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  1. Sadly I have an idea of who that is/was. I am sorry that happened!
  2. Can we also agree RP bartenders need to have a thick skin and not block people? Cuz that def screws with RP. K? K 🙂
  3. I just saw this reply. Thank you! looking at this in mids has made me go from entirely lost to "I think I know where I am headed" 👍
  4. I am regretting ever posting this. My SUGGESTION... god forbid I have one and people agree. Can I get a thread lock please?
  5. Unfortunately I cannot get that video/sound you posted. Otherwise i will absolutely do this.
  6. You're right. I guess these few mixed drinks I had let me fall to the troll trap. My apologies. BACK ON TOPIC: My personal super power IRL is drinking coffee and even I don't drink as often as her.
  7. See his 3rd reply? Get real man, He has come in to troll and I knew it.
  8. Or maybe I spend a lot of time in Pocket D so it is convenient? Maybe I don't give a damn what you have to say at this point? If you don't like it, piss off man. There are options on forums other than coming in and starting arguments. Thanks!
  9. Uhhh if I am using her to train, kinda can't
  10. Can we PLEASE either make the interval between her drinks further apart or just change her animation and sound from drinking completely? JESUS.... 😛
  11. These were rebalances... which means it was making other builds more viable to be picked... had nothing to do with making the game a faceroll.
  12. Good news, the bug where the top color pallet in base build was cut off is now fixed with this patch 😄 Thanks for the work guys. Now if you could get some more costumes going, not just patterns 😛 I would be one very spoiled brat
  13. Indeed I have, it is nulled. Just snaps back to the regular size.
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