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Can Repeatable Mission contacts with limited lvl range be given Flashback option

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For example Meg Mason in the Hollows only covers levels 5 - 15, it would be fun if there was an exemplar option on the contact itself for characters above level 15, so we could click on her, exemplar & then run her missions.



Some of these other repeatable mission contacts also have a limited level range as well.





And would it be possible for a repeatable mission contact be added to Perez Park as well?


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I’m a +2 for this.  .5 for Flashback, and 1.5 for a Perez Park Contact.

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At this point (given that most enemy groups are level-capped ANYWAY), nothing would please me more than simply removing 'outleveling contacts' as a thing in CoH. 


Sure, the Songcrystal of Ice and Flashback is there for most formal storyarcs, but its.. clunky.  Immersion breaking.  And well, wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey.  I dont want to travel back in time to that time in the past where I did this thing I forgot.  I want to go visit the contact that I had to stop helping because an arbitrary level dinged cause I forgot to turn off XP, and finish helping them out.


Why not simply allow Bob the Lvl 50 Incarnate Deathgod to revist his starter contact that he outleveled, or the hollows contact he outleveled, or whatever.. and make friends with that contact.  Experience the story.


Its not like the game will be giving us lvl 50 Skulls to get lvl 50 loot off of (or as if, in the presence of AE, theres really an issue even if they were)

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