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  1. I want Combat Jumping on everything, so I just get Super Jump as well. Helps that it's my favourite travel power.
  2. I like being a woman, because....I like being a woman. The running theme, however, is they're all barefoot. I'm interested in the psychology of things, and it's interesting what you can do by just playing around with what people consider normal and expected, in relation to why those things are normal and expected (so just doing lolrandom nonsense doesn't do it). For example, I weightlift in the gym and I know exactly why me and any other dude is working the trapezius.....it's not because we need to carry a lot of shopping, it's to look huge. Trying to get this stubborn asshole of a muscle to grow is otherwise entirely pointless, you don't NEED it for much. Getting massive traps has a disproportionate effect on making people think you're huge because it breaks up the regular human shape, you have those two big lumps of muscle there instead which immediately stand out to people and hits their subconscious "Holy shit" trigger. Meanwhile all the people who go to the gym a lot and consider this a normal enough shape don't give a damn. So why are my ladies all barefoot? First, because it makes you look super naked. People expect footwear, especially outside. They expect at least a miniskirt. Have the Lebeaux leotard bottoms and no footwear so people can see all the way up and down the legs and all of a sudden you seem way, way more openly nude even if your top half is all the enormous Black Knight pieces, simply because you're doing something highly unusual that stands out as such - you're walking around normal places (not an expected place like a beachfront) without any kind of footwear. If you want that kind of effect, it's especially important because this is a comic book setting and every woman having massive boobs as much on show as possible is par for the course. Everyone expects it, showing off like that isn't showing off anymore, it's just normal. Second, it shows that you don't give a damn. Not just in a "confident in my body, I don't care about your expectations" kind of way, but in the Doctor Manhattan way. You don't do normal things like wearing footwear because you don't need to. And if I don't need to do it, why should I? It presents a level of disconnection to the basic expectations of being human itself - you don't have normal human concerns; weather, dirt, sickness, getting hurt just stepping on a rock....it's irrelevant, it doesn't happen to you. Being barefoot all the time (and looking basically like a normal human, as well) immediately makes you stick out like a sore thumb for all sorts of reasons that people probably don't consciously realize, but their subconscious does.
  3. It doesn't even really have special requirements! You take the requisite powers, you summon the minions, you tell them to eat stuff! The dogs howl, the pack mentality builds up, it all just happens! IT ALL JUST HAPPENS! 😣
  4. SaintD

    Bio Armor tests

    This is a fairly ridiculous amount of damage. I need to make a /bio Sentinel....
  5. There's actually a very deserved pushback against Shield/Elec as the AOE monster, in favour of Savage Melee which can also do ridiculous teleporting AOE and is still an absolute murder machine for single target.
  6. War Mace tends to be more hurty due to being smashing damage. Battleaxe is huuuugely underrated as a damage mitigator for having knockdown in every single power. Seriously, if an enemy can be knocked, then battleaxe reduces enemy DPS to whatever can come out of their butt, because they're going to spend most of their time upside down. Broadsword isn't in contention for this combo. Shield doesn't need extra defence, so you're left with battleaxe being just plain better as the lethal damage option. It's fine for concept, but isn't optimal.
  7. I have never understood how people invested enough into playing games to join a forum about it could be so boring.
  8. Well, I was minding my own business and now all of a sudden I have to kill some dude called Christopher Robin and carve October 23rd and 24th out of his corpse. It's just work, work, work....
  9. *immediately spit takes* GOT SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO DO IN THE MORNING! And this is even before considering what the update did to the AoE in broadsword....
  10. Mercenaries are pretty funny with /Traps now, because you can throw down caltrops and it's not pointless. Robots are the only other all-ranged primary that can now reliably stand on one side of a patch of caltrops and mow down melee enemies that turn into idiots trying to reach them. Thugs can only do it until the Bruiser arrives and buggers everything up.
  11. Every day Redlynne scrolls past an entire page of 50'ed Ninja/TA masterminds to reach her mains.....
  12. SaintD


    You can just put on a jetpack costume part to justify a travel power. 🤨
  13. Just getting double XP from the P2W vendor, because beginning inf is worthlessly minuscule anyway, and punching enemies in the face on the street is far more effective.
  14. Stalkers are probably best suited for it because Stalkers are naturally loldamage and thus paper over some of the shortcomings of DB. /bio as way to kill enemy resistance to lethal would pair the best. Enemy smash/lethal resist REALLY bites into any set that's those damage types. However, as someone mentioned up above, a Tanker suddenly became potentially hilarious with Bio as the primary, and I think I'm going to have to try that for myself.
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