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  1. The arguments about Trick Arrow as a Defender set seem to ignore that it is also a Mastermind and Controller set. When making suggestions, it would be a good idea to think about it across all three ATs.
  2. If you completely ignore power dynamics, asking for equality could be considered asking for "more", but if you contextualize the request, it will not result in power creep because the sets will still not be as powerful as high performers. Just like asking for the repeal or mitigation of prior nerfs is not designed to push the overall power level up. Using a term that is, by its nature, dismissive is not a good way to start the conversation. Also, you made reference to the Hasten thread... most of the suggestions within that thread from the OP either nerfed Hasten or led to an equal level of performance. Thus your premises are not sound either. In terms of language or "slang", words are social constructs. That means they only have meaning if there is an agreed meaning. In other words using words in a manner that is outside the scope of everyone's definition (or claiming that is what you are doing) is not using language. If you have a specific meaning that is being misread, elaborate.
  3. Balancing is not asking for more, it is asking for parity. It is best to avoid forced false dichotomies when making arguments. It can make people ignore any substance your argument has.
  4. Balance issues and AT/Powerset suggestions are not gimmes. Some balance proposals do border on gimmeism, but by and large they are about bringing underperforming sets to the average rather than making them OP...
  5. I think I made that suggestion already...
  6. Looking at the current state of affairs, the high DPS sets are Storm and Traps, and Trick Arrow leans to that end of the spectrum (although a match would help). It is one of the most AoE oriented of the sets out there. It is more moderate on control, moderate/high on debuff, and low on buff. Is this where it should be?
  7. Where do all y'all think trick arrow should sit in the spectrum of support sets... on the dps end or on the support end of the spectrum? on the single target or multiple target end of the spectrum? on the buff or control end of the spectrum? Defining perceptions of what ought to be may allow us to come to consensus about how it ought to change. My perception is that it ought to be near the middle of the dps/support spectrum, leaning towards dps. It should be on the single target end of the spectrum. And it should be on the control end of the spectrum, but not all the way.
  8. Based on the theory behind the adjustments, that is correct.
  9. I understand that, but the concept is that they are much slower, thus -Spd, -Rchg... the animation times are a matter of practicality, not in-game "reality"
  10. Read the first part of the quote. GRM ↑ m but GRM ↓ a and Δ a > Δ m ∴ GRM ↓ f
  11. F=ma... Increasing mass does increase force, but the acceleration decrease is more significant, thus resulting in less force.
  12. I can't speak for this proposal, but my proposal was utilizing underused powersets with speed as an inherent to make them work by allowing players to use positioning for defensive purposes.
  13. Added Beam Assault and Dual Gunblade Assault. If someone wants to make a reasonable proposal for a gun in one hand and a sword in another hand assault set, that would be a great idea.
  14. I would suggest something similar to what they did with the Arachnos; offer two paths. You start as a Rikti Conscript, and then choose to take the path of the Mesmerist/Priest or the Soldier/Communications Officer. That would provide a variety of builds while also being sufficiently limiting. Edit: I added this EAT to the AT Compilation thread.
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