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  1. As GMs, we make no promises, but I would suspect it'll end up as a secondary for all the /Support ATs eventually. And if not, you'll know about it!
  2. If you look at support sets, they don't have the same theme naming as Blast or Control or Melee sets and so on. To name one [whatever] Support seems uncreative, at best, to me.
  3. Well, yeah. Consider this; in the original, after the colonies are destroyed, they go to Space Vegas. In the reimagined series, they go to a munitions depot.
  4. Let us get away from discussing the thread and back to... well, discussing the topic of the thread.
  5. Well, not everyone has the same taste. After all, billions of people haven't played City of Heroes.
  6. Uh, do you mean the show from the 70s vs. the reboot, or S1+2 vs. S3+4? The original, after all, was heavily influenced by Mormonism, so I don't think that's the argument you're making...
  7. Try again - you should be able to play now, but the people on Catalina might have an issue...
  8. Must every thread about knockback inevitably result in flame wars? Try not to do that again.
  9. It's okay, I think you and I are getting at the same point.
  10. Everyone should calm down, and perhaps wonder why fictional characters offend them so, lest some rather less fictional warnings come down upon them.
  11. Just to quantify this - the patch has not, as far as I can tell, impeded in any way the steady growth of US primetime player numbers - Excelsior has hit 1000 players every day of the last week, which is likely the first time that's happened since September or October.
  12. Oi, no politics. (Other than that, no comment.)
  13. I think we should be very clear on this point. Jimmy never loved you in the first place. He's a robot, he doesn't experience love. Well, hopefully this is satire, but I can confirm that the link never takes you off our site...
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