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  1. Thank you for the reports - Brainstorm hung on startup. We have an automated script which clicks the button to fix this, but apparently its clicking-finger was not correctly positioned. I corrected it manually and all should be good. Brainstorm appears to be operational now - please report if it is not.
  2. This has been completed. As I sat in my comfy chair and issued the commands to destroy an entire universe, I thought to myself .. this is what being a supervillain must be like. It was a good feeling. Happy Thanksgiving to those who live in the US, and happy Thursday to those who do not!
  3. My understanding is that this was strictly a bug fix - under some edge cases a given foe's defense stack would not properly replace itself and would instead stack additional times (so for Invincibility when the bug occurred you would receive multiple defense stacks from a single foe within range).
  4. While I cannot confirm this as I do not own one, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is a standard XInput device and should be 100% supported. One of the drivers for the enhanced gamepad support is to improve accessibility options, so it would be great to have this confirmed by someone who does own one. Edited to add: the people who championed, designed, and built the Xbox Adaptive Controller are personal heroes of mine. Microsoft will probably never see a penny of profit from the device itself, but the fact that they went and and built it shows an amazing commitment to social good and realizing that doing the right thing can be more important than money. Gaming can be for everyone and their commitment to inclusion warms my cold villain heart.
  5. This is a good point. As Troo points out above, there is a Joystick profile, but the defaults may be somewhat dated. I'll look into the possibility of adding an easy way to load defaults for modern gamepads into that profile.
  6. Yes, it absolutely can still be bound as normal. For public education purposes: We spoke about this in Discord and Replacement bound RButton+S to Sprint and it worked as expected (after doing /extra_modifiers rbutton).
  7. @Number Six actually resolved a number of these issues some time ago. There was a problem where the D-Pad on DS4s was reporting directions in a different manner than expected (shifted by 45 degrees, essentially). Please let us know if you're still seeing these!
  8. The most important question: Where did Ms. Liberty get that awesome Ghost Widow costume?
  9. Teleport Target's recharge should be the same as before depending on which target you use it on (teammate or foe). Please test it and if this is not the case, report the issue in the appropriate thread. The power of course cannot know which kind of target you intend to use it on next, so if you use it to bring a foe to you and then attempt to recall a friend, you will of course have to wait the longer recharge.
  10. Here's a suggested set of controller binds which some might find useful. IMPORTANT NOTE: This works best with XInput gamepads (e.g. an Xbox controller) and less well with Playstation gamepads. You may find DS4Windows or other XInput wrappers helpful to use your Playstation gamepad reliably with Homecoming. You will also need to enable your gamepad in the Controls tab of Options: This is also assuming that you have set the triggers to be your controller modifiers (with /controller_modifiers 7 8) and the bumpers to be your extra modifiers (with /extra_modifiers joy5 joy6). Note that zooming in and out is not here because you can use virtual mouse mode to do so (hold both triggers and use the right analog stick), though you could easily bind it if you wish. Left Analog Stick: Forward/Back/Strafe Left/Strafe Right Right Analog Stick: Look Up/Look Down/Turn Left/Turn Right Left Thumb: Match Camera to Player Right Thumb: Face Target A-Button/Cross: Jump B-Button/Circle: Cancel Power X-Button/Square: Travel Power Y-Button/Triangle: Interact (you may need to /bind this, e.g. with /bind joy4 interact) Start/Options: Menu Back/Share: Map D-Pad: Targeting Binds (see below) Right Bumper + D-Pad: Inspirations (by column) Right Bumper + Face Buttons: Emotes or Self-Buffs Left Bumper + D-Pad/Face Buttons: Emotes, Quick Chats, or other Miscellaneous Left Trigger + Left Bumper/Right Bumper: Previous Tray/Next Tray Right Trigger + Left Bumper/Right Bumper: Previous Alt Tray/Next Alt Tray Left Trigger + D-Pad/Face Buttons: Tray Powers 1-8 Right Trigger + D-Pad/Face Buttons: Alt Tray Powers 1-8 /controller_modifiers 7 8 /extra_modifiers joy5 joy6 /bind dpadup target_enemy_next (or target_enemy_far) /bind dpaddown target_enemy_prev (or target_enemy_near) /bind dpadleft target_custom_prev teammate /bind dpadright target_custom_next teammate (I use a left-up-down-right pattern for inspirations and powers, so Left Trigger+D-Pad Left = Tray Slot 1, and Right Trigger + B-Button = Alt Tray Slot 8).
