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Level 50 Discord Server

Lt Australia

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I have set up a discord server for Level 50 players.


The idea is similar to the original Level 50 chat channel on Guardian during Live, where Level 50 can plan and organise player content like raids and end game content (Incarnate Trials, Dark Astpria and Task Forces/Strike Forces) and provide a chat service for them.


The invite code is https://discord.gg/TpR3sy5 and I will also set up a corresponding channel ingame at Excelsior. For the game channel email/tell @leftenant Australia for access (it is not set up yet).


I want to set up a calander and planning support for players to let them know when events are planned and are looking for groups. 


This channel is open for everyone who is or is planning end game content. Ideally you should be level 50, and eventually I may enforce the rule, but at the moment it is open for all to allow neuterl ground for Super Groups to chat and plan ahead.


Lt Australia

Debt Monkey and Bar

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FWIW, IMO, it's a duplication of effort as there already are two Excelsior server Discords (the official Homecoming Discord has a few Excelsior server channels, and then the Justice/Excelsior server), and there are Excelsior, Excelsior Badges, Excelsior Raids, and Excelsior TFs global channels.  Good luck though!

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Just my .02 inf - but there is already a channel to address teaming needs - it's called LFG, and is in the game by default. No fuss, no muss. 

I can hear some objections: "But there are people there who are jerks!"   - every channel has jerks. The Excelsior channel is open, and even if a jerk is booted, they can rejoin in an instant. So, nobody gets booted. 

"But if I broadcast on LFG - I have no idea if the players are competent."     Get over yourself. This game is as easy as games get. The occasional incompetent player is the primary source of challenge in this game. Use it as an opportunity to cultivate a relationship and teach them. 

Use the LFG. It took about 20 minutes, but got up a pug for UGT and we did great. 

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