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This Club's function is to provide a rotating Calendar of zone/base recommendations for players to try to connect with one another for roleplay purposes. This is an additional tool to help facilitate additional opportunities to meet in a variety of settings and themes; every little bit helps!
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  2. Its been pretty quiet here for a while, but I thought I'd at least take the first step and say something and see if the ball will still roll! I really like the RP a Day Idea, and the "Zone Immersion" almost bring an entire area to life, I love that idea and would love to see it come back, if it ever left of course. I know most of the RP is on Everlasting, but I wanted to introduce myself and, maybe if there are others on Excelsior who are looking for RP, then we can center some type of OOC discussion around here, I'd love to see more RP on Excelsior even if its very niche. You can call me CM, but in game my character on EX is Manamagus.... here me out lol. Manamagus isn't your average superhero..... really not one at all, he is a Dwarf who unearthed at an odd time, and is now living (and fighting along side) super-powered-surface-dwellers. (I will be making a character on Everlasting 😉) **Let me know what kinda of RP you enjoy most?** , and if you'd like to meet up in game, just add me, im usually on through out the day, and evening (west coast). **What's your characters backstory!?**
  3. The idea, @Magairlín, is to eventually arrange for various "roleplay seeds" and "caretakers" for each day and/or location. I would set them up with some items to help incentivize and reward roleplayers . . . buuuuut I'm not there yet. So, in the meantime, I just encourage anyone and everyone to check out the various Roleplay-a-Day sites around their preferred playtimes, and see if they don't bump in to fellow roleplayers. Basically, just another tool for the community to use, if they want, to facilitate roleplay and meeting fellow roleplayers, just like the OOC/RP Global Channels.
  4. It's a all day event, players exploring new areas, storys and roleplaying there. Kinda a dig in and immerse yourself sort of idea, I love it honestly.
  5. I'd like to bring some characters by, but I'm confused about how it works. Like the Faultline event shown on the calender on the 6th says it doesn't start until the 21st, and doesn't mention a time. Do people just generally show up and mingle, or are there specific scenarios for some of them?
  6. Lovely! Thank you. August 1st is scheduled to be the Croatoa University Campus: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/calendar/event/92-croatoa-university-campus-blueside-loc-850-40-1985/
  7. Good news, the mentors I spoke with in-game and in discord LOVE the idea. The class session on the 1st of August will be our first Roleplay A Day location session. 🙂
  8. All good, I'll talk to the mentors and see if we can find a way to make it more possible. 🙂
  9. I think that would be most excellent, @CrystalDragon! Thank you for proposing a use for the Roleplay-a-Day. I know I haven't been making full use of it . . . *looks sheepish*
  10. What would you say of having the biweekly classes I host being held in some of these locations during their session dates/times? Might that help with opening up the idea of in-the-wild RP discovery's?
  11. I think I'm going to need to find a way to organize things a little more and add some further incentive. Having some players volunteer as daily chaperones and scene-enhancers would help too. Not having a set time of day means that there's an extra barrier to visiting at the same time as other players in a given day. I'm thinking about writing some seed scenarios for people to consider using, and tying them to a specific time of day. Of course, having players volunteer to help with that would be ideal.
  12. I'm curious, how is the reception of RaD? I joined one of the earlier ones once, but there was no one there, perhaps it was my timing or it's too new and hasn't catch on? I subsequently forgot about it, and didn't went to any of the RaD venue.
  13. Can we please have taxis for the ones that are hard to get to?
  14. Speaking of the Giza, I think the area in and around the small disco might be good.
  15. The only problem is that it's not always there. The gazebo is, though.
  16. Port Oakes Gazebo/Hotdog Stand is definitely going in to the list! Cap au Diable might end up with two entries thanks to the University. Probably also get one of the Abandoned Labs in to the mix too, although . . . hmm, which one? Thanks for reminding me of the Golden Giza! That place needs more love.
  17. Sharkhead is a no brainer. We already go there for Monkeys! How about St. Martial's Golden Giza or around the Jackpot? Or, as someone said in the OOC channel, the hotdog stand in Port Oakes? (I really like that one!)
  18. If you would like to recommend a Zone or a Base for inclusion in the rotation, or request one for a particular time slot, please feel free to post your recommendation here.
  19. Welcome to Roleplay-a-Day! Each day different Base(s) and/or Zone(s) will be promoted as the ideal location to meet with other roleplayers. While this is primarily meant for use by the Everlasting Shard's playerbase, anyone is free to use it! These locations are non-exclusive, and are merely meant to help facilitate players' chances of meeting one another "in the wild." If you have any Feedback or Suggestions, please feel free to provide it here! Thank you.
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