recharge (or add it in the case of Entangling Arrow). The other path is to take the damage path. I am fine with either path, but the way it is now, it is terrible, especially for Trollers and Corruptors who are forced to waste a slot on these powers. I understand your thinking here, but I don't think it is necessary. In fact, I don't think the cost benefit analysis of time that would be required to adjust and playtest this makes this change a viable one. Since I already proposed this, I obviously agree that it would be helpful. It is a lower priority adjustment than many of the others though. This power could also use reductions in recharge, (more in line with FFG), endurance cost, and cast time. This power could use reductions in recharge, endurance cost, and cast time. This power could use reductions in endurance cost and cast time. Because of the recharge, having it re-castable at each instance reduces the need for it to follow you from spawn to spawn. This power could use reductions in recharge, endurance cost, and cast time. I prefer the stun (although I do not think it should be a "chance to" stun, but an actual stun). I also think that moving it from two to three seeker drones may be reasonable, but may require playtesting to see if current stats could be maintained with said adjustments and the adjustments to recharge and cast time. This power could also use reductions in endurance cost, and cast time. Sounds reasonable. This power could also use reductions in endurance cost, and cast time. That seems like a lot of work, but it may be necessary. Time Bomb needs a full-on revamp to make it reasonable. The one thing I would add is that the one person who took Time Bomb as is (I know there is only one of you...) can keep the power as is unless they respec. In other words, replace this power completely to allow legacy users to keep the current "functionality" while everyone else gets a power actually worth taking. This power could also use reductions in endurance cost, and cast time. Also, the optional adjustment may be a little OP.
  13. I quite enjoy my Traps/Assault Rifle Fender...
  14. Did you see my jonquillian suggestions? I look forward to seeing your Taunt set, I'm still working on the -Res set(s).
  15. Ooh... I like... might need some minor adjustments (written in jonquil), but it is a good start!
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