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  1. @TrixieKixx: I came up with a new idea. Please switch me out for Poison Petals, Radiation/Nature Corruptor 🌿
  2. I was wondering if thorns would count. (Cue nightmarish memories of my very first character 15 yrs ago ... ice/thorny dom.... *shudders*). Not that I want to re-live that. 😱
  3. Sign me up with Mother Earth Goddess for now. Beast/Nature MM. I might switch it out later if I roll a new one. And check the level range of Silver Mantis, I believe she is a range higher, considering that Sharkhead is a lvl 20 zone. I mean, I wouldn't set foot in Sharkhead at lvl 15, LOL, that's why I'm questioning it. 😄
  4. So glad you had some real life fun yesterday too, that sounds great! Wine naps are the best 😄
  5. @Bananiac, I always wish I could give multiple "reactions" to your posts because they make me laugh and smile and be thankful all at the same time. So again, thanks for a great summary! @TrixieKixx, this was an awesome theme idea. I had such fun with the role-playing. 😉 Everyone was so creative and I really did feel like a glamorous movie star of yesteryears running with my cronies! @TraumaTrain, loved reading your bio and your creative pseudo-names... Errol "Flamm" and the rearranged words of the movie name.... that gave me a good chuckle! Cap au Diable as the Caribbean, LOL! So c
  6. Thanks for great pics and comments, @FrauleinMental! B&W 50s Movie Stars theme - Tarikoss SF - Saturday, 5/15/21
  7. @Jaxman100 : Is that why you're tentative, because you're not sure who to bring? Just bring your lovely tanking self! 😄 So far we have 1 dom, 1 widow, 1 blaster, and 2 controllers. We need you! Either tanker or other melee. Just change one of your existing costumes to b&w and you're good to go. See you tomorrow! EDIT: Or if AT doesn't matter to you, just bring someone who needs Binder of Beasts badge.
  8. @TrixieKixx: Correction to my movie star's name: Ms. Bacall 😊
  9. Well... you are either suggesting that the name Glamour Girl sucks bad, or you are into role playing. 🤭
  10. Hmmm.... you are tempting me to change Glamour Gal's name to Lauren. 😄
  11. Haha, indeed! I was busy reading the "info" of all the weapons, which gave me some catching up to do on the chat! 😄
  12. @TrixieKixx: My submission to be one of your beast binders is: Glamour Gal, Arachnos Widow This SF gives the Binder of Beasts accomplishment badge:
  13. Glad you could make it today, Tyger. Glad to hear that Vegas is up and running. Have fun!
  14. Hologram Skittles Abandoned Sewers Trial - Saturday, 5/8/21
  15. Thank for correcting me, Fraulein! I would have later been looking in my defeats category and wonder why I didn't get it! 😄
  16. I looked up Abandoned Sewers trial to get some info for us (assuming you're like me who has not done it in over a decade). It grants the Charmer badge: And an exploration badge in the 2nd and final mission, Head of the Hydra: See you all in the sewers!
  17. @TrixieKixx: Her name is 3D Moonlight. 🌙
  18. @Jaxman100, No you can have scrapper! I have done abandoned sewers exactly zero times since the game came back, so I have lots of choices. Let's trade, I'l take widow and you take scrapper!
  19. Come join us! We're still doing them!
  20. Rich and I are duoing Yin. It's like the 3rd or 4th Yin we've duo'ed since last night. 😀
  21. I will claim scrapper AT spot, staff/WP, but name is still yet to be determined. 🙂 Oh and to clarify, by hologram you mean the spectrum pieces, right?
  22. Faathim the Kind TF - Children Costume Theme - Saturday, 5/1/21
  23. HAHA, love it. Brings new meaning to the phrase "family jewels"...... 😂
  24. Thank you! I have fun throwing together quickie stuff like that. Just don't make too big of a deal out of it or else I will go back and try to perfect it. Trying to overcome my perfectionism by slapping together quickie stuff and being okay with it looking amateurish... 😁
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