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Justice Server Reunited!

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@Mystic Amethyst global on live


Mystic Amethyst, Patamon Cougar, Friday Fever, Pressure Point, and Marie Jane are just a few of the toons I can think of off the top of my head.


edit: if any of the crew I used to regularly roll with sees this, plz send me a note! 🙂 Garnet Dragon, Twilight, Spirit of Nyt, Spirit of Dark... would be great to reconnect.

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Yooo, I'm here, playing on Everlasting @Obsidian_Spectre and @Dr. Dusk


Old mains:

Obsidian Farmer - Illusion/Kin controller

Annoying Customer - Fire/Dark Corruptor

Current mains:

Virid - Plant/Earth Dom

Hitteberoerte - Mind/Fire Dom

Obsidian Spectre - Illusion/Dark Controller

edit: I just noticed I previously replied to this thread.  Oh well.

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I was on Justice! Some names seem familiar but I don't remember hanging out with you.


Krafti (MM bot/dark)

Bendetta (Corr fire/thermal)

Meshell (Brute)

Bouncy (Empath/elec)


Just to name a few. I'm on Excelsior now as @krafti

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