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AoE Buffs that Used to Be Single Target


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I know at one point back in live, a lot of powers went from being single-target to AoE, so casting them once would buff the whole team. Does anyone know of a definitive list of which powers were affected this way? I.E., (as an example from Emp) Heal Other obviously wouldn't, due to the nature of the power, but what about Clear Mind?


I'm updating old bindfiles and trying to eliminate redundancies. (And figure out why a couple of the dratted things won't work properly. :P)



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Only these ones:


Cold Domination/Ice Shield and Glacial Shield

Force Field/Deflection Shield and Insulation Shield

Kinetics/Speed Boost and Increase Density (only the +Res is AoE, Mez Res/Prot is ST)

Sonic Resonance/Sonic Barrier and Sonic Haven

Thermal Radiation/Fire Shield and Plasma Shield


Powers that were mostly mez protection, like Clear Mind, were not included.


Although, I feel Thermal/Thaw and Poison/Antidote should have also gotten their Damage Resistance made in to AoEs.

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