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File: List of Thematic Powers by Archetype

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Printable List of Power Themes by Archetype in GoogleDocs

Want to make a gun-slinging space marine? Not sure what archetype and power choices to take?  This googleDoc has printable lists of power themes by archetype.  It is sorted into themes available for ranged only, melee only, or available in both ranged and melee flavours, to help you make your choice.


Database-friendly worksheets also available

If you'd rather have the information flattened for easier manipulation, database-friendly flattened views are also included.



I created this manually based on ParagonWiki and Mid's data. Judgement calls were made on which powersets were consolidated as a single theme.  For example, Fire and Thermal were consolidated.





Printable list preview

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I always start with a powerset theme and go from there...Not sure how I missed this, but this is AWESOME!!!!


Thank you very much!

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