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  1. From my limited understanding of pow_exec, I believe it will de-toggle multiple powers with a single keypress. It will not, however, activate more than one power with a single key press consistently. Also iirc that power_exec reads the functions from right to left -- backwards of reading english. The way to get around this is to use bind_load_file and cycle through two files. So for example: - macro1.txt says macro foo "powexec_name [power1] $$bind_load file "c:\macro2.txt" - macro2.txt says macro foo "powexec_name [power2] $$bind_load file "c:\macro1.txt" To kick off the chain, in CoH chat window type: \bind_load file c:\macro1.txt I know this works for keybinds, but have not tested for a macro button. For example this works: - bind1.txt says L "powexec_name [power1] $$bind_load file "c:\bind2.txt" - bind2.txt says L "powexec_name [power2] $$bind_load file "c:\bind1.txt"
  2. You can also check the old forums: https://web.archive.org/web/20120904103849/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/forumdisplay.php?f=550
  3. Check this forum thread. I have used Pro and 1.6 on Win 10: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/5405-piggviewer/
  4. I've seen 4 pages of arguing. IF you know how the coding is, AND you think there's a lack of documentation, why can't you organise a bunch of volunteers to create the docs? Instead of just sitting here. Seems like there's at least 3-4 people with enough experience to make an actual contribution. Anything you make is INFINITELY better than nothing.
  5. The same "Pay What You Can" monthly model with maybe a $5/month minimum suggested donation. The same business model you have now -- transparent costs, run as a pseudo non-profit. There is no game for me that is worth $13 / month. But I see this game worth $30-$50 per year. I'd happily donate that amount, even if no additional "content" was ever added. The ability to still be able to have volonteers to add content or clean up game code / art / website etc. PAY THE DEVS AND ADMINS FOR THEIR TIME --- but make their work hours be flexible as much as can be agreed upon. This is a game, not a national security job. NO MICROTRANSACTIONS "Content as you go" --- fund big content updates with donations that exceed costs before actually working on it. Post your targets and currents. Make the community responsible for making content happen. Continue engaging the community in determining new content priorities --- but ultimately the decision resides with the Homecoming Team. Make this clear to all. Really want to emphasize how refreshing the current business model is. The rest of mmo world have such crap business models.
  6. Nice. I went a step further and added the options to my custom.mnu file. This makes it available using the custom windows function for all my alts. There's a link in my guide if you're interested.
  7. I'd like to get back to the simpler idea (which I also proposed in the Tank/Brute thread) of adding more difficulty/notoriety levels. Not saying customizable critters are a no-go, but that they are a future iteration for consideration. Also for future consideration is adding the extra difficulty and commensurate rewards for all task forces, regardless of level. (But maybe only accessible if the leader is 50, for example.)
  8. Or maybe the OP thinks there's no point in further responding except to generate more personal attacks and hate directed at them because they are not interested in the types of challenges presented in this thread. You're not helping civil discourse by insinuating there are sinister motives behind their posts. You're entitled to your opinion that the OP is a wanna-be L33t, misogynistic, incel, insecure (and probably racist) nerd who probably lives in a basement with his mother and stalks underaged girls online. But that doesn't make it true. And there's not much I see in this thread to base your opinion on. And honestly, it's rather hateful and rude.
  9. There's two components to Mezz/Status Effect protection for effects like sleep: (1) Magnitude Protection (Mag Prot) and (2) Status Resistance. Mag Prot determines if the Mezz affects you when you get hit. Rune of Protection gives you 90s of Mag 10 status protection (what Pines says, I don't use it myself). Clarion gives you (according to Pine's) ~ 22 seconds of Mag 20 - Mag 30 protection. For reference, one hold application is about Mag 3. Status Resistance helps with both how long you're mezz'd and, I think, to some degree whether the Mezz affects you. According to Pines, Acrobatics provides 7 KB and 2 Kup prot points, and 48.44% Hold Resist. Impervious Skin unique provides 7.5% Status Resist. *I assume* that Hold and Status Resist in this context means pretty much the same. And that sleep is also part of that same effect set. (Holds, Sleeps, Stuns, Confuse, Feared). There is nothing in Pines that says Impervious Skin unique does anything to resist or defend against Psi damage. You also have IO set bonuses that provide Status Resistance. Side note: there's also the "when you get hit" comment -- which means if your Defense is high enough (ballpark 45% for PvE), then you don't worry about the Mezz mechanics because you effectively dodged the hit roll. ParagonWiki has an article on both sleep and Status Protection which is where I'm basing my comments on mechanics. Good luck!
  10. Even if one figures out mathematically the absolute best way to nerf IO's, too many people already expect it to work a certain way. And if one *does* figure out mathematically the absolute best way to nerf IO's, one can probably do something else that improves the system rather than nerfing it.
  11. My fault for bringing something in out of topic. But my social commentary about is risk, not challenge. Challenge is how difficult something is. Risk is the consequence of failure. You can see by how we word our comments that we are talking about two different things. I opine you really mean risk rather than challenge in your OP.
  12. Ok. I'm going to ignore the weirdly emotional turn of events since I last posted and focus on the additional info you gave us. If I hear you correctly (odd turn of phrase, that), you want something where you can really "lose". For example, if there was some content that if you died, you would lose one slotted enhancement which takes a year to replace. Or; the classic example of "Leeroyyyy Jenkins". I don't think, even with everything posted on this thread, that there is such a challenge in CoH currently. I"d really have to rack my brain to think of one. It's not a game built for that in its current form. I see the open-world MMO survival games as more in line with that kind of challenge rather than this one. It's interesting how you say it comes from playing board games as a kid. Because I can see how as a kid, one doesn't really look past the end of the current game. Encouraging feelings of risk like that is a bit of a contradiction in how the (developed) world operates now in general when it comes to entertainment, and to some extent society as a whole.
  13. Out of curiosity and perhaps to try -- what challenging games are you referring to?
  14. I think what you mean to say, is: "What are options *that fit me* for challenging content? So you need to tell us why earning SG prestige was important to you. Is it about pointing to the SG Registry and saying "Me and my crew are #1" and all that means and feels? Was it about having a common goal for your SG mates? Was it about contributing to a common SG cause? Or is it about group-based challenges that need group coordination? Your OP paints too broad a brush to be solvable. Alternately, maybe this incarnation of the game is no longer for you. I'm optimistic that people can creatively find ways to enjoy the same game in a different way, but YMMV. And if you're genuinely asking for options, you need to be both more flexible and specific.
  15. There are some other options. I take Acrobatics (ok, not great). There's also the Impervious Skin Status IO unique (resistance set). You could slot it in Tough in the Fighting pool power, or Rune of Protection in the Sorcery pool.
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