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  1. A few billion in cash, I suppose if I was to add up the cash on all of my alts that I keep on them for pd buffs. I don't keep much cash as cash though. If money is going to sit there, it sits in bids. I have absolutely no clue how much I have in assets but when I contemplate an estimate in my head, it's in Carl Sagan's voice
  2. I actually enjoy TW now, thanks for your hard work!
  3. You've been the one misinterpreting what I've been posting, and now you're deflecting and projecting and hurling strawmen. You straight up laughed at me while completely ignoring what I actually posted, and then went on to continue to babble about a period of time which I was clearly not discussing, and which was not central to my point anyways, which you completely sidestepped. You are playing games and using me as a pretense to prop yourself up while not actually addressing my messages as I wrote them, and now you're doing something similar with more gaslighting in th
  4. No you didn't, I'm talking about before mentor etc. And anyways, my actual point was that it's always going to happen and it always has been happening. Whether or not I was plvl'ing my kids and friends as hard as was humanly possible doesn't even matter. I started seeing ways to get exps faster then the intended paths within a few minutes of this games existence when it went live, and so did lots of other people and yet there was no massive drop off of players right away when people started to plvl. You can't really stop it in a game like this without changing it into
  5. I seem to remember taking people to tf range before the sidekick stuff came in not being nearly as fast as what I can accomplish in ae with multiple accounts in this day and age
  6. And always! I remember plvling my kids and guildies from another game when this game was brand new with my fire/fire tank. I even I used to reroll him over and over, I don't remember exactly why but I know it was to level people. It sure wasn't as good as the stuff you can pull off these days (and we were only taking people to tf range), but it still worked. You're right, it IS a feature! If power is gained through experience, there is always going to be people finding efficiencies.
  7. This. I like drops/inf but its not a primary motivation for me. I play on itf's because they're full of mobs that can take a few hits and can live long enough that they are worth debuffing etc and I can produce or help others produce some nice big numbers and have some satisfying fights where any of my toons will always have something to do no matter my at/combo or that of the group. And on most kill all itfs I usually see multiple people who I know have the resources to be well past being concerned about merits/drops/xp as well, in my experience I'd say that people do
  8. I don't need an excuse, I don't want to, and frankly I don't need to. All I do is pve and I know all of the content now. If this bothers you, that's your problem. Usually the only time I go in discord is for a weekly rhw with some specific folks, and even then I only join because it's mandatory and since it's so short, I don't really mind. Nobody's ever said anything in it that I've actually needed to hear. Same for record attempts etc, I might join now and then if I'm asked to, but if I genuinely needed to hear anybody saying anything, I would not belong on such a run.
  9. There are lots of groups going on, that's pretty much all I do. Personally when I run groups I usually completely ignore people who are lfg in channel, and only rarely look at people who are using the lfg tool simply because I've tried in the past and often people don't want to do what I'm doing. Fair enough of course, I usually run tf's and there's lots of reasons people might not want to do a tf, but I don't feel like sending a bunch of tells to people who are selective about what they want to join, but have not made that fact known in their lfg message, that got old
  10. Nothing, really. I'll put it this way, I quit WoW when they put bg's in, and I had considered it to be far too blue before then but was in "wait and see" mode with my guild. I don't care one bit about canned pvp, I don't even see it as actual pvp if you can drop in and out and level/gear in pve and escape any consequences and confrontations at will, it's just a minigame to me. I like mmo pvp where it it mandatory and shapes the world through player-made rules, I like the politics, spies, alliances and betrayals, the eternal struggle between pk and anti for the hearts an
  11. Finally took my sonic/dev blaster to 50 the other day maybe I'll play up my axe/ice scrapper next
  12. This is the final answer to almost anything you can't complete or bring more people into. You can max out your def res and damage and even tohit etc at will if it comes down to it. And to add to what Guardia said, you can also mail yourself insp in real time while you fight from another account (which you can mail cash to if you need) and if you reply to a mail you don't need to enter any text so you can drag and send very quickly.
  13. my favourite character to speed with lately is a time/fire blaster He has pff and then whenever he gets where he's going, he can shed his agro cap really quickly to the point that I really miss being a blaster when speeding on any other character or forget to toggle pff off and stand there looking at stuff wondering why the nuke button didn't put them down He was built as a concept though, I didn't build him specifically to speed, he's just really good at it. I speed through mobs just fine on any character with leap and a stealth io with jp temp
  14. Lyrics in "instrumental" playlists
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