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  1. I’m not sure what that even means. Zones are all instanced, so what’s the difference if you’re in Atlas 2 or Atlas 5?
  2. You can pretend friendly fire is in the game, but that your character is just not that stupid to aim at his/her friends.
  3. you can buy purple sets, which are always good, or you attune regular sets so they are effective at power levels.
  4. Half all IO bonuses and set bonuses, same for incarnate powers.
  5. When you paste in the new manifest URL, be sure to select/highlight it on the list before you select "OK".
  6. You can make multiple incarnates per slot and switch then out as you like. So swap pets, nukes, see what bonuses benefit you the most, etc No, you can’t share incarnate materials with alts.
  7. It’s considered a pseudo pet and won’t crit. It also won’t break hide for that reason on a stalker.
  8. I may or may not log in at work from time to time, usually to put in some auction house bid or change a bind or something that doesn’t require playing a game for a long time in front of my office mates 😉
  9. I really wish the devs hadn't made the most useful pets these giant creatures, in an AV fight I can no longer see what's going on as the view is blocked by towering incarnate pets.
  10. that's... super useful. thanks.
  11. There were people arguing for half an hour this morning in the LFG channel about what the defense soft and hard cap really are 🙄
  12. Could you not buy IOs with merits as well, or was it only drops? (I’d left before IOs)
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