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  1. How dramatic 🙄 It's one task force/trial, there's literally dozens more with other mechanics that you can do. Deal with it.
  2. I was finding it hard to finish a level 35 patron arc, so I waited a couple levels and went back and it was easy. Just sayin.
  3. This would be great, as I get tired of redoing all of my enhancements and power trays. I'm sure there will be some reason it's impossible.
  4. Sure. If I can just port to my base more often I don’t care how it’s done, it works for me. The current 30 min timers seem unnecessarily long, compared to the Ouro portal. I’m liking some of the suggestions in this thread: reducing the regular base teleport to five minutes, adding a base portal to Ouro, or even adding more zones to the Ouro out port so you don’t have to keep porting endlessly.
  5. Genuinely don’t get this argument, who uses this as a slash command? I have a macro, it looks like and works just the same as every other random teleport I earned/bought, just without a 30 minute timer. Really, this teleport just simplified travel to: get to base, pick from a wide range of portals to get to end zone. Otherwise it’s go to Ouro, go to Talos, go to base, than take a portal. More steps. Kind of pointless. If its breaking pvp add a 10 second delay for players. Don’t see how easier travel breaks gameplay otherwise. If y’all want to reduce timers on the other ports and add a base portal to Ouro, whatever, great, that helps as well.
  6. Shrug, leave the slash command, it’s useful. Add a 10 second delay if it’s a player, not a GM. Problem solved.
  7. I’m not sure what that even means. Zones are all instanced, so what’s the difference if you’re in Atlas 2 or Atlas 5?
  8. This would be lovely, if at all possible.
  9. You can pretend friendly fire is in the game, but that your character is just not that stupid to aim at his/her friends.
  10. you can buy purple sets, which are always good, or you attune regular sets so they are effective at power levels.
  11. Half all IO bonuses and set bonuses, same for incarnate powers.
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