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Street Justice and ?


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Willpower has always been seen as a sort of successor or better sidegrade of Invulnerability, haha.


I think it will be easier to level with wilpower due to extra recovery, but I'm not sure how the endgame is for willpower brutes.

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WP isn't really comparable to Invulnerability; its mitigation is based more on its tremendous regenerative capacity rather than the wombo combo of decent resists (and extremely good S/L resists) and typed defence that Invulnerability uses. Invulnerability is probably more comparable to Energy Aura (typed defence with okayish passive resists), or Shield Defence (positional defence with okayish passive resists) than to WP, which is more comparable to Bio-Armour or Regeneration.

"Titan/Bio scrappers are the stealthiest toons in the game."


"How's that possible? They don't have any inherent stealth and you'd never take concealment pool powers on them!"


"You see; they're perfect at stealth because nobody will notice if there's nobody to notice."

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I had a Mace/WP tank back in the day I loved. Took him to 50, performed great. I currently have a SJ/WP at 33 that I love. WP still needs some slotting with her, but pretty solid. I am feeling that the taunt aura(Rise to the Challenge?) which has a +Regan and a -tohit is not working right as I am faceplanting on random mobs for seemingly no reason. Thinking about it Brute vs. Tank for a second, it may not be the best choice as it requires many of the powers to dial in. With a Tank, thats fine, it's your primary. With a Brute it isn't. I'm curious to see in a few more lvls.

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