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  1. I haven't had a problem with Long Range Teleport. Generally, when I work on a toon, I work on it until it hits level 50, is slotted, and Incarnates unlocked with at least T1s slotted. While I am doing this, I jump back and forth between my base and Pocket D as I am crafting and slotting, and Pocket D is a convenient place. Even more so now, because it dumps you out right at the base portal which means my macro works normally. As a result, every active toon I have has spent at least an hour in Pocket D, which means they have the badge and Long Range Teleport is unlocked.
  2. I've seen this and my gaming laptop is about 18 months old. I also saw a normal Ouro portal close by that worked fine.
  3. Normally it isn't my market either. I mean, I have played Stock Market MMOs in the past, notably Star Trek Online, but I haven't really done much in AH because I have a farmer. At the moment, because I have a farmer, I often just sell recipes at a loss, and craft whatever I happen to have salvage for, before selling it at a loss. I do this on purpose though. Sometimes RNG blesses me, so I like to share.
  4. Another option would be to keep Elric as he is, but change the context. Like for instance, we already know that Elric spent his Thousand Year Dream on Earth as Monsieur Zenith, from maybe somewhere around the 10th Century to the early-mid 20th Century. Chronicling his travels across the world and being witness to various historical events could be an interesting way to go. Elric as Zenith the Albino still somehow possesses Stormbringer, which means Elric can still have epic battles where he wipes out entire armies on his own, demon sword in hand. A lot of work though, and honestly at this point I'd just like to see Mike work on whatever he wants to.
  5. If they go on sale, I'm going to buy like 100 packs then finance my builds through spring.
  6. I suggested to him that he file the serial numbers off his own creations, and make a new pastiche creation that "borrows" from Elric and other iterations of the Eternal Champion, so it could be marketed as something new. Mike is 80 years old so I have no idea how much creative energy he has, but he still seems to be writing books. So at least there is that.
  7. If you own a Switch and have an online membership, many of those games are included.
  8. I made one of my 50s in October by Trick or Treating. ToT at the Motel in Peregrine is basically a farm disguised an an official event. A solid PI group will give XP at a rate comparable to a farm. One of my toons keeps the Dreck Freakshow mission from Unai Kemen handy. There's lots of ways to PL in the game, of which farming is one that requires making a dedicated character to do it. I don't see it as a problem. Some people might see me as a problem, but we never have to play together. Ever.
  9. If the mission has an Arch Villain, maybe give a merit reward comparable to beating a Giant Monster.
  10. I've been playing since July of 2019. Many of my characters still have bios and when someone comments on one, I will report back to this thread. Just don't expect it to happen this year.
  11. Our latest cat went into heat shortly after we adopted her. Pretty much nothing we could do about it because it was very sudden within a couple of days. On the plus side, it helped her get along with the other cat. Of course we took her in after it passed, which was fortunately right before the Pandemic started. Probably the biggest side effect was the fact that we had her in a room for the first three days because she was aggressive to the other cat. I refused to let her be locked in alone, so that room ended up being my room for that time as well, and I slept on a concrete floor. So as a result, she now follows me wherever I go. All the time. She's sleeping right behind me right now.
  12. Considering how many times I see people with characters in their mid 20s frustrated about not being able to find a team. For some reason, I keep trying and once in a while something happens. I can farm a level 1 to level 22 in under 10 minutes. Farming 50 million takes about 40 minutes. 15-20 million would be a better price point and might actually mitigate reliance on farming, though I doubt it.
  13. I used to have bios but now I don't bother. Putting effort into something that only I will care about seems like a waste.
  14. That's why I suggested having macros set up to spew one liners in RP teams. No one is even going to notice you are using canned RP.
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