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  1. This changes depending on the zone and gang. In Atlas Park the Hellion muggers aren't more prone to running away with the bag, but you have to watch out for the groups of 3+ where one of them is the drug dealer - he'll try to run away immediately. The Skulls tend to have the same behaviour in King's Row. You get used to this, then you end up in Steel Canyon, where the damned Outcast muggers immediately try to run away with the bag if they're a minion. If the mugger is a lieutenant, they often stay and fight. In these cases, the mechanics of their fleeing is separate from normal combat mechanics, the latter of which is probably more what the OP is going for.
  2. Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father. Harry Potter discovers he's a wizard. MacLeod turns out to be an immortal. Batman is Bruce Wayne. Stephen Fayte is really is just a surgeon and nothing more. No-one knows why he keeps saying it like that as if he isn't.
  3. The main point of the Rikti is they're formerly humans from another dimension, and the 'Rikti homeworld' is actually another Earth. They're not OUR future, that arc is just telling you how the humans in their dimension became the Rikti and advanced so far beyond us so quickly despite time being at the same point between us.
  4. You know you're old when you remember watching Eurotrash late at night after your parents went to bed, because that kinky lunacy was one of the only sources of mild titillation in a world that wasn't yet awash with billions of hours of porn so explicit and easily accessible that you can actually be considered somehow 'boring' or 'vanilla' for not wanting to shove stuff up yours or anyone else's butt.
  5. I suspect they were added as absolutely perfect places for players to gather for things like costume contests and RP gatherings, but ultimately no-one noticed or cared. Probably a slightly disappointed dev involved in those dome gardens.
  6. I made a Minotaur Tanker named Unstoppabull.
  7. I just started a new BA/SD tank, because when those changes on Beta hit Live and make Tankers double the size of their AoE, this combo is going to be a non-stop cavalcade of utter knockdown lunacy that only boring people won't be laughing maniacally at.
  8. I didn't spare them because I'm good at everything I do, even if I don't like it! 😡 It's actually only really Fire Wire and Harris who made me feel bad at that level. You kinda want to kill Fire Wire until you actually do it and he's kinda pathetic, which doesn't feel very good unless you're actually horrible. The Harris thing though, good God you're literally just nudging along this jilted mess of an idiot until he's staring at the corpse of the person he loved, and when he finally questions himself, you can straight up tell him that, yeah, he did it all to himself and you just used him. And then you kill him. I do like Grave's arc. Objectively you're doing some ludicrously terrible stuff, and you do actually murder a fairly cowardly little man at the end.....but it's all delivered with Saturday Morning Cartoon levels of silly obliviousness. People always complained that the stuff in Going Rogue wasn't very villainous, but I liked the down-to-Earth lack of pretentiousness throughout a lot of it. It was usually just a whole lot of beatin' faces for a bit of a payday, but everyone seemed to want to be Evil Superman and deserving of such respect and awe right from level 1. I saw, and still see, a lot of that in people's bios when they bother to write them. They can be so desperately grandiose.....buddy, you're fistfighting Hellions in groups of three in the street, reel it in, you're not there yet.
  9. I've played around with some villain starts, it's been a long time. I just wanted to make a quick buck, you know? Be a bit mercenary. A couple of hours later and I've killed Fire Wire 'cause he tried framing me, then told Lt. Harris I used him to destroy Longbow while he was crying over the body of his little Longbow crush. Then killed him. Some of the new storylines are making me feel bad, I'm going back to Paragon where I only have to worry about avoiding Security Chief and Perez Park missions! Waaaaaaa! 😭😭😭 I wanna be a hero agaaaaaaain!
  10. Titan Weapons is on complete opposites with Brutes and Tankers. My dislike of TW on Brutes is as colourful and passionate as the result of an Ipecac cocktail drunk from a bucket. On Tankers, it's bloody brilliant. Brutes need to go go go, which makes TW a nightmare of endurance and slow animation until way too late in the game for anyone who isn't powerlevelling to a point where IO's can fix everything. Tankers.... don't give a shit. They can go at whatever pace they damn well please, you expect them to be slow anyway, and when something whiffs and you don't have Momentum, you don't care because you're a Tanker and won't die. Ever. The Tanker can just enjoy the greater level of carnage, but the Brute has to be frustrated with the bumpy ride.
  11. Destiny 2 came out on Steam.
  12. Here's something I never knew before; if your connection goes poo poo while coming out of a mission and loading into the city zone, you can end up in the city but with none of the NPC's, vehicles or any other sign of life loaded in. If that's never happened to you before and you get it unexpectedly, the City of Ghosts is somehow WAY more creepy than when actual horror games try to be creepy.
