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  1. whiskers maybe? I don't use them on my bunny costumes, just my cat costumes. we'll be good in our playboy bunny outfits! 😄
  2. Very cool! I am going to repurpose my night widow I think for next week with the recycled Love Bunny name and costume that I used previously for holiday theme with valentine costume. She's level 46 so it will be good to get her some exercise, plus she needs the 3 badges. I love how Homecoming lets us be so creative with names and costumes by allowing us these free switcheroos!
  3. Daylight Saving Time is evil! Sorry you missed it. But really glad some of you ran it again. I would have joined but was so bleary-eyed from not enough sleep, I had to take a nap! Which I did and it was delicious. 🙂 Glad that you posted your pics of your giant melee dude, he looks awesome and great story. Looking forward to bondage bunny next week! My Love Bunny is more the playboy variety, not so much the animal variety 😂
  4. Thanks for the great pics, @FrauleinMental! Is Ruby Kit Kat your bunny for Posi, or is she your candy character which is a couple weeks away? Just curious. 🙂
  5. Giant/Melee-themed Tree of Thorns SF - Sparcetriel Saturday, 3/27/21
  6. I was just about to say that you two were twinsies until I saw that Lola is a night widow. @TrixieKixx, you must've copied and pasted or something. 😄 I will join with Midnyte, DM/WP brute.
  7. "Heaven and Hell" themed Karsis - Cavern of Transcendence trial, Saturday, 3/20/2021 - Angel and Devil costumes! Those rock bosses don't stand a chance against these two demonic vixens!
  8. I never play boy toons either. All my characters are a projection of me! They mostly all have red hair unless I go a different color for an occasional concept.
  9. @TrixieKixx, I love all your ideas for April..... it all sounds so fun! Thank you 😍
  10. Oooo love this theme! I have a few hell-themed characters, but the only one who is a Transcendent already is Midnyte (dark/WP brute) so I won't bring her. I may bring her sister, Midnyte Shadow (dark/regen scrapper) who needs some exercise. But I'm not committing to her quite yet. Since Karsis is so low level I may even roll a new toon just for this occasion. So the only thing I am committing to right now is that I will join, so save me a spot! 🙂 EDIT 3/13 10:16 PM - @TrixieKixx, I think my SS/WP brute qualifies, right? She needs some exercise and badge too. 🙂 Hell's Heart.
  11. Yep, I did and you were right. 1:24. But more importantly, in run #2 I finally got my soak in the hot tub! 😁
  12. Lucky Charms - St. Patrick's Day theme - Katie Hannon TF - Saturday, 3/13/2021
  13. Our second run has Amy Jonsson with her head stuck in the ceiling so we can't lead her out. Trying different things to get her unstuck!
  14. Me too! Count me in for any speed runs on other characters too.
  15. @TrixieKixx, Hi Trixie, excited to do Katie next weekend! My dark/dark sentinel is ready to go a gazillion rounds with AV Mary MacComber. Midnyte Wytch, of course. 😄 See you all at the top o' the mornin', ye lads and lasses!
  16. Today was really fun and it was extra fun to do it twice. Lots of badges and rewards! We loooked gorgeous in our rainbow spectrum so I did a little silly and made this graphic for us.... pieced it together in the Roy G Biv order. 😊
  17. Rainbow Skittles - Market Crash Strike Force - Saturday, 3/6/21
  18. This is one of my favorite things, to see how other players set up their UIs and trays. I can relate to a lot of what you described, and also I got some good tips from your descriptions. thanks for sharing @FrauleinMental
  19. great name, @FrauleinMental! Back on live I had a WP/war mace tanker named Candy Smash. 😄
  20. HAHAha, love that! 😂
  21. You do realize, of course, that I will need to take pictures of you in both costumes now? 😁
  22. Oops, I answered for you @TygerDarkstorm before I saw your comment. LOL. Yes, I'm sure that's what happened. 😄
  23. @FreckledAvenger, you're not wrong. Trixie originally said the 8th person should pick a duplicate of the ROYGBIV colors, and I'm sure @TygerDarkstorm was going from memory on that, as was I, but now I see that Trixie edited later to include either all white or all black as an alternative. So you're all good! Looking forward to having you join us for the fun on Saturday! 🙂
  24. I have not done this one at all, so all my characters need it. It grants the badge, Loyal Customer
  25. "Spicy Hot" - fire themed Mortimer Kal, Saturday 2/27/21 Completing the SF was a fireworks of leveling!
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