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  1. I only turn the sound on when I need to find glowies. I talk all day at work. When I'm at home the last thing I want to do is make mouth noises and I certainly don't want to hear ambient sniffing and throat clearing.
  2. I remember running fire farms, and having a certain energy blaster "help". I just laugh it off. The enemy can't escape the instance no matter if they run or ragdoll. And if I am in a cave, I'm more in danger of embedding a baddie in a wall with Burn myself. Considering how much time I spend chatting, or with MIDs open... Those are times when I am not playing, and therefore DPS means nothing, I really could care less if knockback or fleeing adds a couple of minutes here and there.
  3. Yep people want realism in the game, so long as the realism doesn't apply to what happens to bodies when subjected to tremendous force. People will argue about DPS for hours, all the while not causing any damage per any time unit, but those mobs better be standing nicely organized and ready to die or there will be hell to pay. Meanwhile, not a word about powers that simply make opponents run away.
  4. In a way... I have a little game I play. Once in a while, I see people in general or help having a heated exchange with someone I can't see. The game is, can I guess which person on my ignore list is in the discussion just based on how people reply? Fortunately, the amount of people on my ignore list who stay there can be counted on one hand. As for the rest, they just stay there until I forget why I put them there. The ones who need to remain ignored will remind you quickly. The others... Sometimes someone is just having a bad day. Sometimes you just get off on the wrong foot. Sometimes there's a misunderstanding. But... Sometimes, people are malicious. Ignore lists are there so you can maximize your time with people you enjoy spending time with, and minimize interactions with people who only exist to waste time you will never get back.
  5. That's a tiny reason my SGs are just me. You can totally PUG without having a conversation.
  6. I don't join groups with terms and conditions even though I am likely on a toon that meets them.
  7. In my very first 5e game, I plopped Phandelver right into Karameikos. I could even dig out the map I made later.
  8. Hey there. Yeah, I'm Kommando from FR.
  9. If I was seriously considering PvP, I don't think I would make a new toon for it. I'd probably go through the 50s I have and see which one would be best suited for a second build. So in that case, the farming of a character to 50 isn't really a factor. For PvE, I try and make quirky builds that are still viable to play, because there's little point in investing the time in something I don't want to play. Out of 9 50s, none of them really sit unused for more than a couple of weeks, and if I am neglecting several, it's usually because I am raising a baby toon to titanhood. With a PvP build, I guess you would kind of have to make it in MIDs and then hope for the best. Fortunately, finding the PvP sets are pretty easy, and I might even have a couple of toons that are halfway there. I do have a couple of toons I made in MIDs, one of which I never even bothered playing until level 43, so it's not like I'm not used to playing powered up heroes fresh out of the box. But they were kind of like how a PvP toon is, that is, I already knew what I wanted to do. But I would still need a really good reason to start farming out enhancements for it. Like, I would have to be playing the build at least a few times a week. Or... if like in my initial response, I'd do it if someone dropped the INF on me. 😄 I was actually talking with a friend I have known since before Live (my old crew are mostly from the community of a game called Freedom Force, an RTS Superhero game from the early 00s) about a PvP league we used to have. Though that one had a limit of level 10. There was two teams with specific ATs, well several teams with two fighting at a time. There were limitations on enhancements you could use. I don't think I'd revive that, but it did have me thinking of a PvP league for lower levels. 22 was a consideration, with whatever enhancements you want, because you are not going to be a proc monster. Maybe a little bit. One benefit of having it at such a low level is that it's MUCH easier to finance. So more players can get involved. But it's only an idea, and no serious planning has been made. Basically, what would entice me to PvP is making sure there are enough people interested and that there is some sort of even ground. Having a handful of people dominate it gets boring fast.
  10. I have done PvP on Everlasting. It was fun in the same way running an AE mission with nothing but sappers as enemies is fun. If you have 20 PvE builds and 1 PvP build, do not be surprised when the PvP build wins in seconds.
  11. I did tip mission to get Frenzy on my Dom. I would not like losing that on the off chance running a mission turns her into a rogue.
  12. When I have a spare 18 hours to farm out enhancements for a PvP build, I will consider it. 😄 But... I'm not sure about farming a billion INF for a build for the slight possible chance of winning a billion back. Guess it's great for people who already have PvP builds... On Everlasting.
  13. I do Comic Con fire caves at +4/x8 with one 50 alt. Between the two of them I make 40-60 million per run, which includes recipe drops. The most I have made in one run is about 74 million. My builds range from 1-1.5 Billion, so we are looking at anywhere between 17-38 runs at 45 minutes a piece to slot a character. I used to do the Battle Maiden fire farm map, which got me a whopping 10 million per run, which is like 100-150 runs for a single build.
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