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  1. I believe the summons generally turn you, se setting them all at 10:10 nay provide good spacing but 20:20 would make you feel isolated by a crown...
  2. My character was in Hover (no ninja run) when I was trying to do this.
  3. Just a warning (and to be clear), I haven't actually tested /bind k "TargetCustomNext Friend$$PowExecLocation Target Combat Teleport" yet.
  4. Wait, so: 5%, 7.5%, 10%, 15% for purples? Sorry, that is way too low (and I thought my 10%, 15%, 20%, 30% proposal was a nerf stick...)
  5. /bind k "TargetCustomNext Friend$$PowExecLocation Target Combat Teleport" This should allow you to CT to your closest ally with the stroke of K. /bind k PowExecLocation Target Combat Teleport This will CT you to whatever you have currently targeted (object, enemy, ally, pet). /bind j PowExecLocation Camera:Max Teleport This will allow you to TP forward the maximum distance in the direction the camera is facing (change Max to 50 or 100 to make it 50' or 100'). You can also change camera to forward, back, left, right, up, down (or a number, 0 is forward, 90 is right, 180 is back, 270 is left, but you have 360 choices, for nuance). [I have a toon that has /bind j powexeclocation target Burst of Speed /bind k powexeclocation 180:80 Combat Teleport; this allows me to [J]ump into melee and then [K]ick back to max range to blast them to smithereens from a safe distance.]
  6. If Shards were eliminated (please), I would ask that all existing shards be converted to 5 threads, shard-based common items converted to 20 threads, shard-based uncommon items converted to 60 threads, shard-based rare items converted to 8 Empyrean Merits, and Favors of the Well converted to 30 Empyrean Merits. I am not sure threads and EMs should be exchanged equally in both directions. I would suggest that since their actual value is 30-32 (240 threads for a rare = 8 EM for a rare; 960 threads for a very = 30 EM for a very rare) that to upgrade it should be 30 while downgrading remains at 20.
  7. 1 pt of defense is equivalent to about 2 points of resistance. Defense should be reduced to orange buff numbers and orange should be twice that. Yellow needs a reduction in drop rate.
  8. With Combat TP you could do the same strategy but get a bonus ToHit on your retreat...
  9. just a tip, you can bind the numeric keys and then you can also see the cooldown... For example, I use /bind 0 PowExecLocation Self Phantom Army and it triggers the cooldown without the extra step of saying "I want them here"
  10. I have been having some issues with PowExecLocation Target not working for these two powers. Has anyone else had similar issues?
  11. Religion? Hitting up v punching down is a well defined precept in political humor. It has nothing to do with faith, it is about what is humorous and what is acceptable political discourse. The ODF provision is that you can't really complain about taking flack for something that is your Own Darn Fault... It has nothing to do with faith either. I don't see where your comment is coming from.
  12. Okay boomer is a response used when someone from the baby boomer generation blames young people for doing/not doing something that is no longer feasible because of the actions of the boomer generation. It is "hitting up" against privilege rather then "punching down" which makes it an acceptable term. As such, objections by boomers can be overlooked because of the odf provision.
  13. It would be nice to have a Defeat 100 Gold Bricker bosses badge, perhaps, "Ok Boomer" as the title?
  14. I like the innate stuff (Alpha, Interface, and the passive portion of Hybrid). The Judgement is nice too (but I often play trollers, making it a meaningful tool). Lore, Destiny, and Hybrid toggles are a bit annoying. They are very powerful, but they also lead to a very feast or fast feeling of power. Get all three going and you are a god, until they dissipate and you are left exposed. The level shift is also a tad annoying as the level mechanics in this game play a significant (some would say overly significant) role in determining accuracy and damage. If Lore, Destiny, and Hybrid toggles can be toned down and spread out I would enjoy it more, but I'm not sure if everyone would agree to that.
  15. I like the idea of the overlapping combos for dual blades, but the excessively long timers for build-up and placate (excessively long, meaning they can't meaningfully be incorporated into a combo chain in a reliable manner) means you can't do what many DB toons do, take the overlap combos and skip the rest. I'm thinking of doing a DB/DA and Stalker may be the way I go... So I'm thinking about this now.
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