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  1. Please just not nostalgic. I'm so tired of seeing this word lol
  2. This is a bit of a necro, but I have to ask: I notice the requirements for a lot of the "villain" badges is much shorter. Is this the same badge for heroes? Would it be more efficient for me to switch to villain real fast and snag the easy arcs, or is the badge different?
  3. It used to make Stone, by far, the best tank in the game because it did what IOs do now - make Tanks (and to an extent, other players too) nigh invincible. After IOs, the armor became completely obsolete, but myself and many other OGs (probably you!) remember the days when Stone tanks were considered gods. I, too, came back and was surprised at how weak the power was.
  4. This is a recurring issue I've noticed across every single one of my characters. Keybinds are saved server side, per character (afaik) with the option to save them locally. I do not save mine locally, and for roughly the first 5-6 changes, they stick. Anything past that, the keybinds do not stick. This problem has occurred on both my old rig and my new rig. I have to make sure I perfectly plan out my character at level 1 so that all keybinds are located in the correct place. But lets say I've changed my keybinds 5-6 times, IO out a character, and then realize I missed one for an i
  5. Agreed on all counts, MA is very fun to play and the animations are top notch.
  6. No problem. As a disclaimer, with this many IOs, pretty much everything you can play in the game will kick ass to some degree. With that said, it's very durable thanks to Ninj on Scrappers being Ninj on Scrappers, but MA underperforms in the damage department. It needs a bit of a buff that may be coming in the near future (they scrapped changes in the previous beta build due to community feedback). But, you know, it is fun and you will probably never die in pretty much all content. Solo, it's a Scrapper, so it absolutely crushes it. But you will kill things faster with a different
  7. I was having trouble sharing my build on Reddit for some strange copy/paste reason and wanted to get it over to some people who wanted to check it out. Here's the code, I think it should copy correctly here? Yep, looks like it does. If anyone has questions or input, feel free! | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1480;683;1366;HEX;| |78DA6594596F125114C7EFC020B21711BAB075B1656B69511F5C624CB56A628B69A| |CF1C10D47B8B663484B184CECA35F41139768DFB4EA8B1FC4F56BB87
  8. Rename it Agility again? Gymnasts do far more jumping than running.
  9. How is the speed buff an unfair advantage? It's just extra movement. Other sets have their own unique quirks, too. Energy Aura, a purely defensive set that is only available on tanks/brutes, has a random stealth thrown in because you're bending the light around yourself with energy. It's not helpful, in fact if you're trying to keep aggro it can be harmful but you get a lot of +def from it with just one slot so you should leave it on. But it's cool, so it won't be removed or changed. As a Ninja character... I should be fast. It's just cool/fun.
  10. I strongly disagree with your statement that it moves Ninjitsu a lot closer to feeling like a bad cover version of Super Reflexes. As it stands, Ninjitsu currently is a much superior version of Super Reflexes. Yes, as you mention, you lose Defense Debuff Resistance in return for utility. But I think that the utility FAR outweights the loss of defense debuff resistance. You can easily buffer defense debuff with extra defense IO sets as it's super easy to do so with melee/ranged/aoe defense sets without really sacrificing much. But the utility from Ninj... my goodness it's so good. My MA/Ninj bu
  11. I agree, but I think the ship has sailed on this idea in the dev's minds. They said in their update a month or so ago, they want to add new, harder content (awesome! amazing!) but the game needs balanced first; namely, many specs need brought up to speed and a couple need tuned down (also amazing news!). In the current version of CoH, you can obviously play whatever you want, but on teams, AoE characters outperform everything else because every character with AoE can stack AoE with other characters and yeah... we've all seen +4x8 PI Radios with even just a 50% IO'd team. It's an absolute slaug
  12. Your first point, if we really need to get super technical, the AoE from MA is "ok". It's better than some and worse than plenty others. If it needs buffed, though... just buff Dragon's Claw itself maybe? In regards to the Nazi robots, this is correct. My MA characters are very strong and not natural heroes, probably around Captain America strength. They can definitely smash some robots and other hard surfaces. But they're not All Might, Superman, or a Jedi. They can't kick air so hard it knocks people out behind the primary target. I may be reading into it too much, I admit, but t
  13. I was thinking about this last night. If they wanted to pump some AoE into Martial Arts, why not consider Crane Kick, or Storm Kick as a couple of others have said, for cones? Thematically and aesthetically this makes way more sense. What I think happened was they wanted to push some AoE power into Martial Arts (don't think a single target set needs to have this much AoE focus, but whatever) and the most lacking power in the set is Eagle's Claw (great damage, but iffy to use with the super long animation.) So they tried to give the set AoE while simultaneously buffing Eagle's Claw. But I said
  14. Sure, but my character isn't Bruce Lee. I have two Martial Arts characters and neither of them have the power to kick wind strong enough to break bones in their themes. With Katana/Ninja Blade's Golden Dragonfly it's fine because the animation that accompanies the power makes it work; it has added effects, and hypothetically the sword could cut through someone and hit people on the other side. But Eagle's Claw is a righteous kick to the head. And nothing else. If they want to add an animation for splaying wind or force or whatever out of the target's head and on to targets behind, I suppose th
  15. I agree with this, I'm currently leveling my MA/Ninj Scrapper to 50 so I can get Hecatombs in, although I care more about the fact on the beta I'm hitting targets in the head with phantom ghost kicks behind the target I actually kicked. Not that this has to be the solution, but I don't see why they don't just give Eagle's Claw a little more damage and call it done. The main thing wrong with MA is that EC's damage is low for it's animation time.
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