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  1. Thunderspy and HC will never work together. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the relationship HC has/(had?) with Leo.
  2. I hear you loud and clear.
  3. I have a small-ish Arachnos themed SG on Excel. "Shades of Arachnos". Send me a tell in-game if you want in. Most of the RP stuff goes on at the Everlasting server if you're looking more for that kind of thing. Our base passcode, 1-6811 @Gio Valia
  4. I'd definitely play AR if it worked more like powers in Arachnos Soldier. My suggestions, Increase AR dmg, reduce cool-down of powers or add a similar CD reducing mechanic as OP suggested. Get rid of the bean-bag and replace it with another gun animation. Call it "Suppressive Fire" or something.
  5. Replaying Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines with the clan quest mod and I heard this track. Perfect for mowing down vampires/ mercenaries.
  6. The numbers really speak for themselves here. TW is an outlier. it's OP. Everyone knows it, but not everyone will admit it.
  7. Voting for game changes is definitely a thing. Not always for the better though...
  8. It's about time TW got nerfed. Bio-armor also needs to have a look at as well as far as "over-preformance".
  9. It's all so beautiful! 😃 Very excited to see more villains and CoV content. 🕷️
  10. There's a lot of really cool stuff posted in here. Everlasting has such a big talent pool. I'm adding my own base to the mix. Character: Giovanni Valia Global: @Gio Valia SG: Shades of Arachnos Shard: Excelsior Passcode: 1-6811 Builder: Gio (Myself) Villain lair of the Shades of Arachnos. Off-shore Arachnos base in the Rogue Isles, located not far from Grandville. On the surface the base has two functions, oil extraction and communications relay. However, the true purpose of it's design is to serve as a military base for staging invasions into Paragon City. Recently the structure has undergone many unsanctioned "improvements". There is talk that it's commander may harbor his own ambitions beyond Arachnos... Access the subterranean levels via the surface elevator or emergency stairs. Doors function via portal effects; click the glowing section to pass between rooms.
  11. I play PvP occasionally, mostly with friends and have joined a few of the kickball events on Indom. I think the most restrictive thing for people who are interested is the amount of time and inf necessary to get started. Putting together a character with the right power-sets and then leveling that char to 50+1 solely for PvP is a bit of a turn off. It's also very disappointing when the builds you spend a good deal of time/ inf into are built "wrong", as a few of my friends have found out in arena.
  12. Looks like the sky over Grandville in the Rogue Isles. The future's looking bright!
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