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turn off animation for kuji-in rin ?


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overall, enjoying ninjitsu except for kuji-in rin.  it's bad enough the status protection is a clicky instead of a toggle but the animation going off every 1:30 or so, usually at the worst time in the middle of combat, is beyond annoying.  is there any way to turn off the animation, like toggling on the "no redraw" option for attack powers?  the only option I saw with the tailor is to minimize the FX but that doesn't stop the animation.

appears that moving while the animation is playing will cut it short but that still disrupts your attack powers.


any help would be greatly appreciated

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I'm pretty sure click mez protection powers (Super Reflexes, Ninjitsu and Shield Defence are three examples I can think of with this) are balanced against toggle mez protection powers by the fact that there's an animation which plays which you can't interrupt, even if you move around.  Your choice is really either to not have the mez protection click on auto so you use it yourself out of combat at your own leisure, or run a powerset with a toggle mez protection power instead, haha.

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On 8/6/2019 at 12:27 AM, Nightmarer said:

Click mez protections are awesome, they overlap and double their mez protection effect for quite a while with just some recharge. The animation is annoying, that much is true, but still, it is a small toll for awesome mez protection.


Also doubles its psi resistance.  Ninjitsu as a set can get amazing psi resistance because of this.

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