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  1. heres one i made for my invul/sword --i just swapped sets to make it axe , if nothing else i hope it gives you some ideas has 90% s/l resists without tough turned on( but i used it to level up with)- rest of the resists including PSI are capped when you hit melee core button :) the gaussians in invincibility is optional-- could put it build up for more control on the proc and use that precious slot on something else( extra 5% psi resist from aegis?--DMG proc in whirling?) if your OCD about numbers is better than mine--you could pull the impurvium resist out
  2. don't want to derail this thread but, Marvel Heroes was made by Gazillion and headed by Dave Dohrman, he is a grade A , 1st class scumbag. i mean typical 80's era spend all the company's money on hookers/coke and had more than a few in office harrassment cases going.....Disney found out.plug pulled FAST. an artist(stellar work) that worked for that game handle of "The Dink" also did THIS GAME!!! hope she somehow finds out about HOMECOMING. for the O.P.--champions online failed so many ways,opening day MEGA NERFS,the whole agro system, the FACES were just horrid, game world and sto
  3. made a build for a friend, as far as i can tell you can't fix the PSI hole on ICE at all. and even trying will gimp the rest of the build= so i made the rest as good as i could and left the hole, it's ices' kryptonite i guess. if you use the P2W travel powers you can drop super jump( or whatever you were going to have) and get build up back. - energy absorption has wiggle room depending on what you like/playstyle--- running ALOT of toggles though... hope it at least gives you some ideas one way or another Hero Plan by Mids' Hero Designer 1.962 http://www.cohplanner.c
  4. GOT IT!..sorta....i hate compromise i had to give up SOUL STORM and the PERFORMANCE SHIFTER PROC and i had to socket it with a lvl 30 DMG 3 pc for the set bonus cleaned up the sockets in Enviromental Modification and WEAVE, got an extra 1.5% s/l resist and few 10ths of a percent in DEF was it worth the trades? would love some feedback as i have a problem with builds like this and can't see the forest for the trees sometimes. Hero Plan by Mids' Hero Designer 1.962 http://www.cohplanner.com/ Click this DataLink to open the build! 1Spines Bio: Level 5
  5. how important is DNA siphon?... just can't seem to fit it in. and if you all see any other obviuos/glaring mistakes please speak up Hero Plan by Mids' Hero Designer 1.962 http://www.cohplanner.com/ Click this DataLink to open the build! spines bio: Level 50 Science Scrapper Primary Power Set: Spines Secondary Power Set: Bio Armor Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Leadership Ancillary Pool: Soul Mastery Hero Profile: Level 1: Barb Swipe -- SprScrStr-Dmg/Rchg(A), SprScrStr-Acc/Dmg(3), SprScrStr-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(5) Level 1: H
  6. often over looked is the 6 piece set bonus from Gaussians syncronized fire-control is 2.5% to melee,ranged and AoE( in build up or taking Tactics from leadership) add in maneuvers w/LotG +recharge and thats 5.1% to all three --- just those 2 ,if you can fit it in, would soft cap your ranged and AoE if you were at 40% base as said above the WInters /Frozen sets are loaded with BIG % in the 5pc/6pc set bonuses( targeted AoE set bonuses ttl out to 7.5% DEF to AoE!)
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