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  1. Damn right! I've only soloed a few of the TFs so far, and a few GMs, but when *I* say I soloed something I mean with ONE character working alone!
  2. Respectfully disagree. Just by casually playing the market *as I leveled up* my very first character was fully kitted out with set IOs well before level 50, and fully ready to swap in purples/catalyze ATOs when he finally dinged 50. Yes, since then he has made my other alts lives easier - as in they rarely even bother with the market - but it's certainly doable as you level up.
  3. First month I've been online when donations opened - so glad I can finally contribute!
  4. @Galactron, chiming in - too many alts to list them all, but I mostly played Galactron and Utahraptor as a member of The Galactic Defenders. Bishop Creed, have you found your way home yet?
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