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  1. This appears to be getting a little out of hand. Please, conduct yourselves in a civilized fashion.
  2. You post on the forums, so by default you are very different from most players. Whether or not very different connotes strange is something you'll need to resolve for yourself.
  3. Okay, I'll say it a third time. No, the thing you're afraid of isn't a thing. Yes, you can PvP people who don't want to be PvP'd.
  4. Yes, that. Furthermore, I should note that the harassment policy is not new. It's older than the current CoC itself - there's a draft kicking around somewhere with a much beefier policy. Don't use it in bad faith, please.
  5. I'm not a GM or anything, but I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that this isn't how that rule is meant to be interpreted. Ah, but wait - I am a GM!
  6. Too true. I will lock this now. In conclusion, please read the Code of Conduct, and avoid setting foot in the politics. Thanks.
  7. PSA: Harassment (being defined as continuing to interact with a player after being asked to stop) is against the CoC. Talking about politics in General chat is strongly discouraged. I hope this PSA stops this line of conversation.
  8. Cipher is bringing everything down and calling OVH to get them to fix their dang networking issues. There is no ETA at this time.
  9. Alright, this thread has gotten too silly. Time to close it.
  10. Please keep this focused on the GMOTD and issues related to that and not unrelated political issues or especially politicians, thanks.
  11. Let's avoid calling each other bigots (or anything else), please.
  12. Since we opened this can of worms, you can discuss this, as long as you avoid being incendiary. Starting a flame war will not be looked upon kindly.
  13. Done. Pleasure doing business with you!
  14. Please attempt to keep the amount of fire in this thread to a minimum, thanks.
  15. GM Widower


    Nonne consultabas hoc?
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