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  1. To the premise of this thread: there are not, to my knowledge, any Live devs working on Homecoming. With that being said, I'm going to close this.
  2. I have banned them. Indeed, I banned them so hard that it created an overflow error and now they are unbanned. Sorry.
  3. Please stop sniping at each other about snipes, or any other subject. Thanks.
  4. You forget the bit where you fly off the handle at something that isn't in the patch notes, James.
  5. Hello. Don't attack each other. Thank you.
  6. I have pruned this thread of its, ah, digressions. Please try to avoid digressing in such a manner again.
  7. I'm GM Widower and I endorse this sentence. Anyway, this thread is going to go nowhere, so I will lock it.
  8. No, there's not going to be a poll. A poll would be hilariously easy to cheese; moreover, we're not in the business of polling the playerbase on whether or not we should patch out an exploit.
  9. We're not interested in any further meta-arguing. Frankly, we've allowed too much of it. If you want to talk about the topic, go ahead. If you want to argue about the conduct of your arguments over the past month, go somewhere else.
  10. I've hidden a bunch of posts. I would strongly suggest leaving the past in the past.
  11. But then how else would the playerbase communicate their anger to us? Carrier pigeon? I'll take the forums.
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