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  1. This is definitely an interesting idea. I'm unsure if this would be feasible, but @Number Six or @Faultline might have a lot more insight, so I am pinging them here to see if they have any thoughts on this matter. Thanks!
  2. A good question - unfortunately, I have to be the bearer of bad news with respect to most of what you mention: Faster Load Times Load times are almost entirely on the client and network side of things. The mapserver hosts actually keep the entirety of the City of Heroes dataset in memory (you may have heard occasional references to 'shared memory corruption', usually causing Ouro issues but also likely responsible for the recent unplanned restart of Reunion earlier this week, where Mercy Island was having issues loading). Because of this, the starting of a n
  3. We (finally) received our first SCALE-3 last week. We've been setting it up, and will likely be stress-testing it soon. More details to follow!
  4. Beacons are the means by which AI can traverse maps efficiently. On live, there was actually a process called BeaconServer which worked to beaconize bases during play - which is one of the reasons live had such Draconian limits on base items, because generating beacons is a very expensive process (and the cost is not linear, especially when cramming many objects into a small area). Homecoming does not run BeaconServer and allows much more extensive base-building; the cost for this is that there can be no real combat in bases. In the earliest days of Hom
  5. Thanks very much for the suggestion! We're always looking at ways to reduce our expenses. I did spend some time reviewing Datapacket, and unfortunately, for the servers we need (even if we were to reduce our redundancy level), they would be significantly more expensive than OVH is for us. Please check out Cipher's excellent post from last year where he goes into a deep dive on our finances: We do review our hardware periodically and are in the middle of a process to consolidate some of our hosts, reducing costs. Due to limited hardware availability (I suspect th
  6. Not at all. The new SCALE-3 has not yet arrived, and the failed host was cancelled and removed from our cluster as of June 1st, several weeks ago. We've actually evaluated AWS before. Unfortunately, their pricing and price/performance is not competitive with what we can get from OVH. Another major issue that we would run into is that the architecture of CoH is not amenable to ramping up and down mapserver hosts (we do have some custom features for scaling and draining on Homecoming thanks to Number Six's awesome work, but we'd have to do a lot of operational work to be ab
  7. This is very true! For some more information about our database redundancy policy: We continuously synchronize all databases to a warm spare server (log shipping, for those of you who are familiar with SQL Server). The log shipping cycle is 15 minutes. In a failure scenario we'd expect the warm spare to be no more than 30 minutes out of date. We do a full on-site backup every day to a separate machine. We do a full off-site backup every week. 'Off-site' above means that we copy the backup to the EU cluster. This backup is also copied to entirely
  8. I like mine Detroit-style, with those delicious cupping pepperoni and lots of garlic.
  9. Good artists create. Great artists steal. I'd have to have more details to answer this question, but I don't think this would be related to the CPU on the servers. It would most likely be related to network issues, issues with individual powers, and so on. If you mean true animation cancelling (where you can sneak a power in to break another power's animation, allowing you to execute more powers more quickly), this is generally considered a bug or balance issue and I believe @Captain Powerhouse has recently been extremely diligent in working to resolve
  10. Hello! My name is Telephone, and you may remember me from such technically-focused posts as: Server Architecture of City of Heroes To begin with, a brief primer on the server architecture of City of Heroes. Homecoming has several main types of hosts used to run the game. We call these the 'dbserver hosts' (which, with the exception of Reunion, were virtualized back in June 2020 - see the above-mentioned post), the 'mapserver hosts', the 'services hosts', and the 'authentication hosts' (also now virtualized). These are in addition to the various other hosts
  11. You're completely correct that I did open the door - the suggestion was general, however (not truly restricted to the travel power issue), so let's not discuss it too much further here in terms of specific powers. I agree with you completely that some convenience has been lost in the travel power change, and that should definitely be discussed in the travel powers thread and hopefully some consensus can be reached there. One other minor note - your use case can still be done with these commands with two buttons (of course, this still is not entirely optimal if you depen
  12. While the structure of the missions is (necessarily) formulaic, each mission has its own text tied in to CoH lore and history. Thousands of lines of text were written and proofread by our volunteers (chief among them the previously-mentioned @Nayreia, who as mentioned wrote the text).
  13. Even though this is intended to help with the Hover/Fly animation issues and also the potential issue of multiple travel powers being on and draining too much endurance, suggesting this here as it's more of a general improvement: Add a new command: /powexec_toggleswap "Toggle1" "Toggle2" If none of the specified toggles are active, toggle on Toggle1. If both of the specified toggles are active, toggle off Toggle2. If Toggle1 is active, toggle it off and toggle on Toggle2. If Toggle2 is active, toggle it off and toggle on Toggle1. Alternate suggest
  14. Thank you for the reports - Brainstorm hung on startup. We have an automated script which clicks the button to fix this, but apparently its clicking-finger was not correctly positioned. I corrected it manually and all should be good. Brainstorm appears to be operational now - please report if it is not.
  15. This has been completed. As I sat in my comfy chair and issued the commands to destroy an entire universe, I thought to myself .. this is what being a supervillain must be like. It was a good feeling. Happy Thanksgiving to those who live in the US, and happy Thursday to those who do not!
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