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This Club's function is to provide a rotating Calendar of zone/base recommendations for players to try to connect with one another for roleplay purposes. This is an additional tool to help facilitate additional opportunities to meet in a variety of settings and themes; every little bit helps!
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  2. Its been pretty quiet here for a while, but I thought I'd at least take the first step and say something and see if the ball will still roll! I really like the RP a Day Idea, and the "Zone Immersion" almost bring an entire area to life, I love that idea and would love to see it come back, if it ever left of course. I know most of the RP is on Everlasting, but I wanted to introduce myself and, maybe if there are others on Excelsior who are looking for RP, then we can center some type of OOC discussion around here, I'd love to see more RP on Excelsior even if its very niche. You can call me CM, but in game my character on EX is Manamagus.... here me out lol. Manamagus isn't your average superhero..... really not one at all, he is a Dwarf who unearthed at an odd time, and is now living (and fighting along side) super-powered-surface-dwellers. (I will be making a character on Everlasting 😉) **Let me know what kinda of RP you enjoy most?** , and if you'd like to meet up in game, just add me, im usually on through out the day, and evening (west coast). **What's your characters backstory!?**
  3. The idea, @Magairlín, is to eventually arrange for various "roleplay seeds" and "caretakers" for each day and/or location. I would set them up with some items to help incentivize and reward roleplayers . . . buuuuut I'm not there yet. So, in the meantime, I just encourage anyone and everyone to check out the various Roleplay-a-Day sites around their preferred playtimes, and see if they don't bump in to fellow roleplayers. Basically, just another tool for the community to use, if they want, to facilitate roleplay and meeting fellow roleplayers, just like the OOC/RP Global Channels.
  4. It's a all day event, players exploring new areas, storys and roleplaying there. Kinda a dig in and immerse yourself sort of idea, I love it honestly.
  5. I'd like to bring some characters by, but I'm confused about how it works. Like the Faultline event shown on the calender on the 6th says it doesn't start until the 21st, and doesn't mention a time. Do people just generally show up and mingle, or are there specific scenarios for some of them?
  6. Lovely! Thank you. August 1st is scheduled to be the Croatoa University Campus: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/calendar/event/92-croatoa-university-campus-blueside-loc-850-40-1985/
  7. Good news, the mentors I spoke with in-game and in discord LOVE the idea. The class session on the 1st of August will be our first Roleplay A Day location session. 🙂
  8. All good, I'll talk to the mentors and see if we can find a way to make it more possible. 🙂
  9. I think that would be most excellent, @CrystalDragon! Thank you for proposing a use for the Roleplay-a-Day. I know I haven't been making full use of it . . . *looks sheepish*
  10. What would you say of having the biweekly classes I host being held in some of these locations during their session dates/times? Might that help with opening up the idea of in-the-wild RP discovery's?
    Sounds like RP fuel right there, hell yeah!
  11. The Blackspire Correctional Facility, or just "The Spire," is a privately owned and operated prison that sits on a small islet of volcanic rock 2 miles off the coast of Paragon. Most, if not all of the Spire’s facilities are found underground. While the buildings topside have some rooms and facilities to allow for the cadre of guards and administrative staff to do their work and welcome new arrivals, the rest of the prison is actually spread out over half a mile straight down. Further details can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vGVwLY6Rvt5yvOLtpaogSarz8JB3SsoRgDc-NXrzjaA/edit
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    Had a lovely time, the event had a lot of chaotic energy and brought great life to what's frequently rather bleak and sparsely populated RP in Redside. Thank you for hosting the event! Redside can definitely use more local RP like this. [email protected]
  13. until

    Managed to scrape together a few different groups and make some lovely redside RP out of this event. I think this event has some of the most character of any public RP locale on the server, bar none. Great job, Vileterror! -DM
  14. In a remote mountain pass of Japan lies the little fortress. The mysterious locale is rumoured to house ancient secrets related to powerful martial techniques, coveted by many, but offered only to those who are pure of heart. It's also quite pleasant and serene as a tourist location! Please respect the "No Shouting" restriction and remember to be polite, lest the masters of the keep be forced to act.
  15. Lord Recluse's tower in Grandville is quite the imposing sight. In a bold statement of the despotic leader's confidence, the tower is even open to the general public as an administrative building, and Recluse is even available should anyone seek an audiance with the de facto leader of Arachnos. Come! See the splendour of Grandville from the (surprisingly) safest place there: Arachnos Headquarters. Note: Grandville is a level 40+ zone, but the interior of the Grandville Tower should be free from any enemies.
  16. The Shadow Shard is a strange and dangerous place. Firebase Zulu is the "foot in the door" of Primal Earth's Portal Corp in this bizarre dimension. Some of the most disciplined soldiers and brilliant minds of Primal Earth have stepped through the transdimensional portals and set up camp here. Note: The Shadow Shard is a Level 45+ series of Zones, but western fortress of Firebase Zulu should be free from any enemies.