  11. I'm unsure if I should be honored or frightened that my actions ring so loudly amongst our forum userbase. 😀
  12. The Windows 7 issue was actually the same issue that affects Factorio seen here - https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?t=72946. Thanks to an incredibly helpful tester we discovered that the registry tweak from that post worked, and then we worked from there to solve it in the game itself. The Intel issue was a lot more work, and Number Six would know the technical details more than I.
  13. This is the backup patch server that was deprecated some time ago. You should be able to click the dropdown to go back to the standard Homecoming manifest in Tequila, which will fix this.
  14. All three of these will actually be placed in our NA data center. Read on for more details! Reunion Reunion's already a bit of the odd one out - we've got a mini-cluster of three hosts in EU for it (the shard host itself, the SQL database host, and the mapserver host). The hardware there is a little bit overprovisioned for Reunion's actual load, but we've found a number of creative additional uses for it to use that spare capacity without affecting player experience (for example, the SQL host also has bulk storage attached and serves as one of our backup tiers and our WSUS update server in addition to its normal SQL duties). We don't have any plans to change the EU cluster at this time since doing so would probably be an increase in costs or decrease in flexibility without any gains. The A1s and the A4 When we originally built the Homecoming cluster a year ago, we allocated physical hardware for each shard's main host, as well as a separate host just for running authentication (the five A1s mentioned above). Since then, we've done a lot of optimization, fixing memory leaks, and profiling to determine how the cluster scales. In addition, all of our beta and prerelease shards (as well as our build servers) are running entirely on the single A4. So we're now a lot more comfortable running more of our game infrastructure on VMs. This will give us a lot more fault tolerance, since if one goes down we can temporarily run its VMs on the other two. Some of you may also recall the authentication issue a few months ago - that was an actual hardware failure on our physical authentication host, and we had to build a new one as a VM on the fly while that was being fixed. The A2s Not addressed yet are the two A2s - those are our general purpose VM hosts. While they're not struggling to handle the load, they're actually not as flexible as we had hoped: - They aren't very good at handling our build infrastructure (which wants lots of cores, but these only have six physical cores each). - We underestimated how much disk space they would need, so we occasionally have to juggle services to avoid a crunch. - Because two is no better than one in the world of high availability, we have to run backup instances of some of the services on these hosts on other hosts to ensure they are fully reliable. What's Not Changing Those of you who have kept up with our other technology posts may remember that we have a few other hosts in NA: - One more A1 which is used as a citadel host (most places would call this a bastion host, but this is CoH) - Three A3s which are used as SQL database hosts (two hot and one warm spare) - Six A5s which are used as mapserver hosts None of these are changing at this time. It's not that we're not confident of our ability to run the services of these hosts on VMs, but after analyzing the required capacity and the types of host we can purchase, we didn't feel there would be any significant cost savings while maintaining our desired reliability and performance criteria. The Future The net result is that the three new A4s will be running the following: - The authentication server (and warm spares) - The four NA live shard hosts (and we'll be able to quickly migrate if there is a failure) - All hosts for beta and prerelease (shard hosts, services hosts, and mapserver hosts) - Our forums - Our development infrastructure and build servers - Our other infrastructure (e.g. petitions/GM tools, system administration, patch and manifest management, CDN, our Kubernetes cluster). The hardware will be better than what we have now: - We'll have the same number of physical cores (48 - but note that the A4 cores are superior to the ones in the A1s/A2s, and also that many of our current cores are just not in places where it is convenient to use them) - We'll have more RAM (544GB -> 768GB). - We'll have more disk space in the right places (4.5TB -> 6TB). TL;DR - We'll reduce our footprint and long-term costs, increase our flexibility for future changes, and be more robust. - Nothing is changing in the EU cluster at this time. Finally, thank you all for donating! We wouldn't be here without you.
  15. Development work is always ongoing! I can't say when we will have something to announce, but be assured that the team has plenty of plans to move forward and an internal roadmap.
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