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  1. Could be a single mission "arc", of which there are already a couple examples on Ouro...
  2. A "less brutal" animation set for Dark Melee would still have -ToHit rather than -Dmg. There are currently no -Dmg melee sets. It is also thematically different.
  3. Those responses sound reasonable. Actually, I think I may have some co-workers who may have atrophy melee...
  4. Thank you for giving me credit, but it was a group effort to come to the best possible overhaul. I believe the T2 was your suggestion... In other words, it is the S&F community's TP overhaul, not mine. I think that thread is a good example (for the most part), of how the community can work together towards ideas that are reasonable and most players would enjoy having implemented.
  5. The reality is that the fact that the damage from Power Pools is Smashing makes them less useful on their face. As such, having T1-T3 Power Pool powers at 5-10% below T2 Primary level powers is sufficient. At level 4, it is a choice, and a reasonable person should see them as an option. For T4 Power Pool powers, they should be around 5-10% below a T6 primary level power. The final T5 (following my suggestion of T1-T3 lvl 4 no prereq, T4 lvl 14 one prereq, T5 lvl 20 two prereq) should be around 5-10% below a T7 Primary level power. This is somewhat borne out by the Origin Power Pool sets (although attacks still underperform on most ATs), but this is what should be looked at for an overall revamp.
  6. Can you outline generally what these powers look like? How do you differentiate from dark melee?
  7. Sorry, thought you were looking for good sake, I know a good liquor store for that, but I don't know how to get people to use LFG chat rather than broadcast...
  8. It can go through (some) windows... You can also TP through narrow openings that you can't pass through (so long as you can see where you are TPing to).
  9. My current main has Hover and TP, would work great if it weren't for the TP hover tar... Either eliminating the speed penalty or adding a "Cancel on Movement" proviso would fix the issue... My specific (though not personal) fix for TP would be the following: T2: Tactical Teleport: Short range 30' Teleport with a 30s unstackable defense buff (similar level to combat jumping) and Teleport resistance. T3: Teleport: 3-5 endurance per TP, 6s hover after TP cancelled by movement. T4: Long-Range Teleport: Basically no change. T5: Teleport Assault: Chain attack. I think this sounds reasonable, and it allows people to continue to have access to all current powers with the same current requirements. It also addresses both the need for a defensive and more clearly offensive power. It is not overpowered, but each power could be reasonably desirable. As always, I'm open for discussion about these ideas, but I would definitely be happy if something like this was the end result of the rework.
  10. Current formats: Examples: Concealment, Leadership, Medicine, Presence, Requirements: Lvl 4 no powers Lvl 4 no powers Lvl 14 one power Lvl 14 two powers Lvl 14 two powers Examples: Flight, Leaping, Speed, Teleportation Requirements: Lvl 4 no powers Lvl 4 no powers Lvl 4 no powers Lvl 14 two powers Lvl 14 two powers Examples: Fighting Requirements: Lvl 4 no powers Lvl 4 no powers Lvl 14 one power Lvl 14 one power Lvl 14 two powers Examples: Force of Will, Sorcery Requirements: Lvl 4 no powers Lvl 4 no powers Lvl 4 no powers Lvl 14 two powers Lvl 20 two powers So you have four styles: Support, Travel, Fighting, and Origins. Unfortunately, this leads to an uneven feel to the pool power sets. My preference would be to convert all the power pool sets to the same distribution: Lvl 4 no powers Lvl 4 no powers Lvl 4 no powers Lvl 14 one powers Lvl 20 two powers Some of the pool power set orders may need to change and T5 powers may need to up their game, and also TP needs a full-on make-over. But that being said, I think that small adjustment could lead to a better overall experience.
  11. I forgot about the 15s lockout... I need to up my macro game...
  12. I think slot 1 would be the simplest solution. That being said, maybe try: /macro Gob "cc 10$$powexec_name phantom army$$cce 1 CCEvilLaugh$$e drumdance" Goblin costume in slot 10, personal costume in slot 1, double check the power name before use, added a couple of flourishes.
  13. Like this? Infernal Assault ( Whips and hell unleashed.
  14. @Captain Powerhouse Currently all Decoy attacks do energy damage with a delayed heal. Do you envision them having the actual powers of the secondary, or something that looks like it, but does psionic damage? e.g. 1.67s animation ranged (Psi damage, taunt) 1.00s animation ranged (Psi damage, taunt) 1.00s melee (Psi damage, taunt) Animation linked to secondary...
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