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Can we get a bind for targeting enemies by rank (lieut, boss, AV, etc)?

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I would like it to be easier to target bosses in a group.

We all aim for the boss with our attacks, and generally let the weaker targets get knocked out by AoEs. Sometimes this can be particularly hard to do manually when in a cave or corridor. There are reasons for targeting other ranks, but bosses are definitely the most common.


I have tried creating keybinds for many boss names at once, but you run out of characters real quick even if you're clever with how you use them. I have even resorted to creating binds for particular groups of enemies so I can target their bosses easier, and emailing them to myself for later use. Like this one for fighting the Circle of Thorns:

"/bind button "targetcustomnext Death Mage$$targetcustomnext Succubus$$targetcustomnext Hellfrost$$ etc..."


Anyway, I would request a bind or macro command that lets me target the next enemy of a particular rank. Most of us already do this manually, and I would like the option to create a bind that makes this easier.


Please and thank you!

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Huge +1 for this.  Until then, the ever brilliant Rylas had this workaround in a different thread


/bind [key combo] "beginchat /bind [second key combo] /target_custom_next


This is what I use. So I hit the first keybind, which sets up the chat window to then type: [target name]"


Don't forget the last quotation mark to close the command. Then your second key bind is ready to target what you want.

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that is actually really bad play for all to dog pile on bosses, certain AT are by their nature the boss killers, if the minions and LTs are emlting that fast to aoe your already OPing the dif and dont need to stress dog piling.


A stalker can solo kill a boss in 1 to 2 hits tops, a scrapper with a lucky crit the same with their strongest attacks. Classes like Brutes should be rapid pummeling through minions to build up their rage fastest. Blasters should have a single target dps chain and aoe chain for mass mobs.


I just Duoed  Synapse TF yesterday I was on a psi stalker my bro on a psi brute. Once I asked him to leave bosses to me, things went a lot smoother as he was not wasting dps on targets that I could one-2 shot. He was also abit chagrined when after insta killing bosses Id then turn around and kill the rest of the mobs faster then him even with his rage bar well up. Stalkers be killers like no other when used well.


We completed it in about 90 min, faster then most full teams Ive run with because we carried our weight and acted strategically rather then a mindless pack piling on the big target.



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Allowing this would be one of the greatest gifts anyone could give me in Cox at all. 



I don't play stalkers but I do play a lot of support mostly masterminds but my sport said still a huge part of my build. It's really important for us that we get to debuff and mez the guys with the big guns soon as we can.

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