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  1. Wow, I was flipping through the first page of this thread, figuring I'd almost certainly have to close it, but this second page hasn't completely degenerated into flaming. Keep it up, or else! :)
  2. Hello, friends. Can we remember to discuss these matters civilly and without assuming that the other side is clearly evil and/or stupid? Thanks.
  3. We're putting the maps in drain state manually to keep them from hitting the handle cap and crashing, because that's been a problem this last week. The fix'll be patched in on Tuesday, gods willing, and then we won't have to do that anymore.
  4. The zone crashed and you were stuck in limbo. You should no longer be stuck in limbo.
  5. If you'll open your hymnals, you'll see that the CoC states with regard to signature characters: So, yeah.
  6. The server loads most of the city zones by default when it turns on.
  7. What you are suggesting exists does not, in fact, exist; everything is manual. That particular map (with spawns inside!) was, I believe, pulled from Graham Easton's arc, and the spawns are what Paragon's "spawn system" picked.
  8. We've been having issues with the servers tonight which apparently may present like that. As far as I know there's nothing to be done, though if you file a ticket we can at least try to move it to Pocket D. Out of curiosity, have you moved servers with that character at all lately?
  9. Due to the recent crashing, there will be emergency restart in five minutes. This should only take a few minutes and no progress will be lost.
  10. I am support, and I endorse this message.
  11. IIRC, the way that the final mission works is that if you pick the "wrong" choice at the end (from the contact's point of view, anyway) you fail it, because that's just how branching paths have to work in CoH. So, WAI.
  12. Okay, this thread has long since run its course. Let us not do this again.
  13. For future reference, there's a report button on the right-hand side of the top bar of your post that is usually more effective than tagging a couple random GMs and praying it works. In any case, this thread has indeed joined the choir invisible, so I will close it.
  14. This thread has descended into the absurd, and so I have decided to nerf close it. Please remember to assume good faith of everyone going forward.
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