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Nature Question


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So, to preface this question, I need to say that I use a Mac and thus have yet to have any luck porting any sort of Pines/Mids software successfully. Therefore, a lot of the resources on, say, the official discord, are useless to me in instances where people are just linking data chunks. I've pretty much had to build exclusively from forum comments, in game data, etc.


I am leveling a Nature/Ice defender and was curious which Nature power choices are standard for the current meta? I am likely to do both arena and zone, but more arena than zone. 


My current assumptions are that you would definitely want Corrosive Enzymes, Regrowth, Wild Growth, Spore Cloud, Wild Bastion, and Overgrowth and definitely NOT want Rebirth or Entangling Aura. And I'm totally on the fence about Lifegiving Spores.




Any comments on typical nature playstyle/role/etc. welcome as well.

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your assumptions are pretty spot on, my only comments would be:


spore cloud is pretty optional, its cast time is a literal eternity and it will get detoggled anytime you get held (which is a lot)


Rebirth can be used on a live target for a heal, but obviously its cooldown makes this pretty niche, however, it would be hilarious to pull off (worth thinking about imo (ok not really))


life giving spores might be ok if you are playing with a lot of masterminds, but yeah for the most part its useless, people move around too much

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This is a build very specific to 8 v 8 team arena stuff, but you can use it as a starting point once you get Pines working.



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