  13. Actually it would almost certainly have been because of PvP, which they were still desperately pretending was still A Thing at that point. In a PvP environment all powers have to have the same consistent effects and appearances so you can identify things at a glance. It's why the 'minimal' costume customization options are ACTUALLY 'PvP Only'. Power customization was also not at all on anyone's mind for anything at all at that point either, so the henchmen were implemented with as little concern for customization as anything else. Given how much work it took to do power customization, it's probably just as much to implement it for MM henchmen, but it would all be for just a handful of primaries on a single AT.
  14. By 'all quite masculine' he means 'women simply don't exist in MM primaries'. Masterminds are a hardcoded sausagefest unless you have a death wish and wanna try it on with a lioness.
  15. My tier list is based on nothing more than just how much fun I have with a set, which bumps up some sets that are average to competitive by the numbers but are hilariously satisfying to use, and pushes down other sets (one in particular) where the numbers don't lie but it's just wretchedly boring to play with. Sooo..... STUFF I LOVE Savage and Claws are basically the absolute top-shelf set for the real psychology of Brutin', which is a willful descent into single-minded Scrapperlock clicking. They're just relentless. They're also the earliest of early bloomers - they get piles of fast recharging, endurance friendly, ludicrously fast animating powers absolutely immediately that let you go off on insane rampages literally right from level 1. Finding, waiting for, and running a DFB might possibly be slower than just going on a blood rampage on fast respawning Skulls in Atlas Park to level up to Kings Row with these sets. It helps that these sets also have such visceral feedback, they're very satisfying to watch and listen to. They can lose a bit of steam later because they're getting heavily resisted. Fiery Melee is barely below those two on the Fun Scale. It's let down a little at low levels by having to rely on Scorch as your Brawlplacement, because Scorch is boring, but later on it fills out with powers for better chaining and dear God practically every single one hits like the scythe of Death himself. It cannot be understated how much absolute death Fiery Melee hands out. This set is a little bit the opposite of Savage and Claws in that while they come out of the gate hilariously fast and slow down a little later, Fiery Melee comes out a little slower than them but somehow just keeps getting more and more terrifying because enemies that keep loading out on Lethal Res usually forget to pack their Fire Res. Psionic Melee. I recently discovered this set and had no idea it was so good. It's a little slower on the start because Mental Strike looks absolutely terrible and no-one in their right mind should countenance using it, but once you're rolling Psi Blade, TK Blow, and Psi Blade Sweep you kinda feel like you don't even need anything else anymore. Boggle is probably a useful skill to someone but again, what is up with that animation, I'm a Brute, not the Riddler presenting a conundrum to Adam West's Batman. STUFF THAT NEEDS YOU TO CARE ABOUT THE CONCEPT A BIT MORE There's piles of stuff in the average bracket. Super Strength and Street Justice have good, often great animations and great visual/aural feedback. They're just a little ho hum mechanically. Broadsword, War Mace and Battle Axe should be thematically perfect for Brutes, but their mechanics and animations are more ponderous than one might have thematically wanted from the idea of a Brute hacking and slashing his way furiously through enemies. Get over that though, and they're great to play if you like the concept. Katana is a little more swift and busy but results in the same kinda thematic trap as Martial Arts, Staff, and Kinetic Melee in that they look too clean and professional for being a Brute. Dark Melee is one of the most useful attack sets in the game with just how versatile it is....but your enthusiasm for the usefulness and potentials of it gets blunted somewhat by the uninspiring actual use of it. I HATE YOU As a Brute, Titan Weapons can eat my ass. Really get all up in there. It is so disgustingly slow in every way, so late blooming, that it offends me. Titan Weapons is masochism. Titan Weapons is a reverse pinata where you have to smash yourself in the balls with a claw hammer until you get the candy. Every other set just gives you the damn candy from the start, and more as you go on. Titan Weapons stands over you like a dominatrix and demands you lick it's feet, every day, and you're not into feet, or licking stuff, so that one day you might be allowed to do something everyone else has been doing all along. Spines is Marmite/Vegemite/Weird Furry Monstergirl Porn. You either love it or hate it. It's a hideously ugly themetic s***show, the animations are from when the game was released, it eats endurance, and it doesn't do anything genuinely interesting. If you hate it, that's probably why. If you love it, it's probably because OH MY GOD EVERYTHING JUST DIES WHAT IS THIS I THINK I'M CHEATING GUYS IS THIS CHEATING I THINK IT'S CHEATING.
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