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  1. I assume the patch server is temporarily down, but would be nice to know for sure.
  2. Tried logging in tonight, got this: Manifest download error for http://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml Unable to connect to the remote server Anyone else getting this? And is there a fix?
  3. Going to try leveling a Sentinel next I think. I had settled on Electrical Blast for the primary, but was interested in the differences between Energy Aura and Electric Armor. Both seem to have a couple of very similar powers and either would work thematically for my character. I'd be interested to hear thoughts as to why folks like one more than the other.
  4. How many procs will IG take? I don't have access to Mids at the moment. Can you put six procs in it?
  5. Now that is an interesting (and clever) approach. What other powers/pools do you use to replace the other secondary powers (since you have so many additional slots)?
  6. Depending on how far "back in the day" you mean, Burn was also nerfed pretty substantially.
  7. I have an elemental-themed character (not very original, I know) who I might try to play as a Blaster. I never had a Blaster back on Live as they really do not suit my play-style, but I figured I'd take the opportunity Homecoming has provided and try all of the ATs. Are there big differences between Ice/Fire and Fire/Ice? My other question is survivability...how best to build one to get at least some semblance of passable defense/resists?
  8. Love the updates, but I do not understand what this means? Who is Derek Brown? Are these costume sets, or just color patterns?
  9. My first toon back on Homecoming was a Stone/Ice Tanker. I stopped playing before IOs went live so I had no idea what I was doing with slotting. Eventually I am going to want to IO out the build...how are folks slotting Stone? Do you just slot Granite and only run that? I enjoyed being able to use whatever toggles I needed while leveling depending on the content and not locked strictly in to Granite. What is the best way to slot to offset Granite's slow movement speed, and is it worth the slots to do so?
  10. @Veelectric BoogalooTo make sure I am understanding...you are binding your clickies to your attacks? I have not started using any binds...that seems like a neat trick.
  11. @Kruunch How do you feel about having your Status Protection on a clickie as opposed to a toggle? That is the only thing holding me back from trying this type of build. I cannot stand being taken out of a fight and am so used to Scrappers who have their protection always on in a toggle.
  12. Almost every secondary has a minimal fx option you can choose (like Bio).
  13. Really I was asking in the context of, should I turn exp off once I max Incarnates? I'm still going to play him regardless. I don't care about badges and I doubt I'll change any of my Incarnates now, but I guess Emp Merits are worthwhile.
  14. Once you get all six Incarnate skills to T4, is there any benefit to continued vet levels? You cannot use Incarnate salvage on other toons on your account, right?
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