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  1. Good artists create. Great artists steal. I'd have to have more details to answer this question, but I don't think this would be related to the CPU on the servers. It would most likely be related to network issues, issues with individual powers, and so on. If you mean true animation cancelling (where you can sneak a power in to break another power's animation, allowing you to execute more powers more quickly), this is generally considered a bug or balance issue and I believe @Captain Powerhouse has recently been extremely diligent in working to resolve
  2. Hello! My name is Telephone, and you may remember me from such technically-focused posts as: Server Architecture of City of Heroes To begin with, a brief primer on the server architecture of City of Heroes. Homecoming has several main types of hosts used to run the game. We call these the 'dbserver hosts' (which, with the exception of Reunion, were virtualized back in June 2020 - see the above-mentioned post), the 'mapserver hosts', the 'services hosts', and the 'authentication hosts' (also now virtualized). These are in addition to the various other hosts
  3. You're completely correct that I did open the door - the suggestion was general, however (not truly restricted to the travel power issue), so let's not discuss it too much further here in terms of specific powers. I agree with you completely that some convenience has been lost in the travel power change, and that should definitely be discussed in the travel powers thread and hopefully some consensus can be reached there. One other minor note - your use case can still be done with these commands with two buttons (of course, this still is not entirely optimal if you depen
  4. While the structure of the missions is (necessarily) formulaic, each mission has its own text tied in to CoH lore and history. Thousands of lines of text were written and proofread by our volunteers (chief among them the previously-mentioned @Nayreia, who as mentioned wrote the text).
  5. Even though this is intended to help with the Hover/Fly animation issues and also the potential issue of multiple travel powers being on and draining too much endurance, suggesting this here as it's more of a general improvement: Add a new command: /powexec_toggleswap "Toggle1" "Toggle2" If none of the specified toggles are active, toggle on Toggle1. If both of the specified toggles are active, toggle off Toggle2. If Toggle1 is active, toggle it off and toggle on Toggle2. If Toggle2 is active, toggle it off and toggle on Toggle1. Alternate suggest
  6. Thank you for the reports - Brainstorm hung on startup. We have an automated script which clicks the button to fix this, but apparently its clicking-finger was not correctly positioned. I corrected it manually and all should be good. Brainstorm appears to be operational now - please report if it is not.
  7. This has been completed. As I sat in my comfy chair and issued the commands to destroy an entire universe, I thought to myself .. this is what being a supervillain must be like. It was a good feeling. Happy Thanksgiving to those who live in the US, and happy Thursday to those who do not!
  8. My understanding is that this was strictly a bug fix - under some edge cases a given foe's defense stack would not properly replace itself and would instead stack additional times (so for Invincibility when the bug occurred you would receive multiple defense stacks from a single foe within range).
  9. While I cannot confirm this as I do not own one, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is a standard XInput device and should be 100% supported. One of the drivers for the enhanced gamepad support is to improve accessibility options, so it would be great to have this confirmed by someone who does own one. Edited to add: the people who championed, designed, and built the Xbox Adaptive Controller are personal heroes of mine. Microsoft will probably never see a penny of profit from the device itself, but the fact that they went and and built it shows an amazing commitment to social good and re
  10. This is a good point. As Troo points out above, there is a Joystick profile, but the defaults may be somewhat dated. I'll look into the possibility of adding an easy way to load defaults for modern gamepads into that profile.
  11. Yes, it absolutely can still be bound as normal. For public education purposes: We spoke about this in Discord and Replacement bound RButton+S to Sprint and it worked as expected (after doing /extra_modifiers rbutton).
  12. @Number Six actually resolved a number of these issues some time ago. There was a problem where the D-Pad on DS4s was reporting directions in a different manner than expected (shifted by 45 degrees, essentially). Please let us know if you're still seeing these!
  13. The most important question: Where did Ms. Liberty get that awesome Ghost Widow costume?
  14. Teleport Target's recharge should be the same as before depending on which target you use it on (teammate or foe). Please test it and if this is not the case, report the issue in the appropriate thread. The power of course cannot know which kind of target you intend to use it on next, so if you use it to bring a foe to you and then attempt to recall a friend, you will of course have to wait the longer recharge.
  15. Here's a suggested set of controller binds which some might find useful. IMPORTANT NOTE: This works best with XInput gamepads (e.g. an Xbox controller) and less well with Playstation gamepads. You may find DS4Windows or other XInput wrappers helpful to use your Playstation gamepad reliably with Homecoming. You will also need to enable your gamepad in the Controls tab of Options: This is also assuming that you have set the triggers to be your controller modifiers (with /controller_modifiers 7 8) and the bumpers to be your extra modifiers (with /extra_m
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