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  1. Let's just go with the crazy fairy word πŸ˜„
  2. @Jaxman100: Is this some crazy fairy word I've never heard of, or is it supposed to be "burns"?
  3. Love this! Can't wait to see him and what you come up with πŸ™‚
  4. Wow, these all look amazing and fun! Thanks for creating these, Trixie!
  5. HAHAHa... great shot! πŸ˜„
  6. The theme was β™₯Romanceβ™₯ and the task force was Citadel. Saturday, 2/13/2021. The pre-game entertainment from Emmy, as always πŸ™‚ Lusciously pink everywhere! When a wild dance party breaks out after a task force:
  7. Ohhh gotcha.... we shall meet another time then. πŸ™‚
  8. Ridiculous! We can't use the word "bondage" in our names? I'm glad you found a way to sneak it in though, even if just for today's TF. πŸ™‚
  9. Elemental theme - Lord Recluse Strike Force, Saturday 2/6/21
  10. I will be bringing Kiss of Radiance - rad/rad brute
  11. HAha, that's too funny 🀣.... thanks for all the great pics. We'll miss you next week!
  12. I am gathering all the oceans of the world for when next we meet..... Ocean Goddess, water/regen sentinel πŸ™‚
  13. All Guns Yin TF - Saturday, 1/30/21 We've got a dangler!
  14. The cell shading looks great! I haven't tried that setting yet.
  15. This is excellent! It gives us time to start thinking and creating, but no pressure to join up right away. Thanks Trixie!
  16. Signing up for next week gun theme Yin. Beam rifle/inv sentinel, Frau Rammstein
  17. I had so much fun today! All archery was a blast! And literally exploding arrows everywhere and glue everywhere, LOL. It was really fun. Once I start going through the pics, I start noticing really cool stuff that I was too busy fighting to notice. Like Robin's beast names. And Verdant's cool green arrow concept. And other stuff. You guys are great. πŸ˜„
  18. Archery ITF - Saturday, 1/23/21 Jax explodes as Rommy goes down! Here we are in the cut scene Us on the steps in the cut scene Strategizing Glue spewing everywhere!
  19. @TrixieKixx: Crystal Arrow πŸ™‚
  20. Pics from pirate-themed Silver Mantis, Saturday, 1/16/21 I love this new idea of luring Col Duray inside the ship. Brilliant!
  21. Oh yay, ITF, I have an archery/SR sentinel that can be leveled up this week. count her in!
  22. ARGGHH.... sorry for me delay, mateys... real life and all!
  23. My pics from the Masked Dr. Quaterfield, Saturday, 1/9/21 We made it through all the defeat-all missions with ease, we are thorough! Lots of badges today (I lost track!), a ton of merits, oh, and I dinged 50 on my sentinel! πŸ˜„ Was able to train between missions and got my alpha 84% unlocked. Thank you, @TrixieKixx, for leading us and I think we all did a good job navigating through all the travel!
  24. Yeah my right hand and wrist got numb about halfway through 🀣
  25. LOLL I like that you are in character already.... Silver Mantis one of my faves! I'll come up with a pirate girl and update here. This will be fun! Edit: @TrixieKixx, shiver me timbers, a young scallywag named Swashbuckling Sally wants to join up! katana/SR scrapper πŸ™‚ New edit: @TrixieKixx, my friend commented that my name sounded like a porn star(?) so I renamed her to Sally Swashbuckler. So... there it is. πŸ™‚
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