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How is /temporal


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New to blasters here and I can't find much information on /temporal online.


How do you guys find the set ? it seems like a well balanced set will some self buffs and even heal potential but I would like some feedback on it before committing


thanks !

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Got some good stuff but that also makes it feel 'intensive' - hard to fit in pool powers and travel powers afterwards. A lot of its powers add a very mild -regen, but hey, that does add up over time. Quite nicely with Beam Rifle as well.


Time Wall is a no-damage starter, which lowers your ability to kill things while mezzed... but with -60% recharge you're inflicting some serious slowdown. It's marginally (very) stronger than web grenade on that front, but web's slated to get some light damage later. On the other hand Time Wall buffs your other Temporal debuffs.


Aging Touch is the ST-melee I do use out of the set. It's a fast hit, it's pretty average psionic damage: Temporal isn't the blappiest set but this works well enough for when you need an alternate damage type from your primary (like if you're all energy or something). It works well enough.


Time Stop. Single target hold, but interestingly it can get an extra Mag-1 for half the duration if the target's already under Time Wall. It does no damage, so overall it's pretty average.


Chronos: Less damage than Build-Up, but +30% recharge for its duration so whatever you fire off comes back a wee bit faster including Chronos itself.


End of Time: I like this one. Cold and Energy damage, a bit of -regen, an extra 1/4 or so damage on delayed targets, and radius 10 around you. No real bells and whistles, it just... works. Doesn't let me down.


Obviously Temporal healing you take no questions asked. That's your level 20, you take it at level 20, and you'll probably have difficulty keeping yourself from putting a fifth or sixth slot in there. Stick your procs/globals in health and stamina, get this thing's absorb and recover nice and high.


Future Pain is just skippable to me. Rare are the Blaster's other sources of fear, so for a lot of set combos this thing would be alone. And it's otherwise not that impressive. Can't bring myself to care.


Time Shift kinda depends: Many Blast sets offer more disorients. So if they do, this one's another AoE to stack with Overcharge or whatever. If you've no other stuns however (it's rare but it could happen) you might want to skip it and keep the space for something else. But if you do have other stuns this has a very light -to-hit (more for slotting categories than anything else) and further -movement speeds (add it to whirlpool or your rains).


And you take Time Lord, you'd be crazy not to. It's not something to slot for the actual resistance much (7% energy only), but it's at LEAST one extra slot to stick a resistance global in and hey, -2.77 stun mag too!

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Time Shift is literally the same power as Flashfire for Fire Controllers, with slightly lower Stun duration. It is hands down one of the best Blaster powers available and even gives some Control sets a run for their money.


The rest of Temporal is generally 'pretty good' to 'okay.'

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I find it "perfectly fine".  Probably right where a game designer would want it to be, not OP, not gimped.  It seems like it might be a notch below a couple of the other new ones (I won't name names) but still, I like it and have no "re-roll" plans.

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