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  1. There is also one in Pocket D, she is in the Tiki Bar just to the right of the truck Null the Gull is on over on Red Side, Trina the Body Sculptress
  2. Bravo team... I clicked the OG Homecoming and my guy was a teal spectrum looking blob... exited, clicked 64 bit client and all is right in the world. Thanks for all your hard work guys!
  3. It is described as in the US... Man, maybe go read the paragon wiki and flesh out this idea? Then, I'll gladly RP with you about it.
  4. Followed instructions to install original PC and MoreMaps4U... no change 😞
  5. Jan 4th, 2020 is end of life last I heard, same date as Windows 8. So realistically you have until June 2020 before it becomes a huge problem unless some god tier hacker makes a super virus in those 6 months.
  6. Except the game already has registration. The FBSA is what you're describing via Civil War, just Civil War had a more... violent introduction. So do you want the RP in the past? Do you want to be part of a present day resistance?
  7. Thanks for this info! As far as what I like in Willpower, I have no clue 😂 I guess I am about to find out.
  8. Is there any anticipated date for when this might roll out from beta to the main shards? Obviously testing is unpredictable but I am just curious if you had a target date in mind. Thenew base items in beta made me decide to put the rest of my base on hold 😄
  9. So, first character I rolled after getting in here and not playing since issue 3 on live. I may not have picked the best build, but advice on what I can do with this bad boy now that I am level 28 that'll help make him the best he can be? I am using mid's but to be honest... I am going cross-eyed trying to figure this all out. Thanks.
  10. Not really. It's a costume piece, for an artist that would take no time, just remove the hair and add in the skin color pallets... I don't claim to be an expert but I did do a few skins for Fallout 4 when I was modding it and it wasn't a ton of work. I assume this is the same principal. Then again these folks doing any of this work for zero monetary gain is a lot of work for free.
  11. OK maybe I am dumb but the OP doesn't really say... WHAT is mids reborn exactly?
  12. So Then WWE isn't related to Titan Network and City of Titans since they are Titan Sports and operate out of Titan Tower? 🤔 /s by the way...
  13. You really don't get how business works do you? smdh... They wouldn't waste the time (which is $$) to negotiate to shut it down when they could have just sent a C&D letter and been done with it. How so? They shut down your favorite game because they didn't see the profit in it. A BUSINESS DECISION. Again back to BUSINESS. Yeah the Bourne conspiracies are... entertaining to say the least. Simple. Hold a grudge against a Korean based game publish and lurk on reddit 😄 Yeah, no. A half dozen Cease and Desist letters are way cheaper than negotiating. Serious suggestion, head over to reddit in r/conspiracy, they'd love you.
  14. Maybe not remove her and just put her off to the side, leaning on the railing or something? Steingrabber isn't on 24/7 and Roleplaying at a bar without a bartender would be... weird, yeah?
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