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  1. dusts off thread Hello, forums. As you may have noticed, there was not maintenance on Tuesday. It will instead occur tomorrow, Thursday, at the usual time. If you find yourself unable to log into the game at that time, please do not be alarmed. If my telling you not to be alarmed does not resolve your alarmed feelings, try rereading this post until alarmed feelings subside. Thanks! (next weekend is not a holiday weekend in the US, so I presume we will return to the normal schedule then, in case any of you were wondering)
  2. Sentinels are not worth this much ire. Please tone it down.
  3. No, no, that's fine. You can keep writing about other people's faces all you want, just don't eat them.
  4. Well, this thread is going nowhere fast, so I think it's time for it to end.
  5. So I'm not totally certain this line of inquiry had much of a topic to begin with, but might I suggest sauntering back towards it and away from nudist colony ethics or whatever? 😛
  6. Hello. Please be civil with each other. Thanks.
  7. So, on that note, I think this thread has long since run it's course, and so I will lock it. Thank you for playing, I guess.
  8. Cipher. I had nothing to do with this. (Well, other than being the target of such a knife.)
  9. To the premise of this thread: there are not, to my knowledge, any Live devs working on Homecoming. With that being said, I'm going to close this.
  10. None of you are as happy about this as I am.
  11. I have banned them. Indeed, I banned them so hard that it created an overflow error and now they are unbanned. Sorry.
  12. Please stop sniping at each other about snipes, or any other subject. Thanks.
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