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  1. Believe it or not there are a ton of players who either don't like the IO system or think its too complicated to use or too much effort. While the Homecoming team has done wonders with making the bar for entry become extremely low still there are players who still will not use them.
  2. That is still a pretty good start. We need something darker though. Currently that is kind of what people are into these days with how all the movies are going. In Man of Steel millions die in the metropolis fight. And don't get me started with the whole Thanos snap thing of the MCU and how they undid it. COH/COV could make an awesome movie universe if they stuck to the source material.
  3. One my biggest gripes about CoV was that you just were not evil enough. You basically played sidekick with the heroes when you had no other choice like with the Rikti invasion, incarnates, ITF but never really forcing the heroes to be sidekicks to the villains. As I stated before with villains there was only one story arc I can remember from live, the one where you poison the food, you just did not do stuff evil enough. Well what about this instead? Instead of villains being forced to save the world because it would be a huge inconvenience to them being dead but make it so the heroes have to commit a crime or something morally bad because the alternative of not doing it would be worse. Not sure how you could write this into a story but make it where at the start of the Strike Force heroes are forced into the choice of doing something bad as a way to prevent something really bad from happening. You could add a badge to this, like call it Crossing the uncrossable line badge. During the first part of the strike force you get this badge it forces your alignment to change to vigilante. Later in the strike force it changes you to full villain if you did not start out as a villain. This would allow you to travel on villain side to do the door missions of the SF so you are not confined to a neutral zone. The SF/TF reward at the end along with merits is you choose your alignment again. Lets say after the last incarnate trial a depowered Tyrant has been locked up. You have to raid various magical faction groups, murdering (not arresting) countless innocents just to obtain the magical artifacts to re-empower the Tyrant, and resurrect mother Mayhem as a zombie into Sister Psyche's corpse. You basically have to undo what was done during the incarnate trials because Preatorian hamidon has found a way to earth prime. The choice is live in a world with a revived Tyrant and friends or a world ruled/consumed by hamidon.
  4. I would rather it do more to effect AVs. Stuff dies too fast even at +4 to make end drain worth it as a mez. Because stuff dies so fast there mez as a whole needs to be looked at. While I am not saying return to city of statues, there needs to be a reason to mez.
  5. I have not played the set but I did want to make a suggestion specifically for the ATs that have pets. Make all the +recharge bonuses be changed to something like damage or something pets can actually use since pets don't benefit from recharge. The defender/corrupter versions can stay as is since they aren't relying on pets just to do damage.
  6. The character yes, Jack hell no. If they do bring back Statesman he needs to be weaker because he was too overpowered. Personally I wish this thread was about bringing back the hawtness that was Sister Psyche instead. But that is just me.
  7. I get that concept has a huge impact on it, like superman and other characters like him. But lets be real 99% of the folks playing spines/fire and any combination thereof are just farming inf. Spines is ugly even after the updated costume options for it. I can't think of a single concept reason for that combination other than to farm. They do need to look at why the other sets are not being played as much. I remember back on live servers people avoided dark armor due to not being able to see the character and the insane endurance management you have to do with it. The minimal fx option helped with the first problem but the powerset still plays like you are having an asthma attack the entire time you are playing it even with IOs and Alpha slot. The high number of empaths we see are just those who don't know any better, that defense and resists go a longer way than heals as does control effects. The one odd outlier I see with this is Stalkers with shield defense. Stalkers are not a farming AT as they have no way to hold aggro but yet you see them with shield defense for the AoE. I just wonder what is going on with the players who are selecting that secondary. If they exclusively team then I can see the reason. The other thing I can't understand is why so many controllers and masterminds picking kinetics. A huge part of the reason to play the set was speed boost. When they took away pet recharge buffs I just don't see a point even with fulcrum shift unless you exclusively team. My hope is that they eventually take away the pet recharge nerf or offer an alternate power choose for all ally +recharge powers for masterminds and controllers so they get the full benefit of the powerset. Kind of like how pain domination got Pain Bringer instead of Adrenal boost.
  8. This is good data. At least we can see where the devs need to focus on. I think its odd how people are playing what most of us on the forums would consider bad powersets because of the nerfs the old devs did. I am really shocked at the amount of */Regen scrappers. I guess the biggest take away from this data is nerf Fire anything, nerf spines and nerf H34l0rz!
  9. What I been doing is getting them all as level 50s unless its the unique that gives a special ability. I was thinking of +5ing these at level 50 once I have the boosters. What about Hami-o's I remember long ago in a Paragon City far far away we used to see level 53 HO's/SHO's. Is there any chance the devs would bring this back as an option or at least allow us to boost them to that level so you know you have everything as max as possible.
  10. I thought purples were already attuned which was the point of purples. Did this change?
  11. I wanted to ask what is the lowest possible level to get perma dom on a Mind/Psi. I have a build I am working on that I will try post later once I get to my other computer. In this build I have a lot of enhancements that cap out at level 30 and wanted to know if I should just use attuned versions for those instead or just boost them to +5. If I boost them to 30 +5 will these effectively be level 35? would the exemplaring for these set bonuses stop sooner like at 32 instead of 27? Also if I do +5 common IOs say like level 50 would the +5 get removed if I put them in base storage or email them to another alt? Can perma dom happen without hasten or base salvage buffs? If hasten is a must should I 3 slot it with 50 +5's? Lastly at what level when exemplarying causes the enhancement values to scale down and how does this work with boosted enhancements?
  12. Psi shockwave sucks now compared to what it used to be like. Drain Psyche is nice but you get more survivability with the defense Fortunata gets and the scaling resistances. Seriously if you count the time before level 38 you are hurting for damage as a Mind/Psi dom compared to a Fortunata.
  13. Sorry but I disagree there needs to be any changes. Back on live server I was probably one of the most vocal people who talked about the market being a cesspool of greed. On homecoming they have made things so easy it does not matter anymore. People aren't using what they are given to the full potential. I have full IOed out several level 50s as well as many lowbie alts that have their whole build of set IOs waiting for them as they level up to slot them. If there needs to be a change it would need to be for HO/SHO's. Allow us to use the enhancement converters on those as there are way too many useless versions of HO/SHO's out there. And lets make them all level 53 going forward. No reason to not do this as we have no way to make those maxed right now.
  14. Since the power has made us too powerful, rather than change the powers lets change the content. I propose they make incarnate level versions of all the TF/SFs. The rewards would be the same merits or an incarnate component. I would love to see incarnate TF that had the CoT. At level 50 these guys are already a joke to fight so new TF would give these guys some teeth finally to put the same level of fear we had doing the Posi TF getting swarmed by all those debuffs at level 8.
  15. Just wanted to know what gives with this match up. It feels with the attacks that the Fortunata are doing more single target damage than a Mind dom. What gives? The extra controls mind doms get don't make up for the damage difference. Controls in the end game do not matter is much as most critters are dead in seconds on a team even doing level 54 content. If anything Mind control paired with anything should give some kind of bonus damage or something since it misses out on a pet for damage. And before people mention the confuse thing the Fortunata does not even need to use confuse to be doing great damage.
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