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  1. Does this do anything for the PA damage? I am about to do a respec soon to start building for PA and needed to know if I should keep the extra slot.
  2. Could we get a TF for the Tsoo? These guys are under used and I would like to see a TF for them. The other thing I wanted is incarnate level TFs. Essentially updated NPCs for all the TFs balanced around incarnate Powers. Like a level 54 positron TF.
  3. I have an illusion pain controller and was wondering if it is possible to have the phantom army out permanently? I recently hit 32 and found the Phantasm to be a huge disappointment because he dies so fast in groups.
  4. All I can do is shake my head. I just don't understand why. It's way too easy to get stuff compared to the live game. I started playing casually about a month ago and I am almost done with my 3rd level 50 build.
  5. Changed because PVP( in issue 5 )was coming the next issue. Issue 6 when Cov came out.
  6. I disagree. Willpower to me was way more survivable on SOs than Bio
  7. This one is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Regen has been trash since instant healing became a click. The old devs made extreme heavy handed changes due to pvp. They even made things worse for stalkers by not giving them quick recovery when they know they could have put into fast healing. Stalkers had no way to offset the insane end cost of the power since 6 slotting stamina is not an option. That being said it's not like Regen could still tank hamidon. What are need is the Sentinel instant healing so we at least have something otherwise Will power is the new Regen.
  8. I know -cov gets the villains launcher but what about the praetorian one?
  9. Hi all, I am trying to put a build together for this character. He is almost level 50 but I am not sure what to focus on to get the best survivability with IO sets. Bio seems like a mix of things so I am not sure if I should go for recharge, resists or defense. I was thinking of 2 builds one for farming and one for end game content. When I mean farms I want to do a few quick AE missions to get tickets. While I know its better to just farm influence to get what you want I just wanted tickets because I like to make recipes into IOs. One thing I have not figured out since the game came back is how to get the AE missions to give tickets. All the ones I have tried just give standard drops. What do I need to do to make it tickets?
  10. Mansome


    In PVE no amount of stealth or hide will stop certain enemies from seeing you. Basically if it can see through hide it can see through everything. PVP on the other hand is a different issue altogether. In that instance is probably okay to stack stealth. For PVE Hide is generally all you really need as a stalker.
  11. I have not noticed any energy melee stalkers since I started playing the game. Is this set so bad now since we got new powersets? I remember on live servers this the set to pvp with back in the day. Did it get nerfed out something?
  12. So aside from the normal archetype scaling that happens with modifiers are there some power sets that are just flat-out better on certain archtypes do to help our mechanic changing or Powers is being told I swapped out for something different? Like for instance with the whole ninjitsu thing for scrappers versus stalkers and super reflexes with Sentinels.
  13. You not sure how to respond about the Tony thing. My Doom™ alarm has been going off ever since I heard that this morning.
  14. Not too sure about the Hami changes. While I get why it was done it just isn't worth the effort anymore considering what IOs can do. Allow them to drop as level 53s again then I can see it worth the effort. In the meantime it might just be faster to do the TF for the SHO instead. While the merit choice is there, some TFs can be run so fast with little effort that this won't matter as a reward. Bump the merit to 100.
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