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  1. Max is not a number, but actually typed in as "max". I think it's power-based. So for Jaunt, for example, iirc it's about 250 feet. Far more for Teleport, far less for targeted AOE powers. If you look at the powers info or descr and it shows it, it will be whatever that max number is. PS Forgot to mention -- you can copy your character to Beta and test out TP powers there, without burning a respec. Hope that helps.
  2. My notes on powexec_location: /bind shift+f, powexec_location target Rain Of Fire" loc options: me, target, or [direction:distance]. Direction is 0-360 representing degrees of a circle, distance is 0-max in CoH world units (feet). My notes on a teleport binds: /bind shift+rbutton "tell $target, I am teleporting you now $target! Get ready....$$powexec_name recall friend" /bind shift+lbutton "powexec_name Teleport" You can probably change the recall friend to Group Teleport and use powexec_location and that should work: /bind shift+rbutton "Group Teleport! Get ready....$$powexec_location 0:5 recall friend" (0 degrees, 5 feet in front of you)
  3. Nice! Something I pulled from somewhere: there's also a command to increase IO levels (useful when you want a +5 Recharge on Hasten): Right click the slot, mouse over the IO you want to use, then press + to the number you want, then click and it'll populate. Note that it won't show 50+5 on the enhancement, but the mouse over text for the enhancement will show it. Edit: Looks like you had this covered!
  4. Iirc my google-fu found this info from City of Titans: //Now, emailsendattachment takes SIX (6) arguments: <string> <string> <integer> <integer> <integer> <string> /emailsendattachment Global Subject Infl AttachmentType InventoryLocation Message //AttachmentType values: 2 is Inspirations 10 should be Enhancements but is not enabled. 11 is Salvage. 12 is Recipes. // //InventoryLocation For each type, open the corresponding inventory window and count. Location is the number of the item you want to send, starting from 1, as it currently sits in the sort order. // Maybe sorting salvage by rarity will help? My other comment is that I've now added this to my "setup" custom menu. This lets me quickly create the macro for all new and existing toons by simply adding this line to my .mnu file: Option "Load Money Macro" "macro $Money emailsendattachment "@MyGlobal" "20 Mil" "20000000" "0" "0" "Cash from $name."" If anyone knows how to make it work for @globals with names with 2 spaces, that would be really great.
  5. Sorry for the late reply -- there are instructions here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Cityofheroes/comments/c0tu6u/howto_macro_icons/ And a list of icons and their names in that post as well as here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uHUi6BWFTYj4wbfGBs3LjZL88Fym6B-8EwDr18YZcY8/edit#gid=852710698 If you're feeling extra fancy, you can probably replace the icons using /data folder cusstomization and the icons Rylas redesigned: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/8106-want-a-higher-res-version-of-a-power-icon/
  6. Wouldn't think so, because there is no slash command that would even come close. Source: Paragon Wiki list of slash commands
  7. I don't post much but.. always thank you to the GM's!
  8. My superhero vacation villa (Work In Progress... forever). Was my first try at base building. Note to self: use dock platforms next time! On Indom: /Enter_base_from_passcode VACATION-2107 Few more pics here: https://imgur.com/a/0IQAytu
  9. I think you need actual popmenu commands to put into your custom window. Here's my post on how: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/6701-popmenus-the-what-why-and-how/?tab=comments#comment-69615 Hopefully that works for you.
  10. I've used the large dock platforms (dock 2, iirc). While I'm under the platform, I used the "Attach to Surface", F5 option, and not the "Ceiling" option to place a hanging light. The other platform that I know works is the Ledges platform series. Likely anything that's solid throughout.
  11. Hi all. Wondering what people have been using for angled roofs. My problem is that angled platforms look fake and I'm not sure what to use to fill in the fronts and backs. I've seen roman stairs be used, but unfortunately that won't work for me. Hoping to get some ideas. What my current roof looks like:
  12. A lot of people do under-appreciate Dark. I think most people give up on Dark Melee/* because it's so end-heavy and it feels like you are going at a snail's pace while all the fancy fast action scraps (katana, DB, claws) just ran by you. And if you didn't build it right, it would be squishier *and* have lower dps. And it's also a very late bloomer (if it blooms at all). It's also not straight-forward to build, as most powers can be slotted with more types of enhancements. That being said, as I mentioned before in a previous post, I love my DM/Inv scrapper main. Unbelievably sturdy @ "capped" S/L 45% defense and capped S/L 75% resistance. And that was before Incarnates and i25 IO sets were introduced. Scary to think what Dark Melee could do now... (Never tried DM/DA, so limiting my comments to DM.)
  13. BTW, if you use the custom windows option, I found it was super-easy to create a windows .mnu file that automatically creates macros for my new alts. So I use those macros instead. It sounds confusing so I'm attaching what my custom window should look like, and a new vertical panel that houses all my custom bind commands. The custom window makes three snazzy image_file macros, which I then move to my designated toolbar, "4".
  14. Actually, on further playing, I think the game already automatically adds the channels you have joined. But if you want to create a file *just* to be sure you are consistent across all alts, I think this is how it goes (I haven't tested): - Create a .txt file - Use the slash command "chan_join channelX" for each channel you want to load - Load the .txt file using the /bind_load_file command like you do for the keybind files
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