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A place to discuss anything and everything Console ...short of the negativity... no matter how old or obscure it may be *Logo pulled randomly from Google
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  2. I had been playing some Subnautica (1 & 2), but then Horizon: Forbidden West came out and I've been stumbling through it for a bit.
  3. I've really not figured this whole thing out quite yet, but if someone wants to help/take over control then let me know. I just really wanted to plant the seed TBH.
  4. So I finally managed to get ahold of a PS5 without needing to sell a house. During my research on upgrading storage, I came across a few things that I don't think most people would necessarily think about that would greatly impact your gaming performance. For those not aware, you need a very specific type of storage. Not only does it have to be electrically compatible, it must be within a certain set of physical dimensions. Unlike the PS4, it's not quite as simple as making sure your drive is less than 12mm high. On top of all this, you will likely want to get one with a heatsink (or install one yourself) to help extend the life of the drive. I've pulled the following from the OFFICIAL SUPPORT PAGE. Top Rung Choices: One last thing:

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