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  1. LoL. I did almost the same thing about a week ago. I only had about 5 or 6 hundred tho. I couldn't get the price below 500,000
  2. So I was in a hurry to post a couple Apocalypse's before work. Two triples and a dam/rec I think. I left of an extra digit at the end and someone picked them up for 11 mil. I only had about 15 mil into them but that still hurt since I'm just starting to understand how to make big money on the market. So your welcome if you are in here and got to take advantage of me rushing. 🙂 Just realized I posted this in the wrong forum. I REALLY have to slow down and check things.
  3. Poison and destroy the food. That's the one. I must have missed it. He is the contact I picked too. Thank you for helping me out.
  4. So I've got my first character up to level 41 now and I'm red side. I remember from way back that there was a certain mission in Grandville. It was along the lines of destroying food supplies for the needy. I remember it being one of the most evil missions I played in the game. Actually made me feel like I was playing a villain. Anyone know who gives this mission? I thought it was Weston Phillip's but I can't find it on the wiki. I just don't want to out level it and miss it.
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