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  1. Hello. Please do not set each other on fire, literally or metaphorically. Thank you!
  2. Perhaps we should assume that U is a person (like U Thant, the United Nations Secretary-General in the 60s) who loves CoH, and the OP wants him to say go hero, go hero, go! So we should interpret it thusly. "If U love [sic] City of Heroes, let me. Here, U, say go hero, go hero, go!" Why a Burmese guy who died in 1974 would love City of Heroes is beyond me, but it's about as probable as any other interpretation.
  3. The disadvantage of Tequila is that when it patches, it needs to re-download whole files, as opposed to being able to patch bit by bit. If a lot of files were changed to integrate the fixes, then you'd need to re-download all those files. I can't say for certain what was changed, but that's likely the reason.
  4. As one who has always favored redside myself, I would personally find it extraordinarily awkward if we remade redside without considering what those of us who actually like it want.
  5. ... On second thought, let us not go to Camelot. 'tis a silly place.
  6. Badge text writers cannot into geography.
  7. Sunrise was being worked on by SCOTS, a group wholly independent of Homecoming/SCoRE or Ouro, which may or may not exist anymore.
  8. Sunrise wasn't our project. It may or may not be dead. We are still planning to move away from Tequila one way or another.
  9. It's not really about numbers - we have 25ish GMs, and right now the forums work is mostly attended to by two of us. I can't speak for what Jimmy is thinking, but I suspect that he just really doesn't want to deal with the inevitable political discussions that would result. By and large, I agree with this. I think any attempt would require a larger guideline-building process which neither of us have the time for at the moment. And as to the question I think you're really asking, we may be asking for more volunteers in the near future.
  10. I raised this point with Jimmy a few months ago and it was decided that an off-topic forum would not be added because we do not want to moderate it. If there is sufficient demand, I may take it up again after the conclusion of several other important items of business.
  11. There are some backend changes we want to make that will break Safe Mode.
  12. Okay, if we're going to have thread necromancy, let us not have it on such sensitive subjects. As for the thread topic: yes, you can be a 5th Columnist, no, you cannot use slurs or call for genocide or do things that are very obviously against the CoC in the name of roleplaying.
  13. It doesn't, but frankly, that question is irrelevant. You'd need every person who ever played CoH to consent to the data transfer to Homecoming, and it's exceedingly unlikely we'd get that. If your question is "why would they care?" then the answer is probably "they don't want to run afoul of the GDPR (again), it's very unpleasant and costs far more in legal fees than they really want to spend, and if we force them into that position they will blow us out of the sky, so we're not going to poke the bear."
  14. Yes, and with Raine Heartfall above.
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