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  1. The badge meter is borked. I kept track by digging through my logs to see how many of each thing I defeated. Not as easy or enjoyable as it sounds. After that, you can just tally what you have left and go get it. I will say, going for Vandal all in one to the exclusion of everything else, makes this particular process a bit easier, but just a bit.
  2. I use my Warshade to badge (1349 currently). On live I was using my Stalker (1100+ as far as I remember). Just about anything works so long as you got the fortitude to go after them all. Have fun out there.
  3. I recently had a Vigilante Tip Mission that was nothing but Voids and Crystals. It was sort of eerie. Especially so, since I was playing on my Blaster at the time.
  4. [Waves] I checked in on the other thread but I'm saying Hi here too! Plucky Sidekick (Tank) Malevol-Ant & (Stalker) Super Sempai Seven (Warshade)
  5. Regarding AVs, I've been doing the Shadow Shard TFs solo with a Def based build for my WS. (I got a lot of help from analyzing Doom's builds) Don't underestimate the power of Temp Power Summons along with your Lore pets. A Shivan is unbelievably helpful in a pinch.
  6. This sounds interesting and fun. I'll definitely tune in to the forum posts when they show up.
  7. Best I've done is 3, and even then, the third evaporates shortly thereafter. I've never tried to get the recharge down lower than that. I'm sure it's possible to slot purely for recharge but you're sacrificing a lot of other things along the way.
  8. They have 0% Defense and 0% Resist. You can boost these slightly with Pet IO Sets but not by much.
  9. I might need to be on this list as well. >.> (Excelsior Server)
  10. I found something interesting. The First mission of the Second story arc from Mr. G has a ton of Arachnos. I think I got 6-7 Toxics and maybe 5 Mu Guardians from this set at 0x8. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Mr._G_(Primal_Earth)#Part_One:_The_News_Team_You_Can_Trust I wish I hadn't spent all that time floating around Grandville now because I already had the Venomous badge when I walked in the door.
  11. I keep my Hold Protection up in my Combat Attributes window. If it drops below a certain point (~14 at 50), I'm held outside of Dwarf Form. It seemed better to me than trying to interpret which powers are currently affecting me at any given time. Then again, if Ghost Widow is around, it doesn't really matter.
  12. I have the Gaussians in Nova for my WS but I rarely see it proc, if ever. I also have the Decimation version in Dark Nova Bolt and I see that showing in my stat bar now and again. I'm not a numbers cruncher but I know what seems to be working. I'd love to see the stats on this, though.
  13. Hey guys, This really helped me get Empath for my Warshade. Thanks a lot! I used Walk to get myself perfectly positioned each time I set up for maximum heals. I cannot describe the agony of coming back to the computer after a few hours and realizing I left walk on for the duration. >.>
  14. No worries. My Warshade Super Sempai Seven has 1062 badges at the moment and working my way to the finish as fast as I can. You can @ me at anytime in game if I'm around, I'm Pluckysidekick, both here and there. Always happy to meet new people.
  15. As an avid badger, I am both impressed and offended... It's not even fair. =O
  16. I have this in Shadow Bolt. It seems to fire off randomly, so I basically ignore it. I primarily have this slotted for the recharge. bonus.
  17. Heyoooo, I'm a WS lover and I wanted to post what I have going on for my favorite Alpha Ranger: Super Sempai Seven. I know a lot of you will look at this and think I'm crazy for going the complete opposite direction of everybody here and having basically, NO DEFENSE WHATSO-EVAR! The key for me is: Dying is part of the attack chain, why prolong the inevitable? I crafted this here and there over the better part of the a month and changed it around as I leveled. She sports 30+% Base SL/FC/EN RES Out of the box, any form. Up to 59% when Exempla
  18. Good to see you again Flea! Been a long time. =D
  19. Hey Guys! Plucky here! That's @PluckySidekick Also known as: Plucky Sidekick Malevol-Ant Super Sempai Seven and a whole host of alts that I haven't replaced yet and will remain unnamed.
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