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Unless it is a unique IO limited to one copy only the general rule is you may benefit from up to 5 of the same set. (for set bonuses - power bonuses like damage/accuracy etc no limit).


Good resource: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Invention_Origin_Enhancements

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If you're talking about the Controller ATO sets, you can only have the complete set slotted once per character. You can break them up over a variety of powers if you'd rather get just the 2-slot bonus three times, or the 2-slot bonus and 3-slot bonus twice, but the later bonuses are good enough that I don't see the point.


ATO, Winter, Purple, and other unique sets such as Overwhelming Force can only be slotted once each per character. But ordinary Uncommon or Rare sets can be slotted as many times as you like. Note that you can only benefit from the same size of any given set bonus five times per character at most, though.

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