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  1. If you are getting a vet level every 20 mins, I'm not sure that can be improved by much. That already sounds awfully efficient (if a little boring).
  2. More ramps for Paragon City! Think of the Stoners!
  3. @Sir MyshkinGreat work as always! I have followed your proc-monster threads in the other AT forums, but I have never played a Controller, at least not in any meaningful way (I seem to remember a lowbie Controller back during Live that was single-digit in level). I was thinking of trying Earth/Cold so I immediately read through this thread for pointers. Earth is obviously a proc-winner (as your tests show)...does Cold have any worthwhile proc-potential?
  4. TungstenShark

    AE Farm

    Boxing/Kick is a pre-req for the other Fighting talents like Tough and Weave.
  5. @Redlynnehad a great post about how proc-friendly Infrigidate is and might be well worth an investment. Check it out:
  6. When I open this build, the Level 1, 12 and 26 powers and enhancements are all empty.
  7. What enhancements did you use in Project Will and Wall of Force in this build? Comes up empty except for one Recharge IO in Wall. Looks like fun!
  8. @Sir Myshkin thanks for your work on this, as well as to @Rylas and others who contributed. We need someplace to consolidate the various proc builds now. 🙂 After all the extensive testing, without delving too deeply into an already incredible amount of work and effort...how would you rank the various Tanker proc builds? I know this can be highly subjective, as I don't mean just straight damage (though that's a component), but the overall flow and how they felt while playing and testing?
  9. I have one of these as well (not yet even level 30) and you are right - this is a combo that's all about the endgame. Both sets are amazing but require heavy investment to truly shine. It's a long-term project for me and I play him occasionally between my other bouts of alt-itis.
  10. The short answer is, yes. Ice Armor was severely lacking for a good portion of its life. Lots of folks still remember it as a lackluster set and have not played it in awhile. I include myself in this statement, as I am trying to figure out which AT to try Ice on again. Tanker seems to be a good bet.
  11. I'm putting in a vote for Dark Armor, which even allows you to cap Psi resist.
  12. I have not tried farming yet, but there are so many combos and powersets I want to try...I'm probably going to have to give in and bite the bullet. I have a Rad/Bio sitting at 50 untouched at the moment. Rather than rolling up yet another random Spines/Fire or Rad/Fire, I was hoping I could use him. Obviously not for fire farms, but maybe s/l farms? I originally rolled him because I liked the idea of two damage auras working while I'm attacking. The recent proc research made me even more excited to try the dual damage auras fully-slotted. Going the proc route means ignoring set bonuses, which has a major impact on defense. I guess my question is two-fold: 1.) How best to take a Rad/Bio and build it for farming? 2.) Does it make sense within this goal to take advantage of procs? Anyone else using Rad/Bio to do any farming?
  13. Really enjoying seeing the proc mechanic and how it can be best leveraged on Tankers. Keep up the good work! With your most recent build, you didn't find the low defense numbers to be an issue with your survivability? Or are the Mids defense numbers not accurate? I realize that's the price you pay for going proc-heavy and ignoring set bonuses. Did you just pop purples or was the defense not an issue?
  14. Looking forward to hearing more! Thanks @Sir Myshkin and @Rylas for putting in the work. I was expecting something like DA/Rad to benefit from the proc philosophy, but would not have considered SD. Also encouraging to hear EM has shown well thus far. Excellent!
  15. How do you slot the four non-arrow powers in TA (Upshot, Agility, Eagle Eye and Gymnastics) for your endgame 50+3 build?
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