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Gamma Boost slotting


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In Pine's, Gamma Boost doesn't give any regen or recovery at all, I guess because they weren't sure how to include its health scaling effect. Slots can't increase it because there is no effect to increase.


I would be surprised if slotting actually does nothing in-game, but I haven't played /Rad so I cannot directly confirm.

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Recovery seems to be missing.


I should test when I get home.


Given the wealth of healing/absorption in Radiation Armor, I never looked at Gamma Boost as anything other than an auxiliary Stamina clone, and in that regard it seems to work well as it allows running Focused Accuracy non-stop on my Tanker and I never remotely think of running out when playing her.

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Okay, standing around at full health I have from Gamma Boost:


0.61 hp/sec Regen

1.18 end/sec Recovery


My character has 2155.2 hp and 105 endurance. So 0.61hp/sec is 0.61/2155.2=0.000283%/sec and the Combat Attribute display says 0.0003%, which what that rounds to at four digits.


Dropping off a building I hit the ground and end up at 1468.1hp and regen from Gamma Boost leaps up to 5.03 hp/sec and Gamma Boost recovery shrinks to 0.76 end/sec


So definitely the power does as it claims in terms of boosting recovery while you're healthy and boosting regen as your health declines.


SOs show modification to the base values provided by Gamma Boost. Not sure what is going on with IOs but perhaps the modification at full health is so low as to not be seen to the Regen value (though it should show in the Enhancment slotting screen).


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So essentially, the slots in Gamma boost are only good for set bonus stacking


The slots augment the base working of the power.


If you were looking at regen gain while at full health. . . well, gaining 20% by slotting an enhancement to regen which is 5% of your health moves that up to 6% of your health (per 1.25 seconds)--not a lot. But the power tells you, "The lower your current health is, the greater the regeneration bonus you'll receive from Gamma Boost. The higher your current health is, the greater the recovery bonus you'll receive from Gamma Boost." You do not gain much regen while at full health. Instead you get Recovery. As your health goes down the boost to your Recovery fades and the strenght of the Regen you gain is boosted.



The above is with one Healing SO and 3 Endurance Modification SOs slotted.


At 32% loss of Health I am gaining an additional 56% of my base regen from Gamma Boost.


When I wake tomorrow I will try replacing the Healing SO and see how that impacts the numbers.


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I keep regeneration rate and recovery rate pinned to my screen so I can monitor live (also handy to know when you've been debuffed, if you have trouble seeing the green rings). There's a noticeable increase in regeneration rate as your health drops. I currently have Gamma Boost slotted with 1 end mod and 1 health.

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