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  1. Thank you everyone for expressing your thoughts on the viability of base raids and base combat. I have no idea how easy or difficult it would be to implement PvP in bases. Still, I would like to see some way to have player-created maps that feature a PvP or PvE option. PvE in bases seems even more unlikely as KingofMonkeys pointed out due to the current AI path-finding not registering all surfaces correctly. It really is a shame PvP gets so much hate. All of my experiences with PvP in this game have been positive. It's really all about the player's attitude when fighting in a duel or a match.
  2. The return of base raids is something I would very much like to see. I have not seen this question answered elsewhere, so I am making this post. I have often thought how interesting it would be to construct a base with PvP in mind. Although the majority of the player-base seems to be very vocal of their hatred of PvP, there is a minority of players that have expressed interest in super-group base PvP making a return. Perhaps if there was a way to make this optional or have destroyed base assets revert to their original state after the event was over? In full disclosure, I never did play on the Live server, so I'm unsure exactly how it would be implemented. I'm interested in the community's thoughts on this.
  3. @Stormwell76, Excellent base! I like how it is compact, yet really impactful. Most of the assets you used really fit the theme of a spaceship/ rikti warship. In particular, the stacked Rikiti particle fields are great in person. Well done!
  4. This isn't anything that fancy, but I thought I'd share. For awhile I couldn't figure out how to make something similar to gold bars for my vault, until now. Banker's lamps have the right color and approximate size.
  5. Thanks Dacy. I've been at it for awhile. I'm working to create a truly unique villain lair for my supergroup, The Shades of Arachnos (Recruiting villains! PST @ Gio Valia). If anyone is interested in checking out the base, the passcode is "1-6811" on Excelsior. The base 'location' is underwater off the coast of Grandville. It is accessible from an offshore oil platform. Take the stairs if you enjoy a sense of vertigo.
  6. Nice chandelier. I'm finding those arcane crystals (inactive) very useful for creating icicles in my freezer. On a separate note. That Piano that's been floating around really impressed me. I've tried my hand at recreating it. Special thanks and credit to Dacy and BBBadger for design.
  7. I was looking for something exactly like this, for all my blaster tanking needs. Thanks!
  8. Nice base, I remember checking it out about a month ago. Good to have more villain lairs. I do love Arachnos floor grates.
  9. I've found you, Rial. Send me a tell in-game If you've got questions about building your own base.
  10. These icons look great! I'd love to have some high-res icons for the blaster Beam Rifle power set. Thanks for taking the time to make these!
  11. @DarrialBook "Can we please have AH? The Auction House is not accessible in instanced maps, which bases are. The short reason is because it puts a massive load on the mapservers." The homecoming devs can't add the auction house to bases.
  12. Very cool that this exists! Thank you for sharing this DrDread. I have been searching for this exact thing for some time now. I was planning on modifying some of the textures of items in my SG base. In particular, the SG banners or signs.
  13. Thank you very much for the beam rifle sound mod. I was looking for something like this.
  14. Thanks for the heads up that this event is active.
  15. Thanks for making these videos Dacy. The tips have been very helpful and I always feel inspired after seeing you build.
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