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  1. GM Widower clarified in this thread that PvP activities are except from being reported as "harassment". Even if a player asks to be left alone in a PvP zone, the request does not need to be honored. PvP zones are for PVP. All players are warned of this upon entering the zone. Jimmy has also agreed in this thread that PvP activities are not punishable. It's simple, really.
  2. Going back to the subject of open world opt-in PvP. I doubt it will be added, but I believe the mechanics for PvP outside of the usual zones exist. "Current PvP Mode Disabled". I've heard GMs have the ability to toggle this in-game. I can recall a particular instance someone told me of players attacking another player after a costume contest. It was done comedically of course.
  3. Banana man, We were planning on joining, but one of us will not be able to stay the whole length potentially. 5 Hours is too long for any of us, So we will be withdrawing our last-minute registration from this tournament. Thanks.
  4. *Facepalm Reaction* You're talking about reporting someone for attacking you in a PvP zone? Huh? PvP zones are for exactly that, PVP. I've had it go both ways where I've been attacked while hunting for badges and have attacked others. If you don't want to be bothered, just go into the zone at a different time? The PvP zones are almost always empty. As for open world opt-in style PvP, I really don't see that happening.
  5. Adding to my wish-list of Arachnos villain lair things I want. These tiny flags These giant floor symbols And these shipping containers. I'm not sure how feasible it is to add game assets to the base editor. But, it doesn't hurt to ask, right? 😁
  6. Already exists. The P2W has a [Resuscitator] power under temps, you can have 50 charges at a time.
  7. It's surprising how few people make Widows and Soldiers, considering how good they are in teams. Pic related, the number of chars created in each AT from 2019 to March 2020.
  8. Thanks for hosting the event GMs. It was a bit of a slideshow with the input lag and 14 FPS, but still. I had fun and thought the event was amusing. Like VileTerror said, I'm against having one time, you're there or you miss it event badges. Killing GMs with the rest of the community was reward enough IMO.
  9. "Toon"...One of my biggest pet peeves as well. Why can't people say "Character" or "Char". Seems more appropriate. The first thing I think of when I hear "toon"...ugh
  10. Speaking for myself at least, the random buffs are a minor annoyance when the buff in question clashes with the costume or characters theme. It may sound narcissistic of me, but I prefer to see my character without a bright glowing purple/green/blue aura, or encased in ice.
  11. There are a lot of really good tracks in the game. I'm a bit biased towards the villain-side tracks though. Some of my favorites; The Hard Way in St. Martial, it's also the login screen track for CoV: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/paragon/images/4/41/StMartial_TheHardWay.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20070415181709 The Skulls Rave track; "SkullsRaveMusic_loop" Recluse's Victory: Zone 3: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/w/images//9/9a/J14_faded.ogg
  12. Ahh, Things that annoy me, where to begin... People spamming LFG chat with "LF fire farm to door-sit!" or anything related to farming in LFG. "Can Someone post the teleport platform macro?" *3 people spam the chat with the whole macro string* General chat, in general. "Heroic" looking characters in Villain zones. Bank robberies with heroes just aren't as satisfying. People who use the base TP exploit to escape death in PvP Team lead setting missions to low difficulty setting for the whole arc, e.g. +2/6, when the team is clearly capable of higher difficulty and is clearing all.
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