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Crafted IOs not counting towards badge?


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I decided to finish up some crafting badges. I decided to tackle some level 10-15 ones. Bought a bunch of recipes. Got to work.


Almost none of the ones I crafted counted towards badge progress. For instance, I crafted about 10 level 15 Healing Enhancements and my progress is stuck at 5 of 9 complete. I cannot be certain that NONE of them registered, as I had some progress before I began, but when I noticed things weren't registering, I did a few more to test. I had purchased, and crafted, enough enhancements to complete and unlock at least 5 badges, and I received none of them. I really wish I'd marked down exactly how many I needed for each, so I could see if ANY of the enhancements I crafted actually counted, but all I know for certain is that at the very end I crafted 3 Healing Enhancements and not a one of them counted.


Err? Am I missing something blindingly obvious or is this bugged out somehow?


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This is a point worth noting.  On the lowest tier of crafting badges (level 10 IOs) the number listed on the badge advice is the number you need, since there is only one level of IOs (level 10).  But on the higher tier of crafting badges, there are 2 levels of IOs that you need to craft - so the need half of the number listed on the badge advice for each of the levels of IOs.  If the number listed is 10, you need 5 of each IO level for badge completion.  If the number listed is odd, you need half (rounded down) on each IO level, & then one more from either IO level.  So if you need 9 IOs total, you would need to craft 4 of each level, & also a 5th of either IO level.  But the progress bar won't show the 5th one, unless it was the final (9th) one.  So if you crafted the 5 level 15 IOs first, the progress bar would only show 4.  The game still gives you credit for that 5th one - the progress bar just doesn't show it.  So after you craft the 4th lvl 20 IO, the badge will pop, even though it was only showing 7 of 9 complete before you crafted the 4th lvl 20.  The "odd" IO is hidden by the progress bar, so it is a good idea to track your progress on each badge by IO level, if you want to save resources & avoid crafting IOs that do not count towards badge completion.

Keep Redside - & Goldside - Alive!

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Maybe someone could check this.  I too am working Crafting badges.  After having crafted:  one L45 End Mod, one L50 End Mod, and five L50 End Red, which I believe totals SEVEN of the 25 total inventions needed:  https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Perpetual_Badge (12 45's and 12 50's +1 more), but my progress bar shows FOUR or 3 fewer than I think it should.  Or, perhaps, it is some sort of user error on my part.  (( These 7 IO's are stashed in /AH, along with other common L45s and 50s, so I can keep track -- tho I admit that doesn't prove I crafted these. ))


Thanks very much for looking into this (assuming someone has time.)  :)

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