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  1. No, thank you! I do have a question: If I use multiple accounts, how do I get both to show in grafana? I assume it has to do with the telegraf.conf file, but I'm not sure if I copy/paste and simply change the account name, or if I have to also change the name of the input.tails name_override to something else. Or.. something else?
  2. Hi there. Someone led me to this thread when I was asking about potential combat tracking tools. I wanted to let you know that I managed to install the TIG stack as a non-Grafana user. I did take a few extra steps. These might seem obvious to you, but thought others like me might appreciate knowing them: (1) On install of Influxdb, I needed to create a database called "telegraf" (2) On Win 10, I needed to install telegraf.exe and telegraf.conf on C:\Program Files (x86)\telegraf. Any other directory resulted in an error when attempting to start the service via Net start or the
  3. @InvaderStych I managed to install the tool(s) on Win10. It took a few extra steps than posted, but otherwise worked as advertised. I didn't play with it much, but damn it mostly works and looks pretty cool. I'll post my install notes on the original thread.
  4. If you go into your CoH folder, you can replace the existing sound with one of your choice: Homecoming\data\sound\Ogg\FrontEnd\Objective_loop.ogg I've replaced mine with a maddeningly loud version. You can try mine and use a program like Audacity to amplify it even more; or use your own .wav or .mp3 sound files. Objective_loop.ogg
  5. That looks pretty slick! And I actually might have enough tech skills to put it together. Thanks for that.
  6. Close but not quite =\ That one is for chats, not combat logs. I'll have to test to see if the combat chat log timestamps in sec or microsec increments. Even then, I can't program worth squat so I wouldn't be able to do much with it. good to know, though, ty.
  7. What, no love for Foobar? I'm using the DarkOne v4 skin. Foobar does have a bit of a learning curve, though, if you don't want it to look "basic". Foobar has extensions for getting CD info from multiple db's, as well as bios from last.fm. Both come with the DarkOne skin, I think. Not sure because I modded mine so I can't recall whether it was stock or mod. If you're looking to just tag your mp3's, I tend to use Mp3Tag but that's super old school.
  8. Hi there, With HeroStats no longer supported, I was wondering if there's any way to parse the combat tab data out of CoH in real time. For other games I used to play, this was done with an add-on called "ACT" or "Advanced Combat Tracker". https://advancedcombattracker.com/# It has plugins for mmo games, like EQ2 and FFXIV. Was wondering if someone knows if it's possible to build a CoH plug-in for this tool, or similar other ones out there.
  9. I think the (volunteer) devs did a great job to balance all the needs and came out with quite an elegant means to address most, if not all, people's primary concerns. It's actually faster for me now on the alts I use the most. The ones that I don't, I log them out in the base or near a sg portal to get the temp power(s) charged up. I was definitely a major user of the enterbasefrompasscode command, too. +1 on the sg base telepad exits being moved... somehow I find the ones I use the most to be more annoying. Specifically, Bricktown (nice shortcut to Crey's Folly for Numina and Mant
  10. Ok. I see in your guide it's listed under the "Viewing Your Totals" section. Thanks.
  11. I might have missed it -- but this looks new. What do the two white & black buttons now do? (I know one button used to simulate a power being active/inactive, and turned green when on):
  12. You can hack gas stoves (no fire) and burners, and refrigerators. I recall someone had a microwave oven, too. Not the best ones out there, but might give you some ideas. One trick I use is to float up a platform that matches or is slightly above the table height, then use that for F5 surface -- then delete it afterwards
  13. I'll probably never use this (but hope to). However, it's a great resource! And I love optimization algorithms so I applaud using them whenever feasible (ha ha, get it? 'feasible'? j/k). Is there a way you can publish a baseline travel time (e.g. sprint)?
  14. There's a good guide on ouro wiki someone posted: https://wiki.ourodev.com/view/Texture_modding It might also be a good place for you to find like-minded folks. Good luck!
  15. Here's my personal heuristic for alting. I don't always do this exactly, but in general how I'd like to go about things: (0) Decide if you're just being casual, experimental, or want to have a go at some form of min/max (0) If you're going to have a go at min/max, make sure you have Mid's installed. (1) Decide if you want to min/max for group or solo play, or mix both. (2) Decide if you want to min/max for damage, resistance, defense, buffs, or debuffs. See choice #1 to further narrow what powers you what (3) Pick your AT or your powers, taking into account your choices fo
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