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  1. Alright, it should be available on CoH Modder now. ❤️
  2. I'll definitely take a look at getting this up on CoH Modder soon! It looks like it's experiencing some downtime atm.
  3. Hello fellow heroes! So I've been working pretty hard on a near-total Inspiration icon replacement and I think I'm ready to share what I've come up with. First off, I really wanted to try and convey Inspiration tiers via something other than larger graphics. That's what the small diamonds are in the picture below: Other than that, I've pretty much replaced everything except for Gift Inspirations, Hami/Eden Inspirations, and some teleport ones. There's 77 icons! Here's what they look like in-game (I'm a newbie with no fancy dual/team insps): Downlo
  4. How about this for an Inherent: Keep the bar building the same, but change its activation to clicking Opportunity like Dom's Domination. Completely revamp Opportunity to a single target debuff that builds up -res and -def as it persists on the target. When the debuff ends, the Sentinel (and maybe allies neaby?) gain some health and endurance. If the debuff ends prematurely from mob death, the Sentinel (and allies? might be too much) gains some health, endurance, and refunds a portion of the Opportunity bar. This turns the inherent into something that can be used on weak mobs for sustain, or on
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