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  1. You have to reserve it on the Steam App itself, and they are currently expected to ship in Q2 of next year, so it could be a while.
  2. It would be great for soloing. Just minimize the chat window that I won't be able to read anyway, and do some missions before bed. City of Heroes Homecoming would be gravy. It's been a while since I played with Linux but I'm sure I'll figure it out. The other gaming options, especially from my Steam Library makes it very enticing. Not to mention the price point compared to some of the competitors.
  3. I sure hope so, because I reserved the expensive one.
  4. I like this idea. We already have invasions so players would have an idea of what to expect.
  5. Grr... I knew I was missing some detail while composing this.
  6. So here is the thread where I basically say my wishlist for the game, hopefully in a format someone with access to code might take inspiration from, but thought exercises are fun too. I do a lot of Giant Monster hunting. One of the things I like about this activity, aside from the merits, is that anyone can participate. Jump in, get a hit, get your merits, no team needed, nice and clean. Too many commas. This also goes for invasions. The ones I know of are the Rikti, Zombies, and Nemesis. Once again, anyone can jump in and stick around until they get the badges. Heck, it's even pos
  7. When a Costume Contest comes around, I can guarantee no one will ask where the INF came from. 😄
  8. Good to know. I do spawn him from time to time.
  9. For Caleb, once at Thorn Isle, you need to kill 100 Nerva Spectral Daemons during the day. Then at sunset, Caleb will hopefully spawn at one of the six spawn points on the Isle. The reason Caleb is hard to find is that he spawns way up in the air, sometimes near the top of the skybox, so you need to be able to fly to find him.
  10. I sell commons to vendors, and everything else to the AH. I craft whatever I have salvage to craft and I sell at a loss all the time, because I am a farmer and I do not care, and I get badges.
  11. I have only done the billion INF thing once, and I think I took a month break from farming after that. In the last few months I haven't had to farm at all to slot my last 3 50s. Eventually I just got to the point that almost any toon I make can solo +4 content and in several cases x8, so I just run things solo and the INF pours in naturally while doing story missions. One of the things I do is get my Lore and Destiny to T3 ASAP so I can do level shifted content in Dark Astoria. I do all those arcs at +4 and many at x8, depending on how fast I want to go. If the enemy is something like Knives o
  12. I have about 13 level 50 characters which are NOT fully Incarnate. If I could convert threads to Emps, all my 50s would be fully Incarnate limited by how fast I can use a mouse.
  13. I've met marketers with so much INF they made mules to carry it, but yeah being able to pound out a billion in four days of dedicated solo farming is bad. 😄
  14. How is running endless radio missions and Maria Jenkins arcs NOT farming? Ever join a Dark Astoria group running Maharaj, which is basically DA radio missions with Incarnate rewards? Fire farming doesn't drop Incarnate salvage every run. As was mentioned above, MSR is farming too, but with a big group, and will unlock your Incarnates and give you threads at a decent speed. Before AE we farmed mission arcs, like a big chunk of Unai Kemen, including the Freak Farms.
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