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  1. He doesn't have one. I, however, do. Please do not engage in prosopophagia. It's impolite! Let's table this topic for now. I'm certain you will all be free to debate it in circles Soon™.
  2. I cannot promise this. I can, however, promise a nerf for trolls. 😊
  3. Rest in peace, Cyclone. Ūlaimēianno nyuraivnai.
  4. *insert humorous remark and/or exhortation not to consume the faces of others here*
  5. Don't get into the politics, folks. (And I suppose it bears mentioning, since someone will ask: masks and vaccines are not inherently political. Something Else™ very much is.)
  6. Let's not do this argument here. Announcements are bad places to duke it out with each other.
  7. I've looked at that ticket in the system, and it appears that the issue is you sent it from a different account than the one you're using here. If you get into that account and it still doesn't work, write back.
  8. The only compensation I receive is in the form of forum rep. So, uh, well, anyway.
  9. Alternatively, a reasonably large number of players are exercising their inner pyromaniac in a constructive (if not particularly more socially acceptable) way.
  10. That would make the April Fools' Day Baby Riot look like a tea party.
  11. Let's get away from the legal discussion; it's completely irrelevant to the topic of changing the game, except perhaps in answer to "why aren't you changing the game faster?" which, as far as I can tell, isn't the question here.
  12. That was disabled for, uh, reasons - you should be able to hide your own posts?
  13. Eh, this isn't worse than when we tested Page 3 a year ago - go back and read those threads; you'll see there are a lot more fireworks than there are here. But I wouldn't particularly worry about this place turning into the WoW forums, if for no other reason than we actually bother moderating this place. I might suggest, however, that if anyone should want their feedback to be taken seriously, it might be wise to avoid implying that we have some sort of dastardly plan to destroy the game. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  14. We need to make someone say this in-game.
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