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  1. I am enjoying my Sentinel, but the damage/range are too low for it to be a sniper (which the target cap would suggest), and the def/res modifiers are too low for it to be really tanky. The resist debuff adds 5% to everyone's damage (against targets who have been hit). Increasing res/def multipliers would be more effective than raising caps. Increasing target cap would allow more enemies to be hit, increasing the benefit to the team. Combining Offensive/Defensive opportunity and having them proc on either the T1 or T2 would be useful.
  2. I like this idea, but I think a more important change would be to change the top to three buttons: Set Category Rarity Even with the proposed change I could see someone trying to do a Category conversion and then the next time it defaults back to Rarity. Having three buttons would help address this issue.
  3. First, I would welcome an interesting and thought out proposal for a different type of Praetorian EAT. The "magic origin" oriented aspect was simply keeping them in line with the original design of origin-specific EATs. Peacebringers->Natural, Warshades->Science, Soldiers of Arachnos & Widows are Natural. It isn't as relevant as it used to be, just useful to conceptualize the idea behind the PrEATs. Taking this down a different path would be interesting for players to play with. The Night Ward is part of Praetorian Earth, so this gives a link to the Mesopotamians as they appear
  4. Did you read the proposal? This is directly linked to the First/Night Ward storyline and is designed as the third set of Epic Archetypes. Blueside has Kheldians, Redside has Soldiers of Arachnos, Goldside has nought. This was trying to rectify that imbalance in a manner which uses existing lore. The "Mesopotamia" theme is connected to the pre-existing storyline and considering a possible way to use a Praetorian version of Cimerora map for a possible flashback or tutorial storyline. It also creates a "fish-out-of-water" opening as a startoff for the EAT-specific content.
  5. This concept was designed to fit a very specific hole, the lack of Praetorian ATs. It creates Six possible build types (Pathless MoP, Pathless PoL, Enlightened MoP, Enlightened PoL, Madness MoP, and Madness PoL). It is set within established lore, yet allows for an expansion of the storyline. This could also be connected to any efforts to allow Praetorians an easier path to 50 without selling out their home dimension... The other major selling point is the PoL use of slot 0 for a snake form allows limited access to the snake lower body, which has been requested quite often since li
  6. Basically, I am starting from the connections between the Talons of Vengeance and their connection to Mesopotamian mythology. The idea is that a long time ago a contingent of the progeny of Lamashtu and Pazuzu were sealed into a pocket dimension, Erṣetu. There is, however, a tear which links Erṣetu to Praetorian earth. The tear is too small for the elder, more powerful beings to emerge, however every once in a while a younger member can move into Praetoria. This has been happening for decades, and they have been behind the scenes movers and shakers behind the current conflict.
  7. Sorry, I haven't been playing my /MC for a while so I messed up on the endurance cost & +Rec aspects of the power. In my experience, I never left it off for more than 10s, just long enough to enjoy the +Rech with my blasts.
  8. The way that Reaction Time works makes this set ideal for a Jump-in melee/Kick-back blast mixed style of combat. I tend to recommend that you use something like "/bind j "PowExecLocation Target Burst of Speed$$PowExecToggleOn Reaction Time$$GoToTray 1"" to enter melee range followed by "/bind k "PowExecLocation 180:60 Combat Teleport$$PowExecToggleOff Reaction Time$$GoToTray 2"" to go to blast range. What does that do? You can have all your melee attacks set up in Tray 1 to Jump in and start PBAoEing up the place with a -Recharge/Slow to help with mitigation. You also start of
  9. I've been enjoying my Dark/Electric quite a lot... My character is intrusive thought syndrome (so I am actually dark/elec/psi) and it has been nice and there are several ways to make it work. Looking at what else you have, Rad/WP should be a strong combo.
  10. My updated builds: 07 ITS.mxd
  11. Thanks, That really helped!
  12. The Crimson Prototype in Market Crash is damaging Phantom Army. I believe this is the only mob that damages PA, which makes me wonder if this is a bug. I have also noticed that if CP is hovering between 74-76% he will summon multiple spawns each time he passes the 75% mark. This may also need to be looked at.
  13. @Caulderone I was wondering where you are getting your Endurance Reduction from.
  14. Thanks, that is an interesting take. My goal was to have a chain that included AoE/Cone and ST without sacrificing damage. I will take a look at ways to improve global accuracy and maybe shore up my resists a little.
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