  17. Explore the desiccated and deceased husk of an immense organic entity, where an enterprising group have developed a small base of operations there. It's surprising how wholesome a home one can make inside a corpse, no?
  18. While it might appear dark and dank, the bayou-inspired terrarium is actually a rather peaceful place. As not all heroes are interested in the bright sunshiny veneer of suburbia, or the glistening steel and glass of down town metropolitan living; sometimes it's nice just to get away from it all and go somewhere where the most hustle and/or bustle you need to contend with are the fireflies, frogs, and storks of a healthy swamp.
  19. until
    https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/15702-monkey-fight-club-its-not-a-secret-anymore/ At 7:00 pm Eastern, in Sharkhead Isle on the Everlasting Shard, we will be having one of our Rikti Monkey Fight Club events! Door prizes for all attendees! (Please be sure to "sign in" by sending a Global Tell to @VileTerror when you arrive, so you aren't missed.) We're also looking for additional Donations and Support. Please get in touch with @VileTerror in-game or @FoulVileTerror on the forums.
  20. Whenever Arachnos secures a would-be "Destined One," the first place they typically drop them off is on the steps leading to the Mercy Island Arachnos Administration Building. While Arachnos used to bring these villains to Fort Darwin, Longbow ruined that several years back by successfully converting the fort in to a foothold for their own operations in the Isles. Arachnos will often enlist these villains to help with the Longbow situation, but it never seems to "stick," and the damned Candy Canes (as many villains like to call Longbow personnel) keep on creeping back in to the various corners of Mercy. Note: Mercy Island is a level 1 to 10 Zone.
  21. The Drenched Donuts Shop was one of the first buildings constructed in the New Overbrook neighbourhood when redevelopment of the "Faultline" disaster site began. Boasting the "Best doughnuts in all of Paragon City!" ™ the site is a popular location for the members of Paragon's Police Department to frequent. Additionally, many heroes and meta-powered individuals have been witnessed flying or leaping through the hole in the giant, inflatable donut decouration on the roof of the building. Some concerns have been presented against the building, however, as it appears that a construction oversight has left the building with no emergency exit. Note: Faultline is a level 15+ Zone.
  22. A group of Freakshow goons took over and blocked off an industrial section of Baumton and turned it into a ridiculous hub of drug-fuelled partying. Its main attraction, "Freak Town," used to be a chemical warehouse. That is, until the Freakshow associate known as "Gas Kid" helped the Freaks turn it into a veritable chem mecca. The club has everything that a villainous psychonaut could ever want: Superadine, Excelsior, and Rage are on tap for any paying customers to indulge upon to their hearts desire. Chemical concoctions of all types are available at the various chem-bars throughout the club, including many addictive ones that keep the customers coming to dance night after chaotic night. Just stay away from the Freaks' chemical megamachine in the back - the fumes are NOT free, and the bouncer may throw you out if they catch you back there sucking in steam. An indoor and outdoor stage blare out a cacophony of Industrial music at all hours, and host any performers who are fine with entertaining drug-addled criminals. Frights, bright lights, fights, and long nights are in store for any customers looking for a good, and weird, time. Mohawks are not required, but they are promoted.
  23. The First Rikti Invasion was a war which shook the Primal World in a profound way. While Paragon City took the worst of it, and has since received the most investment in terms of repairs and recovery, there are still places throughout the world which bear the scars from that terrible conflict. The Omega District is one such area, so named for it once housed the headquarters of Omega Industries. Repairs to the area have been exceptionally slow due to a persistent and pervasive fog. Some say that the underground facilities of Omega Industries are still operational, and even that they're the source of the fog.
  24. The beautiful and strange Isles of Pandora, whose islands of forests and hot springs float among the stars. These exotic islands are home to the Avariel, a race of flying winged elves who fiercely protect their land against those who wish it harm. The Isles were made of ancient fae magic, but recently it has become necessary to hold the islands together with the latest Portal Corp technology of humanity: A last, desperate attempt to save the mythical land from sinking into the endless summer skies of Pandora. For now, though, these hovering islands rest among the Sea of Stars, for all the Galaxy to see and visit. Whether these others will be welcomed by the Avariel, however, is another story . . .
  25. Isaac Andersons is the eccentric business tycoon, industrialist, and inventor who has established a human-habitable operation on the surface of Mars. His personal crowning achievement, the Antech Albor Thule Facility is situated in the Elysium Planetia and finally open to those that wish to visit the Martian Equator in comfort and luxury. Offering everything from advanced manufacturing plants to the exciting Albor Lounge, Antech boasts a safe and exciting tour for all. "Antech: The future is Now.™"
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