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  1. Thanks i think i know what i have to do imma collect a few pets and store them. I understand this game is not ez but it just feels every enemy is op than me
  2. Then why cant you just upgrade your powers without having to over spend i spent almost all my cash just trying to upgrade my powers and their still weak.
  3. Learned my powers i been playing sense 2019 still new i know that my powers are useless when it comes to fighting bosses
  4. I need some buffs for heals but im low on cash because i had to but some buffs for my heal powers im at exsouler i dont know how you spell it can we meet there?
  5. I am a lvl 34 healer and i play pain domantion and engery as a corrupter i know what you might say how the heck did i even make it to lvl 34 with the worst powers. Well that was my first character i ever made and i did not want to delete him at all. When i hit lvl 25 the game was really really really hard if anything i found my self fighting elite bosses they were op too op. I knew about the difficulty settings i used them when i hit lvl 34 and the game is still a pain. I just did a mission and i had to fight 4 bosses 1 of them were to op he kept punching me 1 time and making me stunned for t
  6. Thanks guys your the best Ima see if i can get some missions done in the night ward catch you later.
  7. I am on the sever named indomidablte don't know if I spelled that right. My primary is energy powers and my secondary is pain nulify. I have just chosen an new power have no clue what it is its like a defense power think you could help me out. I also heard mind control is a good power to use to.
  8. Plz help i am on sever indomitable and my primary power is energy and my secondary is pain nullify.
  9. Listen I love city of heroes and I play it almost everyday mostly I am glad its back and its getting updates. I am new player I joined during 2020 when I first played the game I was excited creating my first character I chose a healer role and a corrupter I was noob when first chooses my powers I did not know you had to choose the right ability's with good survivability. At first leveling up to 1 to 10 was easy even getting to 10 to 20 was very easy but when I hit lvl 28 the game started to take a harsh turn. Now ever mission I started I was fighting 2 elite bosses that were tearing my he
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