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World of Confusion


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44 ice/rad PL'd from 20-38.


I was pretty excited to get this power because I've seen it in action on trollers. I got it and put 3 slots into, franken'd for acc/end/confuse.


I thought it would be a great mesh with CC, leading off with sleep, toggles, and either cycle through ST's or nuke when up.


It doesn't seem like the confuse portion fires very often at all, with the damage portion firing too often to keep my 4 slotted mez up. Choking Cloud has an almost terminally slow initial tick, but slotting it with a +2 hold and being careful with HP management works well. I don't feel like toggling WOC is the answer because it will hurt the chance to confuse even more. I've tried against Nemesis spawns in PI and I feel like maybe I'm just burning endurance to shorten that lovely lovely sleep. This probably isn't something I would run in teams unless there were some generous end buffs.


Am I just being impatient or should I respec out the slots call it a buy-in for TK?





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It's not so much a "world" of confusion ... more like a "closet" of indifference.

It was basically DESIGNED to be terrible, and it never got any better.


City of Data: LINK


Activate Period: 4 seconds

Confuse = MAG 2 for 1.5 seconds IF ToHit roll is successful by more than +25% (in other words, there's a built in Accuracy/ToHit penalty built in for you to overcome just to get the effect to work at all)

This essentially means you need to have a +167% Confuse duration in order to perma the effect for 4 seconds.

1.5 * (1+1.67) = 4.005 seconds

If you manage this incredible feat, despite ED getting in your way, you'll be able to perma Confuse MINIONS but not Lieutenants.

... yay ...

Even if you somehow manage to squeeze +100% duration into this power, you're still only going to manage a 75% uptime on it since the Confusion lasts for 3 seconds out of every 4 seconds.

... yay ...


Radius of Effect: 8 feet

Guess what the range on most melee attacks is.  Go on ... guess.

Congratulations.  You have a melee range PBAoE that can Confuse Minions less than full time ... all by itself!


Pretty much the only ways to prevent this power from being a waste of a power pick, slots and endurance is to either ... stack it with another Confuse power, so as to be able to Confuse more than just Minions ... OR ... slot the Contagious Confusion proc into it (and pray to RNGesus that it'll proc when you need it to).




The real downfall of (it's a small) World of Confusion (after all...) is its pitifully tiny AoE radius.  If it were a 15 foot radius, it might be worthy of "Moon of Confusion" status ... but to honestly be able to live up to the World of Confusion title, it really needs to be more like a 20 or even 25 ft radius on the power, so you don't have to "rub noses" with $Targets you're trying to Confuse with it.  As is, it's more like a Handshake of Confusion, simply because of the pitiful AoE radius.  It's really just that bad.


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WoC is a good power for later in a build, where you use two procs in it... if you're not already using Contagious Confusion in another power.

Contagious Confusion makes it much more effective at confusing.

Fury of the Gladiator -Res debuff gives it a -Res effect, I think averaging about 4-5% -Res over time. If it's a character that will be in melee range for some reason, running a toggle that will do some Confusion while also increasing damage by 4%, for a low End cost, is worth it.


If not, then no. Take it for a set mule, take it for CC, and take it for Fury... but don't take it for its base statistics, because as Redlynne showed, they are terrible.

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