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  1. If you made a hero or villain but didn't start on yellow side how do you get back there?
  2. There is an Emote under actions that is greyed out. I remember on live servers there was a Ghoul tantrum emote, how do I enable this on Homecoming?
  3. Does anyone know if the chance for build up proc works in Lightning Storm?
  4. What I mean by this is what powerset works better due to the fury mechanics and how the brute playstyle works? For instance damage auras work better with brutes due to the fury damage. I am looking to try a few things out.
  5. Hi all, I recently saw a tanker tanking Recluese on the MLTF. Normally when I see people do this its a game of keep away until the red tower is down. But this time it was different. He just stood there and just taunted. His health bar didn't appear to move at all. Normally when I see someone try to do this they get 1 shotted and there ends up being a team wipe within 10 seconds. My question is how is a tanker with the radiation primary able to stand toe to toe with Recluese and not get 1 shotted before the red tower is down? I have seen granite tankers get 1 shotted so I am trying to figure this out.
  6. Don't think you are just locked into having a specific alpha. Overtime as you play on you will have enough to make more than one to tier 4 and the very least tier 3.
  7. I thought it was just me on this. It's usually within the first 2 minutes of the team.
  8. So last night while doing a TF we had several near wipes on a TF. This was my first time really tanking since live servers. At first I was thinking it was me being a bit rusty at getting and holding the aggro but by the last mission I realized it wasn't me. There was a blaster going ahead of the group into the next two spawns and pulling everything back to the team. While at level 50 this probably wouldn't be much of a problem, at low levels most of the team will not have the Powers to deal with this. Needless to say I had to put the blaster on notice for getting us killed repeatedly. Have any of you had to deal with this kind of behavior in groups?
  9. They should have just used another word than EPIC because players are not going to think like that which is why it got brought up so much on live. I remember bringing it up on Live as well. The khelds for the most part are a just a bad parody of the Gau'old and Tok'Ra from Stargate.
  10. Just checking, have any Beam Riffle/Regen Sentinels been made and if so what did you slot for your Alpha and why?
  11. Some the wussification was needed in order to make teaming better. Quantums should never have been in the game to start with. Khelds were and still are way too weak for something to be called epic. The whole cyst thing was just flat out wrong. Causing teams to wipe repeatedly over one damn cysts. What made matters worse is that the enemies that were specific to khelds could still smell the kheldian funk on the team members even after they got kicked from the team for the cysts team wipe. You literally had to log everyone off and back on again to get rid of the smell so the enemies would stop showing up later. The perma dom thing I still think they needed to revisit that. The investment to make them on par with controllers is too great in my opinion. Its not like they kill stuff that much faster than a controller does. I did enjoy the crashing nukes because they did more damage. If we could have an option to nuke at full force with the penalty of the crash but make the target cap much higher like 32 targets. They would have to increase the herding cap for tanks for this to work well. What I would like is for them to do away with speed running but not turn everything into a kill all as that gets ridiculous with some of the maps and missions. Maybe give bonus merits for killing 95% of the map or something. These days you literally have to announce this is not a speed run before doing the TF just to keep folks from trying to speed run it when you want the xp or threads for the kills.
  12. Yes the game has been wussified over the years but this was after a huge drop in power everyone experienced with issues 5 and 6. From there the power levels keep creeping up to what they were in some cases before that time with the help of inventions. I feel that there is nothing wrong with this because we are supposed to be super hero/villains after all. Not being super just means we are slightly more than average. Overall the entry level to get to that level is pretty much gone such that with a smaller amount of effort even a casual player can get fully IOed out even with purples. Again nothing wrong with that because this game thrives off of making alts of various power combinations. Making it easier to gear alts means people are more likely to make more alts and keep playing. I have 5 characters I am focusing on right now. I have created 37 characters since starting a few weeks ago. 4 of those are level 50, 2 of those are fully IOed out.
  13. Where is the info for pages 1 and 2?
  14. Just send a petition. They are pretty quick about changing the name. My current SG is a parody of various anime characters. None of them have the same name as the actual character. Costumes are similar and the powersets are not an exact match because some of them don't exist yet. One character is a parody of two characters rolled it one.
  15. Right now I almost exclusively do TFs starting at level 11 going forward. Nothing else rewarding enough for the time investment. Once the game becomes legit I might come consider grinding out missions to get my badge character finished out.
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