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  1. So it's your fault.
  2. I got a Steel Series 650 six months ago and it arrived already broken with a shit mouse wheel sensor, and upon checking online, it turns out this is common for them. Replaced it with a Razer, which just Todd Howards. Anyone claiming so-and-so company is better quality can eat my entire ass, every time I don't get a Razer, they break, regardless of price point.
  3. Which, incidentally....also gives you some pretty stupid amounts of AoE.....
  4. SaintD

    Stone melee/?

    Stone Melee hits so God damn ridiculously hard that the best secondary is one that can feed it enough blue to keep going. The next concern is putting a bit of extra AoE in there. So congratulations, the answer is always /Bio. No matter the question, the answer is /Bio.
  5. When a game server has less backing up then me idly copying all my lesson files and register between my USB, home computer, and laptop when I use them....
  6. "This is what cheating looks like." I'm.....not a fan of RNG dice rolling as a general rule. 😣
  7. Savage Melee is absolutely mental anyway, too many people underestimate it.
  8. I'm not going to read all 53 pages because.....well.....eat my butt, because I ain't. But for me, the real thing that unbalances the game isn't the I/O system. The I/O system is just minmaxers doing their thing. If you keep trying to chase down those people, you leave everyone else unable to play because they're.....not minmaxing. If there wasn't an I/O system, they'd all be playing an identical character with the crushingly tested 'best numbers' and using other methods to kick the game down into little pieces. That's just how they roll. I would say that for the 'unspoken average joe' the I
  9. /su:prədaɪn/ People in Paragon City can be heard calling it the slang of 'dyne', with the /aɪ/ sound (like 'die-n'), which wouldn't make sense if it was /su:prədi:n/ with a long ee sound. However, I also knowly say it wrong: it should be /su:pərədaɪn/ with an extra schwa to properly say the full 'super' AND the 'a' after it, but I can't be bothered with that. It's cumbersome to say, so I do it my way (which would probably be spelled more like Supradyne) to make it articulate together more easily for me (and possibly others, but there are many dialects so what comes more naturally off you
  10. Pretty much every single robot in the game is running something like 50% psi resist. And robots are extremely common, especially with factions that can already be problematic.
  11. It's an explicit point, since she has to work out like anyone else in her normal form so her She Hulk form can be stronger. Doc Samson has also openly noted that the gamma radiation thing doesn't necessarily make rage Hulks, as it's very different for him and She Hulk.
  12. Shouting about mob justice after pissing on a crowd because you're too self entitled and lazy not to rings pretty hollow.
  13. As a signal boost for, let's put it frankly, idiots, let's make it clear: THERE WILL BE NO LEGAL BATTLE. EVER. It is a monetary impossibility, and I am very confident in also speaking for the Homecoming team in also saying that for them it would also be a personal impossibility. None of them are going to step up and shove their genitals into the NCSoft (or any other property holder we infringe on) legal meatgrinder because some fool on the internet will cry about the consequences of their own stupidity. The very second NCSoft/anyone else found the address of absolutely anyone on the team
  14. I explicitly despise the autoattacking in other MMO games. It was always nothing more than a copycatted part of older MMO's from the oldest MMO's, because for some reason idiots thought that characters constantly flailing like idiots was an essential part of the experience, and that it really looks good to see animations twisting and contorting around non-stop autoattack plinking, movement, and your abilities that actually do the damage. Autoattack gameplay is a hard no for any game I play. You put it in there, I don't bother with the game.
  15. The Infiltrators aren't infiltrating anything because they're not on-mission in a Crey building. The researchers aren't researching anything because a hero/villain is going through the facility beating the shit out of everyone. The Field Agents aren't in the field 24/7. Until a hero/villain breaks into the facility and makes it the field.
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