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  1. I don't even play on HC anymore, but It's sad to hear that the PvP community has all but died. I had a handful of alts with PvP builds on indom for awhile and had a lot of fun in arena with the PvP community and friends. At least for me and my friends, the biggest barrier to doing more PvP was collecting the IOs to make competitive builds. I think lowering bar to compete in the PvP environment would help a lot, regardless of who wants to participate. PvP-only free IOs would help get people set up and running. Edit: Also should mention, that I've heard from other developers that ser
  2. If you're looking for a challenge past +4/8 you're probably better off looking for another server to play on. That's what I've been doing as of late. HC is not the only private server. It's refreshing to team with people who are not spamming incarnate powers with fully IO'd/ farmed characters. It's unlikely the HC dev team will do anything to undo the power creep tbh, especially if the ridiculous tanker buffs are anything to go by.
  3. Sent a DM to you, @Blyzzard
  4. Speculation, and yeah the thread title is click-bait.
  5. As @JayboH Said, HC has not obtained the CoX IP. It's great that streaming is allowed on HC now, but why the sudden change of position on streaming?
  6. Proliferating a No-Redraw option for held weapons would be a very welcome addition. Having the redraw animation between guns/ maces really eats into DPS and is build restrictive. I'd love to see no-redraw for all Arachnos guns, maces, and the widow claws. +1
  7. I'm kinda shocked to see so many people don't use the daggers. I always use them for GMs, or AVs if my attacks don't have any -regen. Many of my friends do the same for hard content. If you don't have much -regen in your attacks It just makes sense for the team to be stacking -regen with daggers.
  8. First thing I do when I make a new alt; Remove [General] chat, the cause of much consternation. I only ignore people who are spamming up LFG looking for farms, and even with that I just clean out my ignore box after a few days. Like @Dark Dove said, the community is small enough that I'd prefer not to limit my options, even if I don't see eye to eye with everyone.
  9. And that's a good thing! In all seriousness, some people really enjoy the challenge of tough missions on their "perfected" characters. I would love more TFs to really test the limits of my incarnate alts. I've played AE missions that others have made, including 802.1, and ones that I have made with all bosses/ EBs. Even these are still not enough to pose a major threat to a prepared team.
  10. I've been noticing this as well. It's usually mid-level people that will drop team with no warning or explanation as to why. The AE farm theory makes sense though for the change in recent behavior. That or people just have shorter attention spans now >_>
  11. Ironic considering I joined a kill all LRSF last night, and it was much more enjoyable to any "speed" runs. To each their own. When you have all the inf you could possibly need, 30+ lvl 50s, all the badges, the combat itself is the reward. We all know how to run speed LRSF, that is not fun though. Edit: One major problem with leading teams redside is they almost always take a long time to fill. I sometimes wonder if the in-game LFG queue system would be faster if everyone used that to randomly generate teams.
  12. Yeah, that's a big problem for me. I doubt the random people I recruit on PUGs all happen to be in the same discord chat. The most enjoyable teams are those when everyone is engaged, interacting, and friend-ships are built. For me, CoX is supposed to be a social game. Especially when the combat is as easy as it is compared to other games. Take away the social aspect and what is left? As I told my friend that night on the LRSF, it just felt "soulless" and really drained any enthusiasm I had for leading. I'm not sure what the solution is to this, and I'm not going to tell people how
  13. A friend of mine wanted to do the LRSF a couple nights ago, so we recruited random people from [LFG]. He hadn't completed the patron arc on his character, so I ended up with the star. The people that joined our team said nothing for the entire SF and rushed through to the end. I just don't find "speed-running" to be any fun, and quite frankly I'm not sure what is really gained by playing that way. Do people really need merits that badly? Mid-way through the SF I'm already thinking, "Let's just get this over with." This sort of "IDC about game-play, I just want the reward" behavior
  14. The redside population thing has always been a problem for a lot of reasons. People go where the action is on an MMO, and that happens to mostly be on blue (hero) side. I only play redside, and will often join PUGs if I see someone in LFG recruiting for teams. On villain-side, the missions are better written, characters more interesting, and players generally more fun.
  15. Yeah, this is one of those annoying limitations to teaming redside. It's highly restrictive for people that want to run more PUGs at level 50. Ouro arcs have that annoying feature of locking the team at the beginning of the arc. People come and go, and sometimes only have time for a few missions, not a whole arc. Being able to select another patron after completing the previous one's arc would be great.
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