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Super Jump and Super Speed Bind

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Looking for a bind that I can press to activate Super Speed and Super Jump.

Even better if it will toggle between 'Super Speed' and 'Super Jump' with 'Combat Jumping' and 'Hover'


Anyone have one.


I'm pretty limited with making binds.


I tried: 

/bind v "powexec_name super speed$$powexec_name super jump"


But that only toggles between Super Jump and Super Speed.

I suppose I could go:

/bind v "powexec_name Combat Jumping$$powexec_name super jump"

and have a separate

/bind b "powexec_name super speed"


Thought someone might have something better though..

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I just tried this (with Sprint and Fly, but it should work fine with any 2 toggle powers), and I know 2 ways to do it.


/bind H "$$powexec_toggleon Fly$$powexec_toggleon Sprint"

That will make the "H" key turn on both powers if you tap the key twice. It turns on Sprint first (commands are executed right to left), and then the 2nd tap turns on Fly.


/bind G "+ $$powexec_toggleon Fly$$powexec_toggleon Sprint"

That will turn on Sprint when you push the "G" key *down* and then turn on Fly when you let the "G" key *up*. It's a little tricky: if you hit G too quickly, it will only activate Sprint (but if that happens, you can hit it again to activate Fly), but holding it down for just 1 second works fine and activates both.


I just learned that second version this morning from ghotistix's post in this thread: 


Ah, and I missed your 2nd part about switching to 2 other powers, but if you make another macro of the 2nd type (bind it to a different key, and make it toggle on 2 movement powers that can;t be used with the first 2), it would work.

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l've bind for Ninja Run/Sprint, that also activates Combat Jumping when both of them are off:

File "speed4.txt":

ALT+1 "powexec_toggleoff combat_jumping$$powexec_toggleon sprint$$bind_load_file speed5.txt"

File "speed5.txt":

ALT+1 "powexec_toggleon ninja run$$bind_load_file speed6.txt"

File "speed6.txt":

ALT+1 "powexec_toggleoff sprint$$powexec_toggleoff ninja run$$powexec_toggleon combat_jumping$$bind_load_file speed4.txt"

Place it in "DATA" directory. To activate it type in game "/bindloadfile speed4.txt".

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Just tested this (using combat jumping/super jump and sprint/surge (the prestige sprint) because I don't have character with both SJ and SS), and it works:


/bind g "+ $$powexec_toggleon Prestige Power Surge$$powexec_toggleon Super Jump"

/bind h "+ $$powexec_toggleon Sprint$$powexec_toggleon combat_jumping"


Holding "G" down for 1 second turns on Surge and Super Jump, and holding down "H" for 1 second turns on Sprint and Combat Jumping instead, so you can swap between the 2 combos easily.


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