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  1. 1 year later and we still know nothing about any of the progress with these so-called "talks". [lol] I myself don't particularly care about the video/ streaming policy. That said, video game streaming is the future of content sharing, and the best method imo to draw in new players.
  2. I have a Katana/ Regen scrapper as well. I ended up shelving it and cannibalized all the set IOs on it though. From my experience playing it, [Moment of Glory] was absolutely essential to take. I found myself using it often to survival big hits. Anxiety would inevitably set in when instant healing/dull pain was down. Regen on a whole has been nerfed into the weeds imo. As a few others have pointed out, it just doesn't compare to other power-sets now, such as /willpower, or /bio. Even with all boosted set IOs and vigor alpha I was struggling to take big hits in high level content. The one place that I've found regen preforms surprisingly well, PvP in Recluse's Victory, if that is your thing.
  3. Would be very cool to see VEAT powers have more customization for colors. Don't get your hopes up though. Updates like this are slow on HC.
  4. I like the idea of being able to change the orientation/ rotation of the base portal. Expanding on this, allow us to customize the appearance of the base portal. The bright purple vortex really clashes with many base themes.
  5. Things I'd like to see added to the base editor, Combat options in bases; e.g. ability to mark base as a PvP zone or add PvE enemies in the editor menu. Allow us to have more than 10 in-base portals, i.e. Zayin, Daleth. Option to save/ load base designs, or at least backup your base creation. More NPC options with customizable stances/ poses to place around the base; Toxic tarantula, nemesis robots, etc. More villain lair options. I'm thinking the items from the seasonal Halloween haunted house mission and Arachnos base assets found in Grandville. As it is now, villain lairs are hamstrung by the limited assets available. Speaking for other Arachnos loyalists...GIVE US MORE Arachnos pipes/ giant banners, weapons turrets, bombs, those bunkers from Bloody Bay, and the launch pads from Warburg! I'm no coder, but it would definitely be welcomed if more items that already exist in the game find their way into the editor.
  6. City of Heroes is a mmorpg with a superhero/ supervillain theme. Done.
  7. I'll share my pure ranged/ Psi dmg only Fortunata build. I made it for thematic purposes more than anything. High resist/ def, almost perma hasten. I just swap out builds with /selectbuild 2 for my melee widow as needed, depending on the enemies e.g. carnies, robots. Arachnos Fortunata.mxd
  8. My vote goes to more hard mode content. It seems this would be much easier to implement than adding new zones/ missions. I also enjoy the challenge of pushing my fully IO'd chars to their limit in the more difficulty content.
  9. The homecoming GMs have mentioned another name purge sometime Soon™️. That "Soon" being similar to the delay of the /enterbasefrompasscode nerf most likely. I don't really have any names I'm really gunning for, but like OP said it seems a shame to have unused names locked away on lvl 1s. It's controversial, but I think some system should be in place to free up names, given a certain amount of inactivity.
  10. The smaller backpacks worn by Arachnos engineers; The guys wearing the blast goggles.
  11. Lord Recluse's Grandville speech says otherwise. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/w/images//8/8a/Grandville_RecluseVO3_loop.ogg
  12. This area in St. Martial sums up the red-side experience. Wouldn't have it any other way though.
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