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  1. I added a teleport beacon next to my base portal to use in case I get stuck. Click, and you pop up out of the toilet on the other end.
  2. What happens when the player base doubles? Wont that generate twice the influence into the economy? Will influence have to be cut in half again to offset it?
  3. lol, actually, I kinda threw that is as a poke at the guy a few posts up that keeps saying to trust him.
  4. Ok, back on live, there were rouge websites people could go to and buy influence for CoH. A simple transaction of cash for influence was made thru paypal, or whatever. A time and place to meet was set up and a few minuets later you would have 100 million influence delivered to your toon. That was back in the early times when influence was hard to make. Move on up to present day pre patch and earning influence was easy to come by, even doing regular door missions. Therefore putting the places selling influence out of business or at least in check. Now, since the patch has reduced the amount of influence that people are getting, it has opend the door again for these rouge websites. Hope that all makes better sence.
  5. Sounds like a nemesis plot, except the exploiters are selling, not buying influence in the real world.
  6. I'm good with fixing the exploit. I can accept the influence nerf. What troubles me now is the value of influence has changed to make it profitable to sell outside the game. Yes if they get caught it will be delt with swiftly, but now you have to police things, devote more time and resouces to tracking down the ones doing it. And if they get caught, who cares, build another account and your back in business. At least with the influence higher, it kept things in check in the world wide economy. Trust me
  7. I really would like to see this whole mess fixed right once and for all. From what I've been reading in these forums, the whole community is divided now on the subject of nerfing influence. I myself have hardly logged any game time since the patch release, instead I sit in the forums looking, waiting for answers. Where are we headed? How can we fix this so everyone can have fun again? Putting bicycle tires on a Ferrari will slow it down, but then all you end up with is a fancy looking Prius.
  8. Yeah, Doing regular content was the focus of my question, I should have stated that in my previous post. I had read a lot of posts about people out-leveling regular content and wasn't certain if this would affect it is some way. As far as powerleveling, i'll leave that up to the professionals, I never was any good at it. Besides, farming has been banned now. I usually run regular IO's or attuned of the most popular types. Long ago I made a one time purchase of these to use on my lowbee as it was progressing. When I reached 50, I would do a respec to it's final build and place the "one time purchase IO's" back into base storage, ready for the next lowbee. The time it took to enhance really never bothered me. Most teams I see will run about 3-4 missions together, then split up anyways. Ok, I've rambled enough for now. Big G
  9. So this feature will allow me to click one button to upgrade my out-leveled enhancements, thus saving precious time so I can get back to doing missions. Wont this end up allowing me to level up faster? Less time enhancing = More time spent gaining xp
  10. A good farmer knows, When the food runs out, They will either have to grow their own or pay the higher price at the store.
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